Redness Under Eyes

Updated on December 04, 2008
C.R. asks from Hockessin, DE
6 answers

my DD has redness just under her both of her eyes. the doc said it was excema, but i am not so sure. she doesn't have it anywhere else and no one in either family has a history of it. it almost looks as though she has ben crying when she hasn't. has anyone else experienced such a thing? she doe not rub them and they don't bother her. she has no allergies that we know of....

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answers from Philadelphia on

my daughter gets that on her face same diagnosis..use eycerin (Bad spelling) cream!!does work...


answers from Pittsburgh on

My daughter gets this when she is tired and has for a while, it kinda turns purplish at times. do you give your daughter a nap or resting time with no tv. cool rag compress may help a little. she doesn't get a rash look its just red.



answers from Philadelphia on

It could be allergies. My daughter had it and I think the doctor called it Racoon eyes because of how it looks.



answers from Scranton on

I would think maybe allergies. Even envionmental...allergies can pop up at anytime...even out of the blue. I know my eyes get red rimmed when I am having a reaction...but I also get stuffy or my nose runs, so there are other symptoms. I would maybe try to see if you notice it more after certain foods...allergies show themselves in lots of odd ways.



answers from Allentown on

My son has that and we always assumed it was related to allergies even though he has no symptoms. We have no history of eczema in the family, so it's not really a factor, it just is. My other son gets it very badly on his hands, so much that he bleeds. I think the other poster meant Eucerin cream and we also really like Aquaphor.



answers from Pittsburgh on

It could be eczema. My baby boy had it on his cheeks, just a little redness and slight bumpiness. The ped recommended hydrocortisone cream gently rubbed on the spot a couple times a day for a few days, then take a few days off. Same thing, it didn't bother him, no allergies, not dry air weather, etc. Ask your ped if this is a treatment he/she recommends.

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