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Updated on May 10, 2011
E.C. asks from Coleman, TX
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I am in the market for a new refrigerator and I do not like the side by side styles. I want a normal fridge with freezer on top and fridge below. My question is, do they make this style with an ice maker/water dispenser in the door like on the side by side styles? I recall seeing one on a TV program about a month ago, but I cannot find one in stores. The reason I am wanting the normal style is because I need more fridge space than freezer space and I don't have room in the kitchen for a large refrigerator or I could just get a larger one with more capacity. Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for tbe input in the French Door style refrigerators. I have one more question on those... Does the freezer area, since it is a drawer type pull out, have shelves or anything or is it just dump everything in? Thanks again~!

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answers from Dallas on

There is a new style I love where you can get all that but the freezer would be in a drawer on the bottom. There are french doors on the top so you get the water/ice in the door but tons of refrigerator space. The side by sides don't offer much space on either side.

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answers from Tyler on

My French door style has a shelf in the freezer. I didn't read the other responses, but just to insure you - it does have water and ice in the door.

Also, you need to really LOOK at any freezer/fridge combo you buy. I did not really think about it, but the shelf that is in my refrigerator door/but under the water/ice maker is completely useless. NOTHING fits in it. So, really take a look at all of the shelving and maybe take something along so you can test the size of the shelves in the door (like a small jar or something).

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Go to Sears. They have the biggest selection to browse. I would be surprised if they had an exterior dispensor in the door of that style of fridge; that would hang awfully low in the door. By the way, the new french-door styles are huge and expensive. But check them out anyway while you're there!



answers from Sacramento on

I just had to replace our top freezer fridge and can tell you the choices in that option are EXTREMELY limited. As in, "Here are a couple in the far corner for people putting them in rentals." No fancy features.

We ended up with the French Door style, which offers a lot more refrigerator room but less freezer room (below) than on top. It's taken a while to get used to the low, smaller freezer, but it's been worth it to have more fridge space. These fridges fit in the same space as the old style of fridge/freezer.

ETA: There is one pull-out shelf in the bottom freezer. Otherwise, it's just dump everything in. Again, it's taking some getting used to. Definitely doesn't fit as much as our old top freezer.



answers from St. Louis on

I know you want the freezer on top....but I've used bottom freezers for 30+ years now. Love, love, love them! My next one will be the french door type.

The reason I love the bottom freezer is because we use the top more & it's just easier to navigate/manuever not having to bend over. & I love being able to rest my bag on the ledge while I put away groceries!


answers from St. Louis on

Another benefit to the freezer on bottom is it can hold up to climbing. Yeah, yeah, kids aren't supposed to use the shelves to climb, doesn't fix a broken shelf though does it?

I hate ice/water through the door. Don't know if you have ever had it but even adults spill ice or water on the floor with those. Add tile floor and I would have more broken bones than I could count.


answers from Chicago on

Hi E.-

I don't recall ever seeing one with a water/ice dispenser, but I think the following type are no smaller than the traditional type you're talking about (when it comes to fridge space) However... when you get a dispenser type (no matter what style, you'll have less space inside because of it)

I have the style like the link I am sharing with you and I love it!
ADDED: I see in your update that you have a question about freezers that are the drawer type that's down below. YES... you pull on the exterior handle of the freezer and it opens like a drawer. (my sil has an older one and it's just a regular door. ) I am glad they made it into a drawer now because it's much easier. (so then inside there's usually a bottom place to store stuff and then there's a top tray/ drawer- along with a rack on the front .) I have two of these refrigerators.... the one that is not a counter depth has a much deeper drawer so more storage but I wanted a counter depth one for my new kitchen so the fridge doesn't stick out much more than my cabinets.)



answers from New York on

I have not seen this type and if you can't find it at the major retailers, then it probably doesn't exist!

I would suggest taking a look at the "french door" styles. I have a side-by-side and don't really like it either. Both "sides" are so narrow that it's tough to fit a casserole dish in if there's other food on that shelf! When the time comes, we'll be going with the French Door style b/c it has the "wide capacity" for both!

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