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Updated on November 06, 2011
J.L. asks from Lexington, KY
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Hey ladies! Me and the hubs are going this weekend to register, so I wanted to ask everyone what are the items you absolutely can't live without? It's been 4 years since I've had a baby in the house, so there may be some newbie things out there that I don't even know about ;o ) I've got the obvious things covered (blankies, bibs, bottles, diapers, diaper genie, etc.) so I am basically asking about the handy-dandy items that make your life easier!

Just a little back-info.....I am due in Februrary, so it will be cold when the little princess gets here. I will also become a stay-at-home Mom at this time =o ) YAY!

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answers from Portland on

I like blanket sleepers for my babies. I am too scared to put them in a blanket. When they are newborn, I also like the swaddle blankets that velcro in place.

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answers from Missoula on

Woombie swaddler, Bumpo seat, baby sling or carrier, co-sleeper. That's all I can think of now.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I didn't see anyone mention one of those plastic baby baths that sits in the kitchen sink (or the bottom of the bathtub). I loved mine. It was wonderful not to worry if the tub/sink was really clean/sanitized before giving the baby a bath. Just grab the baby bath and set it in the sink and go to work. Get baby bathed and dry, remove and place in crib or whatever... drain the tub upside down in the big bathtub until next time.

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answers from Chicago on


I love my video monitor. We actually need to get a second one as we now have two kids.

We changed strollers this time around. Chicco, infant carrier because my daughter has reflux and brining her anywhere was heck. But this carrier is better. (we got ours on craigs list, I could not see spending $360, When we got this for $160).


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answers from Dover on

A pack and play for in the living room. A bouncy seat.

BABY GOWNS - these are highly underated and perfect for sleeping at night, you can change baby's diaper without making him/her so alert, and won't have to try to snap up a sleeper while your eyes are still shut. Carter's even has a kind that converts, you can snap them in between the legs to make a jumper, or snap them up the middle to make a gown.

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answers from Dayton on

The Floppy Seat! Can't live w/o it!
And a carrier of some, wrap, soft structure.

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answers from Savannah on

Summer infant slim and secure handheld color video monitor
Moby wrap
fisher price jumperoo
bouncer seat
twilight turtle by cloud b
some kind of sound maker with white noise (ours came with the Carters playard)
look for a stroller where the shade can move to cover any angle of sun
Any safety items that you dont have (outlets, cabinet locks, etc.)
newborn/0-3 month gowns
COOL mist humidifier
baby gym

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answers from Boston on

It's been 4 years for me too. I know there are so many new cool things out there.
I just wanted to let you know that if you go to and register you can register with over 4000 stores all at once. It's really cool. Once you go to the store and play create an online one too.
Have fun with your baby girl.

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answers from Lexington on

Go ahead and invest in some rechargeable batteries and a charger. It will pay for itself in no time as practically everything these days requires batteries. Another benefit, you never "run out of batteries." A working set of batteries is only a few hours out and doesn't require a trip to the store! And don't forget, it's better for the environment.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Plastic bib with a trough to catch falling/dripping food, halo sleep-sack (LOVED this item), bouncy seat, swing, Balmex, A&D ointment (put this on after every diaper change and the poop won't stick to skin), scent-free dye-free soaps/lotions/detergents/wipes, burp cloths, infant monitor, stroller, dye-free infant tylenol drops. Have fun registering!!

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answers from Lake Charles on

Gripe water.. seriously could NOT live without it.. I'm having a baby in 3 weeks and it's literally the ONLY thing that I have purchased so far lol, you can see how high it is on my must-have list..

Also we got the angelcare bebe sounds baby monitor, it's a sound monitor and movement sensor that goes under the mattress and will go off if baby stops breathing.. I don't know that my first ever stopped breathing but one night at 3 am it went off and we went in the room and the alarm startled her enough that she started moving and the alarm went off.. I hate to think she did stop breathing but that monitor saved me from so many sleepless nights it made me feel like I didn't have to run in every 30 minutes to check to make sure she was alive. It was amazing.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I had my baby last year , these are the must have-s that I can think of:\

-Bassinet and a crib
-Swaddlers (babies sleep so much better when swaddled)
-baby hooded towels
-diaper champ (I like this one because we can use regular trash bags)
-infant cradle swing (loved it!)
-infant carseat cover( If you live in a cold place, you will love this. we got the JJCole BundleMe from babies R Us. Almost had decided not to buy thinking we can manage with blankets, but so happy we did.)
-infant playmat (we had tiny love, loved it!)
-bouncer ( my son used it from 4 months or so and absolutely loved it)
-white noise/ music (our son wouldn't sleep without the white noise, we still use it)
-Diapers/Wipes/Diaper Rash cream
-Gas drops/ gripe water
-hair brush, nail cutter

that's all I can think of!

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answers from Chicago on

A plug-in cradle swing (saves hundreds of dollars in batteries)

EGRO baby carrier

These 2 items have been my favorite expenditures of all 3 of our kids, but I just discovered them 6 mos ago :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Cradle on wheels. Baby could fall asleep w/me in living room then I'd wheel him into our room to sleep w/us for the first months before transitioning him to his crib in his room.

Boppy (great for breasfeeding or to prop her up on)


Swaddling blankets for at first few months to swaddle your precious baby
in. (stretchy kind) Carters has some good ones

Baby swing (Godsend) :)

Bouncy seat

Bouncing play yard (the kind you sit in. Another Godsend when my baby
was older & couldn't walk yet. I could put him in that to make dinner &
he'd stay put & entertain himself.

Since my breastmilk dried up I had to end up using bottles. Tip: nipples
w/different size holes so you can graduate "up" as baby is able to drink
more formula.

Baby kit: baby fingernail clippers, infant thermometer etc

Warm onsies if delivering when cold or cool ones if it will be hot weather

mobile for crib

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answers from Tampa on

There were few questions just like yours within a week or so, excellent answers. Please look it up.

It's really different with every baby, every mom's lifestyle, and size of your house :) if you SAHM then you need few more things because you play with the bay all day long, rather if the ba y is in daycare you might not require as much gear etc. if you exclusively breastfeed then you don't boxes of bottles. If you only bottle feed, then you don't breast pump :) if
you have two level 5,000 Sq ft home, you need bassinet, playpen and a crib but if you have one level house, crib will do.


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