Refurbished Computer Laptop Question

Updated on April 17, 2019
M.G. asks from Portland, ME
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Hi everyone

Have any of you ever purchased a refurbished laptop or computer?

If so, what was your experience?

Thanks :)

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So What Happened?

thanks everyone so far - your insight has been helpful!

I was just looking into laptops for my son at Best Buy - some refurbished ones popped up that were at very good prices.

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answers from Washington DC on

we purchased a refurbished computer for our son and his games and homework. We got it through Tiger Direct and have had no problems or issues with it.

I would NOT purchase one from craigslist or any where that is NOT legitimate (best buy, Tiger Direct, etc.).

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answers from Minneapolis on

Yes, I have purchased both a desktop computer and a tablet that were refurbished. Also a printer. All worked great. They were just like new as far as I could tell. I saved a bunch of money and have been very satisfied. Worked for me but then I have looked for function not the latest features.

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answers from Miami on

Yes, my current laptop, which I have had for about 10 years or so (my, how time flies), was a refurbished laptop. My ex-husband got it for me as a birthday gift when we were still trying to fix our marriage. He was an IT guy so I trusted he wasn't going to pick up a hunk of junk. He spent weeks researching different laptops, features, and prices. I cannot remember if we got it at Best Buy or the now-defunct Tiger Direct retail store, but it was a $1,000+ laptop and we got it for about half that price. A lot of companies offer extended warranties, if you're concerned that it may go bad. SquareTrade or even the retailer itself may offer a 1-year, 2-year or longer warranty that you can purchase separately for $20 or so and can protect you in case of any issues that may arise. My current cellphone is also a refurbished phone, as my phone is a somewhat older model and the battery started to have charging issues, so the only way they could replace an older model phone that is no longer carried is by providing one of their refurbs of that phone model.

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answers from Dallas on

We personally have not. I just don't trust it.

I don't know your price range but they are not nearly as pricey as they once were. You might be surprised with deals from places like Best Buy and direct. I love Dell and buy mine directly from them.

Good luck with it, I hate changing to new equipment!

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answers from New York on

I'd trust a refurbished one directly from the source - i.e., directly from Apple. I'd also trust a great IT guy to sell me a refurbished one. Buying one cold off the internet from an unknown source? I probably wouldn't . . .

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answers from New York on

I have a refurbished Mac laptop that just goes on and on. I think I've had it at least 5 years.

I bought my son a refurbished PC from Newegg last year - so far, so good, but I did purchase a 3-year warranty with it just in case.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I bought a refurbished Lenovo computer. The hardware worked fine, but the computer hinges and case cracked. I clamped it together and limped it along until they released Windows 10 in 2015. I was probably one of the first in line to upgrade.

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answers from San Diego on

Refurbished Macs will be fine. I won’t trust a PC, new or refurbished. My brand new PCs at work crash every 6 months, or hardware fails (screens, trackpads, card readers replaced). Hundreds of PCs don’t make it over 1 year at my company. Disposable computers. I say that we are “So secure” because we literally lose your data every 6 months with these cheap PCs.

With Macs you usually get more memory added and Ram if refurbished. I have 4 MACs running fine over 5 years old. I added memory and ram and still have one working great at 13 years old.

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answers from Washington DC on

my brother his old one wiped and refurbished before giving it to me.

it was okay, but after a year i started noticing some glitches that alarmed me.

that being said, perhaps it wasn't a *real* refurbishing. i really don't know what he did.

but with electronics i prefer to get new, with a warranty.


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answers from Springfield on

It depends on who you buy it from. Most major companies will test them thoroughly before selling, as their reputation is on the line.

I've gotten refurbished phones through Sprint and Verizon that worked great (just older, so the batteries didn't last as long as new). I've also bought a few things from Amazon and Best Buy. They've almost all worked great! I had one item that wasn't quite "like new."

It might help if you could be more specific about what you are buying and who you are buying if from.

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