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Updated on April 17, 2008
H.P. asks from Columbus, GA
6 answers

Just found out we are relocating to Columbus in 6 weeks. Any suggestions on where to look for a home with an excellent school district (public or private), opportunities for fun activities for small children, etc. I know nothing about the area. Anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated!

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answers from Columbus on

What age group are you looking for? At Parenting in Columbus,, there are listings of public and private schools AND fun activities for the kids!

I recommend moving to the Northside of Columbus.

The largest and most active Moms/Playgroup is Parenting in Columbus Playgroup (listed here in the Local Business Review).

I'll be happy to make specific suggestions on schools when I know what age.

Good luck with your move!!




answers from Greensboro on

Hi H.,

North Columbus IS great but the historic district downtown and Weracoba (Lake Bottom) park area are really cool too. It depends on what kind of community you are looking for.

I grew up in Columbus and have seen it grow and change and it has a lot to offer. Carol Ann's website is a wonderful tool to find what you're looking for.

Where are you moving from???





answers from Columbus on

North Columbus is great. It is a growing area and the schools are wonderful. I have a daughter at Midland Academy (public) and love it! They are strict but very student oriented. We have a hockey team, baseball team and arena football team all here in Columbus.



answers from Columbus on

I just posted a similar post last week. I am moving there (Columbus, GA) in 1 week!!! YIKES! Me and my 3 kids will cram into my husband's 1 bedroom corporate until it "runs out". I need help too! H., maybe us newbies can connect! I'll be off Veterans in the apt, but looking N Columbus too- that seems to be what everyone is saying. I have an 8 & 6 yr old and I really want a family friendly neighborhood, good schools, and an awesome church! Its overwhelming! Since I'm getting there before you, I'll post you what I'm experiencing as a newcomer.



answers from Columbus on

relocating to columbus, ohio or columbus, georgia??



answers from Columbus on

Columbus Ohio or Columbus Ga? If you are coming to Columbus Ga the best schools are in Harris county if you can afford to live there. and it is close enough to columbus there are a ton of moms groups etc for the kids to have activities.

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