Updated on August 05, 2011
M.M. asks from Hendersonville, NC
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What are some must haves for first babies? We are about to register and we need to know life savers and best buys:)

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answers from St. Louis on

Clothing the next few sizes up (diapers too!)
Baby gate if you have steps
High Chair,
Light weight umbrella stroller (I love my The First Years one made for taller people)
Car seat (I hardly ever used my stroller combo it is just so big and bulky)
Extra infant seat base (cost about $40-$150 depending on the seat)
A conv. seat so you maynot have to buy the next seat.
GIFT CARDS for those last min items.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I second what Xine said.... The baby swing is probably the biggest must have, followed by a boppy & if you are bottle feeding a bottle warmer. I also got a lot of use out of the dishwasher bottle baskets. A baby carrier ( like a moby wrap) is super helpful too.

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answers from New York on

- Diapers
- Wipes
- Multiple crib sheets
- Multiple crib sheet liners
- Bottles, nipples and bottle brushes
- Something for the baby to "sit" in when you aren't holding (swing, bouncer, etc)
- Receiving blankets
- Burp cloths (very versatile)
- Diaper bag that is comfy and organizing
- Travel wipes holder
- Pacifiers (if you plan to use them)
- Some kind of diaper caddy
- Stroller
- Car seat (more than one depending on your driving needs)

**Remember not to take the tags off of clothing! People will overwhelm you with adorable clothing, but infants live in onesies, rompers and sleep sacks! Return the clothing and buy diapers!**

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answers from Los Angeles on


I am not sure where I got it from, but there is this travel diaper changing mat that holds wipes and diapers. Many many places do not have a changing station, so I used that dozens of times when I had to change him on a counter and once even the floor. I even use it on public changing tables!

Bottles, a pump if you are going back to work, pacifiers, blankets, burp towels, bibs, clothes, tons of toys, a play center for the floor, an activity center he can sit in, teething rings and toys, extension rings (for stroller, crib, etc).

So exciting for you!!

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answers from Washington DC on electric swing...the happiest baby on the block by Dr. Harvey Karp...a glo-worm...sophie the giraffe...the right bottles and binkies (the ones that baby likes)...your smile and most of all, your boob!


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answers from New York on

can i tell you what i didn't use? i didn't use the swing much at all with either baby. i didnt' use the pack n play AT ALL with either one. it just housed toys, receiving blankets (i would only get a few and use them as burp cloths), and the baby carrier thing that holds the baby close, lots of moms like it, but i thought it was a pain and hard to get the baby in and out. baby gate, but would get one if you have 2-story house, didn't use many onesies on my daughter, but did on my son. lotion, baby powder, baby oil, diaper genie, wipe warmer, bottle warmer

what i did use : stroller, bassinet (to put close to the bed to help with night time feedings), those little split containers that hold the powder formula were a LIFESAVER if you are going to be bottle feeding, the non door jumperoo (the expensive one), highchair, the little bouncer thing, nighthgowns are so much easier to change diapers at night instead of having to unbutton everything at 2am. bibs (never used them for my daughter at all, but my son spit up everything he ate), the mirror to see the baby in the car, big diaper bag, one to leave in the car just in case you forget yours at home :), i always left an umbrella stroller in the car also. everything else like diapers, baby soap, wipes, etc.

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answers from Boston on

Congratulations !! EVERYTHING :-) no really !!

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answers from Tallahassee on

sleep sack/wearable blanket
cloth diapers (to use as burp cloths)
baby monitor
lots of bibs

baby nail scissors/clippers (their little fingernails grow so fast)

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answers from Norfolk on

Things I couldn't live without

-Boppy pillow
-Jumperoo (my then almost 3 year old still tried to play in it)
-Nail clippers (mittens so they don't scratch their face...those little nails grow so fast)

-A lingerie bag for all of the socks so they don't disappear in the dryer.
-Start buying a box of diapers every time you go to the store in various sizes. (I used Luvs on both of mine and they had somewhat sensitive skin)
-Instead of doing the winter coat, Walmart generally has sacks that have a slit around the knee area to put the buckle on the car seat through. And you can put a blanket on over the seat. (Since we don't generally get cold winters in HR)

