Relocating to Ft. Monroe

Updated on March 19, 2008
C.C. asks from Hampton, VA
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I apologize if this is the second time you've seen this but I can't find that my other question was posted. Has anyone out there had experience relocating to Ft. Monroe? I'm getting very frustrated with the Army process and am trying to help my husband arrange for our move. Because I'm a civilian I'm running into a lot of road blocks in housing and they are definitely not shy about telling me how I'm doing everything wrong.

Any advice would be helpful and if there is another resource you know of I would welcome that as well.


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So What Happened?

You guys are terrific!
Although I didn't have have any help with the relocation, I got great advice for playgroups and mom groups! I can't wait to move up there because I know I will have a place to have my daughter play and a place for me to meet new friends! Thank you all so much for welcoming me into your community even when I'm not there yet!!

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answers from Norfolk on

I've been in Hampton for 6 years. There is so much to do. I suggest you go to the official website; to get more info. They offer a healthy family program and have programs in the day time for moms to do with their children.
Also at the local YMCA there are a lot of programs for moms too. I'm a working mom now,but I have participated in these.
Welcome to Hampton!!!!!

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answers from Killeen on

I live on Langley so i don not know much about FT. Monroe. My husband is also in the Army, so i know how they work. Nothing is I hope you are able to work things out. I Just started bringing my son to a playgroup in Hampton.I love it. LOts of moms huge area and lots of kids. They offer play time, arts and crafts time, snack time and circle time. While they play you can chat with other moms. It is free to people who live within the Hampton city limits. Here a link and the phone number if you are interested. Its a huge place it has an infant room with smaller toys a larger room with climbers and such and a snack room where art and snack is. I highly recomend it. The facility also offers classes for parenting . the # is ###-###-####.
Also the old Hampton community center offers a kinger gym class that has not yet begun. it's 10 dollars for a year membership and you can use the pool and gym there for your needs.
And finally the Hampton library offers story times and play groups also. We go on mondays.
Just a few things you could look into if you are interested hope they help you on your way to a great life here in hampton roads!



answers from Norfolk on

An invite to meet folks and have some fellowship! I'm part of By Grace Community Church. We've got a number of military folks and a growing number of young families. I also know of a couple moving here in the same time frame you are that have already connected with us - in talking with people it seems to be a nice thing - having someone else to go through the transition process with. We also have a weekly women's daytime Bible study and community group with childcare (and nighttime groups without childcare - for women only or coed). I don't know if anyone is specifically stationed at Ft. Monroe but I can certainly ask around and find out any "insider information" that I can. I'm guessing Ft. Monroe should have a resource for folks already stationed there and maybe they can help you with the process (like something for the Army spouses?). You've probably googled Ft. Monroe Army wife already, but I'm just thinking out loud here. Anyway, you can check out the church's website at Let me know if you want any more info and I'll let you know if my "research" turns up any good info or resources!



answers from Norfolk on

I hate to say that I can't help you with the military...but I am a Hampton native and this is a great place to live. There are lots of things to do (in the SUMMERTIME!) and there are lots of resources for parents. I would say your first stop for advice on the area in regards to play groups et al is Hampton Healthy Families Partnership.

Good luck with your move!



answers from Norfolk on

I recommend contacting the Family Service Center and ask them about housing and the like. That is what they are for. Ask your husband about the command ombudsman. Get a phone number! Ft. Eustis may have more services available. They are 1/2 hour north of Ft. Monroe. I thought that Ft. Monroe was closing so they may not have much available to you. Does your husband have a sponsor assigned to him from the command. They are people that live in the area that help the "new guy" get settled. We are Navy, so I don't know how the Army works, but that is what happens when we PCS. Hope this helps...



answers from Norfolk on

I cannot help with the relocation but I can help out with playgroup and activities in the area. I have lived here all my life and have an extensive list of free places to go year round. I belong to a playgroup that is huge and has morning and afternoon events as well as couples nights and Mom's Night out. Feel free to contact me through this site and I can give you info. on how to check out the playgroup.


answers from Allentown on

Hi C.,

Rev. Carol Brown lives in Hampton. She may be able to help you. Her telephone number is ###-###-#### or her e-mail address is [email protected]

Hope this helps. D.


answers from Norfolk on

Welcome! Unfortunately I can't help you with the relocation process. We are Navy, and I wouldn't know where to begin. Sorry. But I would like to extend an invitation to the playgroup and moms groups I attend. They are through Denbigh Baptist Church in Newport News. We have a playgroup that meets every Tuesday morning. And a mommy's night out that meets once a month, as well as a military wives night out once a month. WONDERFUL women, fantastic kids, friendship and fellowship! The ages of the women range from 24-38,and the kids ages are newborn to preschool. But we welcome any and all! Military or not! We do have a couple of women that live in Hampton that can be of great help with any info you need!
God Bless



answers from Norfolk on

I am a real estate agent and live in Hampton. If I can help with your move here please call me on my cell phone. It's ###-###-####, my name is B.. I don't want to violate the rules of Mamasource and I thought I'd sent a private reply instead of a public one because I wasn't sure of the rules. Good luck to you!



answers from Norfolk on

Hi C.! Have you moved here already? If so, Welcome to the area!
I am quite fond of Fort Monroe. Hubby got assigned there and that is what origionally brought us to this area. We are no longer Acitve Duty Army Family, but hubby is Army Reserves and is a Govt. Contractor. He actually works back on Fort Monroe now!
Have I said how much I love Fort Monroe??? lol. It has been referred to as the Army's best kept secret. We'd never even heard of the post until dh got assigned to it. There are so many things that the post does for the people that live and work there. Yes, its slated for closure under BRAC, but thats not going to be for several more years down the road. Until then, things continue as usual. You will find that there is a morning playgroup inside the Rec Center. The ACS does many activities and events for the kids and families. There is a terrific bowling center and the Club/Pool/Beach is one of the best in the area. Every summer there is a fantastic KIDS DAY event that is free and open to the public, that is put on by the Post Chapel.
I could go on and on (I've even been told I should work for the posts Public Affairs office, lol! )

Any questions about the post or the area please feel free to contact me! ~C.

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