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Updated on March 30, 2012
S.E. asks from Caldwell, NJ
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so my fiance just called and said he will definatley have the day off this sunday and that hes not sure if he will have another day off for a couple weeks because of stuff going on on the jobsite so if i want we can go to babies r us and start our registry (i already told him we're not going to go in there and go crazy with tthe scanner and do it all in one day) im between 22 & 23 weeks right now so i know its not liek we're rushing to get as much done now as possible but i had a few questions about it .. did u guys all put the big stuff on ur registry like bassinett/stroller/crib etc.?? and for those of u who took your time and did it a little bit at a time was do u suggest starting out with?.. i feel like clothes would be the last thing to do considering clothes change with the seasons so if i pick stuff now they might not even have it 2 months from now wen we have my shower.. we dont really have any kind of system for how we are goign to do this and my fiance gets excited so i have the feeling its going to be like o0h how bout that and that and that but like i said i dont wana go crazy all on the first time we go in there to do this... any helpful suggestions from all umommies who have done this before???

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So What Happened?

thank you all.. i had no idea they give u a checklist now i dont feel like we will be so all over the place <3

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answers from Milwaukee on

I started my registry early. I was to excited not to. :) I never went to the store though. I just did it online. I liked to research each thing by reading reviews and such. I changed mine often.

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answers from Dallas on

I agree with the other responders here....people like to pick cute clothes themselves and you get a better selrction this way. Also agree that you can add big items on your registry but only do so if you expect that some of the attendees will buy you a big gift....I knew my co-workers were going to pitch in and get a nice gift and also some family members like my BIL so I added the travel system and some other big items but I didn't register the furniture. We bought the crib and armoire etc since we didn;t want to wait until after the shower to get the room setup.........Also be prepared for "melt down on aisle 4" - I was so emotional when scanning items and remember that practically every time I didn't agree with my husband on something it resulted in a melt down - especially when he said we don;t really need a rocking chair -----seriously!!!!!!!!!!
So go ahead and get started this Sunday and then you can even update stuff online and not even go back to the store.......Good Luck!!!!

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answers from Savannah on

AS far as the big stuff, I put it on my registry, but I knew that some of my family members would be looking for the more pricey items. I would take a look at who will be attending and think about their budgets. I made sure there was lots to choose from a variety of price ranges. (We both have large families).

We ended up putting lots on our registry, but did not include clothes (except solid white onesies and packs of socks). In my experience, people who want to give baby clothes like to go and pick out cute items themselves, and might like to go to different stores for that.

Babiesrus has a checklist that they will give you when you start a registry. If you are wanting to start slow, I would pick one or two areas on that list and then the next time go to a couple of more until you are all done. Don't worry about going overboard; you can always update online! If you can't decide which bathtub you want, scan both and then when you have more time to think about it, go through your registry and scale down.

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answers from Texarkana on

with my first pregnancy i registered for all my large items and bottles burp cloths etc things i would need everyday. I did register for clothes and stuff too but what i noticed is that i got tons of baby clothes but maybe only one outfit off my register. I think people ( myself included) just see something adorable and get it without checking ur register. Since i had our 2nd son 17mths later i didnt need any big items so people bought me diapers and a few outfits since they were born in different seasons. I would register for all ur big items and bottles at the store and then if ur fiance doesnt get another day off to add to it you can do it from online also without having to go to the store. be sure and register for lots of diapers, u can always exchange them for different sizes as long as they arent open Congrats

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answers from Lansing on

Go have fun! Its easy to adjust afterwards online. You can add/delete at any time.

I researched my big items (car seat, stroller, high chair, pack n play) before registering and registered for items that had great reviews.

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answers from Chicago on

take your guy and do the registry. you can always go back and add / subtract later if you decide that things you have on it are nt what you really want / need. and yes put the big stuff on. sometimes people go in together on big items. i had 2 sisters go in on a crib and then some other friends on the highchair. so big items can cost a lot and people like to go in together.
let him have fun with this part. there are so many parts of the pregnancy / baby stuff that daddy doesn't get to be part of let him enjoy it. you can go back without him and change it if you need to.

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answers from New York on

Oh the baby registry...

1. Don't put ANY clothing on there! You will receive more clothing that your child will wear... keep the tags on what you recieve and don't hesitate to return the 1000th package of onesies for diapers. Also, don't register for bibs... you will get a ton of those too.
2. Put everything on your registrty that you would like to have for your child. "Big items" and "small items" and everything in between. Family members and close friends will often go-in on large items to make sure that you have them. Also keep in mind, that BRU gives you a 10 or 20% EVERYTHING on your registry when you "close it out". If it's on there, you get the discount. If it's not, you won't.
3. Don't forget to put multiples of things like diapers, wipes, spit cloths, etc.
4. Little items that "go together" make great gift baskets (think bath time items, medicine cabinet items, etc). Pacifiers, bottles, nipples- put it all on there.

Don't worry about things being discontinued, but do ask at the store. The sales representatives can tell you if something is "new" or "slated" to be discontinued. With the exception of bedding, you should have too many things going "out of style" in the next couple of months!

Definitely do a "search" on here- people ask about baby registries often. You can also let him go crazy because he's excited and go back later online and delete some of the "random stuff".

Have fun!

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answers from Washington DC on

Congrats!! I put stuff in all price ranges. I put both car seats (one with base and carrier and 1 that rear faces and forward faces), play yard, bassinets, bottles, stroller, bibs, video monitor, diaper bag, diapers, etc. The only thing I did not put on there was our crib since it was already given to us.

People will spend what they want and it is nice for a group to get the bigger items. To be honest, we did it all in one fell swoop. The way BRU is set up makes it easy. Then you can view your registry at home and if you see stuff that makes you go “What WERE we thinking” you can remove it online.