Things that I thought were a waste of time/money
Wipe warmer
changing table (use a regular size towel on the bed/couch/floor/etc)
bouncy seat (both of mine preferred the swing)

Many of these things you can get for cheap on craigslist. Most of the sellers are in the Chesapeake/Va Beach area



answers from Denver on

Congrats! Don't get everything on the store's list! For me, the must-have items were: a boppy pillow, pack n' play, a bouncy chair, swing, LOTS of burp rags, lots of white onesies, changes of sheets for crib, blankets, socks (they all disappear in the dryer!) changing pad sheets (at least 3 or 4) swaddles, sleepsacks.... a good stroller, carseat (obviously), highchair, books to read to baby! toys that play music/light up, a nose sucker thingy, a baby carrier of some sort... whew! I think that's all I remember! oh wait, make sure you have some gas drops, infant tylenol (or whatever your doc recommends) a first aid kit w/ thermometor, etc. I wish we had gotten a bassinet. Oh also those baby gym things are great!



answers from Pittsburgh on

A lot less than the stores and manufacturers would like to have you think!

Diapers, wipes, crib, bassinett, pack & play (IF you have a 2 story dwelling), baby washcloths (lots!), bottles, blankets, onesies, Dreft, baby care kit, crib/bassinett sheets, bath aid, baby bath stuff (skip the J&J--get Aveeno), bouncy chair, maybe a swing.......


answers from San Antonio on

1. Read reviews online. I did not register at the store. I registered for everything ONLINE.

2. My SIL registered for like 20 things total. She got a lot of gift cards b/c of that and the kid's 8 months old and she STILL has some gift cards left. (She got like $500!)

3. Things you for SURE NEED:
- bath
- gentle washing detergent
- baby tweezers
- baby shampoo
- baby washcloths
- teething ring/toy
- a book or two (I like the photo book that's squishy made by Sassy and fits 5 photos of family members)
- crib, bumper, mattress, sheets (get at least 3 sheets)
- sheet saver and/or mattress protector
- hangers
- a sling to carry baby in
- stroller (figure out how often you use it before you decide to spend $$ on the huge one that takes up your whole trunk space)
- car seat (again, figure out if you want convertible or infant. I got the infant one, as I liked the idea of carrying baby in/out of the house/store w/o waking him up with the buckling/unbuckling that you would have with a convertible car seat.)
- plenty of diapers, wipes, powder, diaper rash cream (I never used my cream but twice though. Get a small bottle)
- baby bag of some sort
- swadding blanket (it has velcro. My son loved it for the first month). I wish I'd had 3 of them. I only had one and had to constantly wash it.
- feeding system of some sort, either bottles or a pump for breastmilk.
- Lanolin for your nipples if you breastfeed (pack it in your hospital bag just in case)
- bibs
(The hospital gave me a nose booger sucker thing and a soft brush. I liked the brush and the nose booger thing from the hospital better than the one I bought from the store)

Things you might WANT that I liked:
- a breastfeeding bracelet (to remind you what time and what side of the boob you last fed baby on)
- a BUMBO - I loved mine!! (We didn't use the tray too often, but get it anyways. You may use it all the time)
- White noise machine to help drown out your noises
- a touch lamp -- i did the 1am, 4am, 6am feedings with a regular lamp. Later I realized that my touch lamp was SO much easier. It reacts to the touch of your hand to turn on dim, bright, and brighter with just a tap of your hand. Nice and quick and easy.
- -- maybe you don't register for this, but they're cute and the right rubberiness for little teeth

I 'm sure i forgot something. But I bet the answers before mine have it covered. CONGRATS!

ADDED: Yes Gerber makes great spit-rags (cloth diapers). And I never bought one white onesie. I always bought the cute ones. Oh and yes, a swing or vibrating bouncy chair. my son liked the bouncy chair best. And I had a boppy but never used it. Maybe noone ever taught me how to use it. I prefered to use my own pillows/wedges to nurse. I gave my Boppy to my SIL and she said she loves it. So go figure. I wouldn't waste $40 on one.



