Referral for Fogged Glass Windows in House?

Updated on March 21, 2007
A.W. asks from Maryville, TN
5 answers

Hello! I'm wondering if any of you Mamas have had fogged window glass repair/broken seals repaired on windows in your home, and if you can refer me to anyone decent who won't overcharge? I had a company come out today and gave me an estimate: $450 for 3 windows. I don't know ANYTHING at all about repairing window seals, but I about choked when he handed me the estimate. Is this a fair price? Or do any of you know of someone who can do it for less?


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answers from Dallas on

I just last week, got an estimate for the exact same thiNG for my window that fogged. I also live in McKinney, and the estimate for 1 window was 125.00. I called someone else and over the phone they gave me an estimate of 129.00 - 131.00. So, I am going with the first estimate of 125.00 - Chaistan windows in McKinney. Is this who you used?

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answers from Dallas on

We just had 3 windows replaced and paid $500....all they did was change out the glass. We used a contractor that then sub-contracted, so if you go to the source it will probably be cheaper than what we paid. The actual company that did the repair was Rock Glass at ###-###-####. They did a great job.

Hey...I grew up in Westminster Colorado :)

Good luck! S.



answers from Dallas on

If your house is new and you are the first owners you may have a warranty on the windows. When we moved into our house the original owners got all the windows fixed free of charge with their warranty. Unfortunately, I don't think they are transferrable.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Chastain windows are great! We have used them! They have been around a long time and are dependable. It can be expensive to have your windows replaced. I think if you have a number of windows to replace the cost can be cheaper, but not sure. Anyway, we have used them and I trust them very much!



answers from Dallas on

Ali, I am a Realtor. I just bought a house for myself and there were 29 windows with broken seals. I have an invoice from Bullzodier Windows at ###-###-#### to replace these windows. The most expensive one on here is for a 34x40 inch for $85. It could be this cheap because of the quantity, but it's worth calling them and finding out. Good luck!

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