Red Spots on 4 Month Old Chest, Neck and Arms

Updated on January 03, 2011
J.K. asks from New York, NY
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My four month old has red spots that started on her chest , spread to her arm pits then arms then neck and now back and legs.. The red spots seem to be under her skin rather than on top. They are not raised, they are not itchy or irritating but they are spreading all over. Pediatrician does not know what it tis and the dermatologist also did not know. They took a biopsy and will get back to me soon. Both did not think it was a rash due to soaps or detergents. She has not had a fever or any other symptoms. They showed up before I started supplementing with formula so I don't think it is formula related.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

All good ideas but these dots have been here for about a month and a half and have not gone away or died down. They have just increased. I will ask about these things at the next visit. Any other thoughts?

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Dear Jamie, the only time my children had red spots or a mild rash on the trunk of their bodies was Rosiola, which happens during the first year. It was also accompanied with a loss of appetite and a high fever before the spots came out. If she does not have these other symptoms I am not sure. Do you have carpeting? My daughter was also allergic to any carpet if she crawled on it.... Hope you find the answer... Grandma Mary



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My guess is Roseola. My son had it from June through August. We had every blood test done including LIME disease, twice. I took him everywhere including the White Plains center for disease control. He never had the high fever, just the under skin rash that spread from his trunk to his extremeities. Some days were worse than others, sometimes a food would trigger a reaction, and also it was always worse after a bath.
I hope it turns out the same for you, just a reaction the the Roseola virus. But you should keep a daily log of of the condition of the rash, foods eaten and daily activities.

Good Luck!



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My daughter had this. To me they looked similar to measles and got worse with heat. The pediatrician said it was her way of expressing a virus. She got them often. She is 3 now and does not have this anymore but she runs fevers for no reason at all. They have done numerous blood panels on her and they show nothing at all. My daughters rash started when she was 6 months old and would last for a day to 4 days. She got that rash about 5 times until she hit 2. They never irritated her and she never had any other symptoms.



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Kinda sounds like my DD's 'cradle cap rash'... She didn't have much cradle cap on her head, but my pedi. said that sometimes it will spread in the form of a rash down the body. They were just little R. dots, didn't look different than her skin other than the color... spread in the same pattern you described. My DD didn't notice them at all, and it spread fast. Hers kept coming and going, stay for a few days then go away. when we asked her pedi. she said it was the cradle cap, prescribed a cream, and it was gone for good within a week. Maybe ask about that?


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Are they petachie? Looks like someone dotted her with a red pen? Google it for pictures.


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I would look in up in google. Its good you asked this from other moms, sometimes we have to do it ourselves to get some answers. I think some doctors are lazy and always want to prescribe medication to everthing.



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I bet I have the answer. We experienced the same thing with my daughter at age 5. google ITP. Immune thrombocytopenic purpura; ITP

My daughter one day developed these red dots under the skin. They didn't blanch. (meaning when you press on them they dont disapear for that second.) For instance if you have a red pimple or mosquito bite and you press on it, for a second it will turn back to your normal skin color. We went to the pediatrican who said they were under the skin. Didn't blanch, she ran blood work. The only thing not good with the blood test was lower than normal platelet count. I quickly made an appoint ment with a Hematologist. (a pediatric one in Cornell in NY) We went, they ran blood again, and still a little low, he looked at her spots and was like I've never seen this before. So now off to a dermatologist. 3 for that matter. the 3rd one knew exactly what it was. He said it's schamberg's disease. which is a form of ITP. Google that was well.

No treatment needed in my daughter case. it is not gone she is 7. But can come back at any time.

Background on how my daughters looked. on her upper thigh, started small like the size of a dime. gradually spread, to aboutt he size of a fist. Got darker in color, kind of like a rust color. stayed that way for about a year. here and there she would develop, bright red tiny dots under her arm pits, they would last 2 days and go away. Seemed to only happen in the summer.

I hope this helps. I made myself crazy thinking horrible things, but the good news is, it went away, bad new is, it can come back. Good luck and keep me posted.

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