answers from Norfolk on


Must haves for me were:

boppy pillow
bouncy seat
burp clothes(I used cloth diapers for this cause they were bigger and thicker)
bottles and nipples
breastpump if you are breast feeding
storage bags to freeze your breastmilk
the infant headrest for the carseat
diaper bag
lots of diapers in different sizes
lots of wipes
crib sheets and mattress covers at least 4
I had a moby warp to carry the baby close to me
swaddle wraps( mine would not sleep well unless she was swaddled for at least the first 6 months)
I liked the Aveeno baby wash,shampoo, and lotion and it is what my dr. recommended to use.
hooded towels and baby washclothes

I think that is about everything that I found the most useful.



answers from Washington DC on

Congrats! Here are a few must haves -

baby bjorn or other baby wearing device - really helpful in that it makes the baby happy while you still have 2 free hands!
baby wash clothes - lots! My DD is 2.5 and we still use them.
waterproof changing pads (gerber sells in a two pack that kind of look like receiving blankets) - can use on any surface and put in the diaper bag
burp clothes - we used the cloth diapers
swing - must have for my DD
baby papason chair that vibrates with dangling toys
playmat with dangling toys and other small teething type toys - good for tummy time

do yourself a favor and check out the happiest baby on the block from your local library. There's a short video which is REALLY a sanity savor!

I poo-poo'd the wipes warmer at first but my DD was born in Jan. and cried badly during diaper changes, even with trying to warm the wipe in my hands. The warmer actually helped alot. Well worth the $20!

For the car we were given this mirror -music-lights gadget

The lights flicker to the music and it also lights the colors and says the name in english, spanish and french. My DD hated the car and this was very effective in distracting her. When they are bigger they can activate it with their feet. At 2.5 yrs old we still have her sitting backwards and she now hums to the music.

Also, sooner than you think, the exersaucer and the bumbo will be very handy!

check out freecycle, craigs list and join any local moms list servs you'll be able to score these types of items for cheap!

I was just reading the responses below and forgot about one item that I want to second - Sophie the giraffe for teething! I really don't know what it is about it but she loved it!


answers from Dayton on

I agree w/ Denise-not as much as you think you need. :)
Everyone is different. Everyone parents different, and every baby is different.
Things I could not have lived w/o for my DD I never touched for my DS.

One thing I could not live w/o (though you don't need till around 6 months) is my high chair/shopping cart cover (Floppy Seat). I take it everywhere and saves me from having a germ induced anxiety attack. Love it! (And it washes up great too!)

Can I just say a few words about baby mittens? Babies hands are their BF's in the womb...don't take away their BF's. :) They help them soothe themselves.
Baby scratches heal really fast. My kids never wore mittens and only my son scratched himself a few times.

Congrats! Such a fun time!!!



answers from Washington DC on

Swing that goes side to side. Couldn't live without it. Car seat. Mobile. Exercise mat with the little toys. Skip registering for outfits- u will get them anyway.



answers from Washington DC on

You have some great suggestions below - many that I also found a must, but in addition, if you can ask for anything....I would ask for babysitting coupons, cleaning help, and evening meals. You may not be ready to go out on the town, but you will crave a good nap and a long shower. Having a friend over to watch the baby for an hour or two will be a blessing. This also allows for the friend with little money to contribute in a big way.



answers from Washington DC on

First off, congratulations :-)

A few of the best buys/must-haves I've found for the first few months, besides diapers:
- the book, _Baby Bargains_
- another book, _Happiest Baby on the Block_
- diaper changing pad (4-sided one, extra long)
- really good diaper pail that keeps the stink from spreading
- simplehuman Step Trash Can, Slim, Plastic, 10-1/2 Gallons (baby laundry)
- The First Year's Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling
- Aveeno baby shampoo/wash
- Sleep Sheep (travel sized)
- Kidco Peapod (great for travel and at home, easy to clean too)
- Sleepsack (x2)
- Muslin swaddling blankets
- Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Bouncer
- Philips AVENT iQ Bottle Warmer
- Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Bouncer (music was not annoying!)
- Tiny Love classic mobile
- The First Years Milk Storage Organizer (if you're bf-ing)
- Graco SnugRide 32 Infant Car Seat (or go for the bigger one -- 35?)
- an arsenal of your favorite laundry stain removers!
- backup batteries and memory cards for your videocam/ camera

For clothing, most friends and family gave us lots, so we hardly had to buy any. Plus my baby was born in the summer, so he didn't wear anything but onesies for the longest time.

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