Red Rash on 2 Year Old's Buttocks

Updated on February 23, 2011
K.L. asks from Bellingham, WA
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My 2 year old has had a strange rash on her buttocks, that is, the "cheeks" of her bottom. She is currently potty training and spends a lot of time "bare" so at first I thought it was some kind of chafing from her sitting on the carpet naked or something. She wets in her diapers at night but during the day is not sitting in wet diapers at all.

The rash is red and splotchy with little pimple-like bumps scattered throughout. There is nothing in the "folds" where moisture might collect, so I didn't think it could be yeast or other rash due to excess "moisture". I put diaper rash ointment on it (she complains that it hurts when I do this) and it seems to get better a little, but then returns. I have noticed it seems to "flare up" and look worse especially after eating sweet foods or fruits. Is this a reaction to food? Has anyone experienced anything like this? I am stumped!

Edit - she does have very sensitive skin, we bathe every other day, only in lukewarm water, no soap until the end, only aveeno gentle soap.

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So What Happened?

I agree it is probably a reaction to something in her diet or environment. I am thinking it is eczema...will see what the doc says. Moisturizing it seems to be helping, and keeping her in undies. Thanks for all your input!

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my friend's daughter gets rashes when she has citrus. could be food allergies or i wonder if the sugar is feeding the rash, if it's yeast, hence the flareup? yeast doesn't have to be moist. i currently have an infection near my nipple. i wouldn't say it's moist in there (not bf'ing).

have you done any googling? see if this link helps you narrow it down:

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My daughter is 4 and still gets this. The Peditrition says it's Foliculitis, irritation of the hair folicules on her hiney. Sometimes food does make it worse, strawberries does it every time. We usually use A&D ointment and if it gets really bad, we have a prescription of Mupirocin from her peditrition. The A&D seems to burn less than the ointments that contain Zinc. Also, if your daughter gets bubble baths, make sure you rinse her bum off really good before she gets out of the bath, the residue from the bubble bath can really dry out the patches making them itchy. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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If she is sitting naked on your carpet, she may be having an allergic reaction to the fibers of the carpet. I would put her in panties to protect her bum. At most, you may lose a pair a day with a poop accident, but that is little to lose compared to an irritated bottom.

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My daughter has also broken out in rash from bubble bath like the pp said. Not sure that this has anything to do with anything but I no longer use anything besides water and castile soap on my kids. They make baby mild but it still burns the eyes so be careful if you try this. Both of my kids have eczema and castile soap cleared it up and my face has not broken out in a long time (I'm prone to break outs). This is the website I usually buy from but you can get it at Walgreens or Target too.


answers from Eugene on

It is an allergic reaction. Keep a food diary and you will realize what she is allergic to.
I have had allergies all my life. Allergies change over years. A child changes very much every few months. However, a few allergies last a whole lifetime.
I for instance have been allergic to nuts. At this time I cannot eat pecans but
most other nuts are okay. If I eat something I am allergic to I get an inflammation around my eyes.
Children who break out on their buttocks might later on have large hives on their faces or forearms.
It does not have to be something ingested that your child is allergic to. It can be wash powder residue or something you use to wash the floor or polish the furniture.



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It could be the acidity of the fruit? Maybe she's reacting to something in your carpet?

Aveeno is also not particularly great for sensitive skin. California Baby is better, Cetaphil, Aquaphor.Check the skin deep database.


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We had a very similair sounding "rash" with our kiddo and we found out it was actually a type of skin infection and we ended up needing a prescription antibiotic to get rid of it...the good news was the ointment did not sting :)

I think the diagnosis was foliculitus or something along that line.

Our kiddo has sensitive skin, which got dry, which made her scratch it, and the scratching was what got the infection going under her skin.



answers from Portland on

It may sound like an over-reaction, but you may want to get it checked out by your pediatrician just to rule out staph rash. One of my good friends' little girl had recurring, vicious staph diaper infections that needed antibiotics to get rid of....Just to put your mind to rest that it isn't something common but potentially serious.

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