Reliable Vcr or Dvd That Records Tv Shows

Updated on September 27, 2007
A.O. asks from Villa Park, IL
4 answers

can anybody recommend a reliable somewhat inexpensive vcr, dvd, or vcr/dvd combo that is easy to hook up to tv to record shows and where to find? most stores don't even sell vcrs unless its a combo, the combos seem only to record from the dvd portion. have never recorded from tv to dvd and am unsure of quality.

ps-i've went the dvr route and loved it but was budgeting and it's one of the things that had to go. i do miss it though!

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answers from Binghamton on

I haven't read the other responses, so I apologize if this is a duplicate, but we could not live without our DVR service on our cable. We have comcast digital with no cable channels, but have the DVR option on it, which is only an extra $5 per month. It is SO worth it, as I am able to watch Ellen whenever I want with no commercials, as well as Survivor, and my other shows that I love. We have not tried TiVo, but I think it's the same deal, but maybe more expensive.

Good luck! If all else fails, wait till the season is over and rent the whole series from NetFlix!

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answers from Chicago on

I personally have an APEX combo that works just fine and the VCR records, but the DVD doesn''s just a player. I thought that all VCRs would record. That's all that I've known. Perhaps it was connected up wrong. Here's one at best buy that's inexpensive and will record to the VCR.
It got good ratings, so I thought you may like it. I've never had a DVR, just a VCR...too much money. You can get away with much cheaper.



answers from Chicago on

Do you need to keep the episodes for an extended period of time, or would it be just so that you can watch them later?

I would recommend using a DVR. It wouldn't matter if you subscribe to DirecTv or Comcast; both companies have reliable DVRs. If you don't need to physically remove a VCR tape or DVD disc and watch it on another television, then you may wish to explore this option.

Not sure if you know much about a DVR, but basically it works like a computer. You don't have to set it to certain times or channels, but you tell the machine "Record all Grey's Anatomy episodes" and it does it. You won't have to update it every week, you can save them as long as you want (typically) and if the networks ever do the funky garbage they like to do such as making the program 64 minutes instead of the normal 60, it automatically records all 64 minutes and you don't miss the ending. Also, if you have a DVR that has 2 tuners, you can record 2 programs that are on at the same time (I like Dancing With the Stars and Heroes...they're both on at the same time and I can record both of them).

I have a DVR and I absolutely LOVE it. It took a little bit of getting used to, but once I got the hang of it it was easy.



answers from Chicago on

I second the dvr method! For years I taped shows using my vcr and we finally got a dvr about 6 months ago. I love it. No worrying about how much room is left on the tape, or loosing track of which tape has the most recent episode. Recording shows to a dvd could get expensive! We have Dish Network through AT&T. It's great for me and for the kids. I record a few of their favorite shows so that if they really want to watch something and it isn't time for it to be on (Doodlebops or Little Einsteins) they can watch it when they are ready. You can also pause live tv which is great for when you are in the middle of a show and need to get a snack, put a kid to bed, get juice...

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