One recommendation, you do NOT need a diaper genie. Mine collects dust in a closet!

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answers from Miami on

I like doing my registries online as well. You can create it at any time and add to it as you find things you would like to add to it.

As for big items like the crib, yeah, you could put those on your list BUT what if you don't get those things by the time you have the shower and you really want to have the room set up for the baby and you go to buy it only to find it's out of stock? Then what? I bought my crib so I knew I had it and I also bought the car seat (not something you want to scramble around for at the last minute since babies can come early). I primarily used my registry for the smaller items like blankets and other essentials like the baby tub and such.

If you plan on breast feeding, there is a pillow that is a must have! It's called The Brest Friend. It's so much better than the Boppy and honestly, I see no reason why it wouldn't work for bottle feeding as well. I have this pillow and it offers so much support for your arms while nursing the baby.

I have an Infantino baby carrier. I love it because I can put the baby in it and wear her around the house and even while out shopping. I even can nurse her while I wear her in it.

A shopping cart cover is a must have! Got mine at Babies R Us. I think it's called the Floppy Seat. I love this thing because it folds into itself like a bag and it has handles too. I keep in my trunk...very easy to store.

You can register for diapers in various sizes, wipes, bathing soaps and lotions. These things are expensive if you have to buy them all yourself and all at once but if you give a variety assortment of items with all sorts of price ranges for friends and family to choose from, you will likely get what you want.

Keep in mind, and I share this with you because many first time moms assume they will get EVERYTHING on their registry. This is just not true. People will look at the registry and decide for whatever reasons I do not understand that nothing appeals to them so they will go out and buy what they want you to have, not necessarily what you wanted.

Small items like little clip on toys for the stroller and/or car seat are a must have. I cannot tell you how much these little toys saved the day in a moments notice when baby needs a distraction.

Good luck with your shopping!



answers from New York on

You should register for things in a wide range of prices, so that if you have a shower or when people buy baby gifts, they can choose a gift in their budget. It's fine to register for the big equipment, but include mid range and low priced items as well. People do register for layette items like sleep sacks and onsies, but you don't register for outfits. Stock changes quickly, not all stores carry the same clothes and people want to choose their own cute little outfit.



answers from Tulsa on

I haven't read all your responses, so sorry if I repeat! Register for the big and small things that you know you will need. Even if you don't get them as gifts, babies r us will give you a percentage off if you come back and buy things off your registry within a couple weeks after your due date. Good luck! We took the list they gave us and finished up in an afternoon, then you can add what you forget (and you will forget something) online.



answers from New York on

Things for first baby:
1) Graco Pack n play. Look for the ones with the bassinet. So useful.
2) Graco snugride infant car seat and snugrider car seat frame stroller. Baby can stay in car seat when getting out of car.
3) Bouncer chair
4) Stationary entertainer like evenflo exersaucer
5) Lightweight stroller for when baby gets a bit older
6) As far as clothing goes, I would ask for bodysuits in various can never have too many. Also, sleepers...Halo sleepsack is great. Swaddlers and lots of bibs!
7) Baby and toddler bath tub
8) Diaper disposal system like diaper genie if you're using disposables. If you're using cloth, then ask for those in every size.
9) bottles...even if breastfeeding
10) breast pump if breastfeeding
11) high chair


answers from New York on

A couple of thoughts on this:

It may be worthwhile to subscribe to Consumer Reports if you don't already.You can also do it online: This will give you a resource to use to investigate things like function, pricing, quality.

You can use the internet to start your registry as well. Use the trip(s) to the store to evaluate your choices in person. You can always remove or add on as you go.

Don't say no to clothes just yet. Some items are practical all year round: onesies comes to mind.

Use mamapedia as a resource as well to get opinions on baby gear. If you are comfortable, ask family and friends.

This is also a good time to start thinking about parenting styles. Will you practice attachment parenting? Then a good baby sling is in order. Will you do the family bed? You probably won't need a crib...or at least not yet; you may even want to look into a co-sleeper rather than a bassinet. If you plan on breastfeeding, then you won't need many bottles, unless you will be returning to work and plan on pumping.

I wish I had mamapedia available when I was pregnant. I had noone to advise me.

Mazel Tov and all the best to you and yours!


answers from Houston on

I have 2 kids, expecting my 3rd and I only every registered for the first child. Really though, I know you are excited, but I wouldn't even bother with the registry for another few months, most baby showers don't happen until around the 6th-7th month of your pregnancy anyways, so a lot of items on your list may be outdated, or you may change your mind on the nursery bedding and such... and you may even be given a gently used crib or such from friends in that time frame.

It is a good idea to put the larger items, like a crib/stroller/carseat on there. Good things to add, diapers, pacifers, baby wipes, diaper cream, baby blanket, baby monitor, crib sheets... Just in case a few friends want to get together and get a larger item for you. Just know, that you don't really need all the fancy pack n plays/bouncers/swings and such.

Be aware that most people don't look at the registry and will buy whatever they want, usually clothes, so I wouldn't worry about registering for clothes at all. You can typically figure out what season your child will be in at 6 months and such, though sizes still vary. I'm 8 months pregnant with my 3rd and I got a whole lot of newborn size clothes... that I will be returning for larger sizes.


answers from San Francisco on

We created our own website and had categories of things we needed/wanted. The page had the user name and password on it so that people could update it themselves. I did this because we had terrible luck with our bridal registry due to the store continually discontinuing items we'd picked. Also I didn't want to pick every item of clothing and toy. It was too overwhelming.
I didn't put big ticket items on it since we weren't expecting anyone to buy them. You might do this if your parents or other family member has offered to buy one of the bigger things.

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