Red Itchy Rashes on 6 Months Pregnanat Belly

Updated on May 11, 2010
M.B. asks from Austin, TX
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I have got this red itchy rashes on my pregnant belly. I developed them over the last week. There wasn't anything before. Itchiness is just irresistible and often disturbs my sleep at night. I have been eating about same food. Could this be due to increased body heat? Has anyone experienced this before? I don't have any thing going on in my other parts of body. There have been break outs on my face here and there in the past six months but nothing at present. The anti-stretchmark lotion does not help with itchiness...I am wondering if it's normal to have anything like this on belly while pregnant...
please let me know if there is something that can help.
thanks in advance,

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So What Happened?

thank you all for quick responses. I went to see doctor and it's a skin condition called PUPPS as many of you have experienced. My doc's nurse prescribed a creme that contains some form of steroids but harmless to use during pregnancy. I am going to try calamine lotion as I can apply prescribed creme only three times a day.
thanks agian,

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answers from Houston on

Sounds like it might be eczema which I got near the end of my pregnancy, there are a couple of easy fixes for it - looks worse than it is but since there are also other options a trip to the Dr. sounds in order... it doesn't need to be your OBGYN - your regular Dr. should do!

Also might be a reaction to your anti-stretch cream since you don't have rash any other place... still a trip to the Dr. just to make sure!

Hope it clears up soon.



answers from San Antonio on

I had the same thing happen to me for the last three months of my pregnancy, it was very hard to stay asleep so i feel your pain. i wouldnt worry yourself to much. It can be caused by any number of things from just your skin being stretched to issues with your gall bladder. but more than likely its nothing. Just talk to your doctor then next time you see them.

I found that just keeping my skin very moisturized helped alot! and when i would wake up in the middle of the night i would take luke warm showers and that was what got me through my pregnancy... for sure.


answers from Chicago on

Google "PUPPS". It's a rash that develops usually during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, but some women get it earlier. I had it for a couple of days and it went away. I put calamine lotion on my belly and ankles before I went to bed (that was when it was worst). Some people use pine tar soap from a health food store (my Whole Foods ordered it for me). Whatever works! :) Good luck- I know it was extremely itchy and annoying for the short time I had it. Call your doctor or midwife and let them know.

Hope you get some relief!



answers from College Station on

It sounds like hives. There may be something in the air that you are allergic to. Try some benadryl creme or hydrocortisone. Both are safe during pregnancy.



answers from Chicago on

I was very itchy with my 1st and very, VERY with my twins! I did have an actual rash, but my doctor said it was just irritation to my sensitive skin, mostly caused by skin stretching. I used cocoa butter for lotion because it seemed to soothe, but I also found that the band of my pants really seemed to bother me. I also switched to the free & clear laundry detergent. I'm not sure which thing made a difference, perhaps the combination, but I did get a little relief.



answers from Los Angeles on

Itchiness while pregnant can be caused by some things that should be under a doctor's care. Considering that you have a rash, you probably have PUPPPs, which the previous poster gave info on. Another cause for itchiness could be Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP--see for more info). ICP can be very serious to the fetus. It usually does not present with a rash, so you're probably okay! However, I have heard of some women who did have ICP who had a rash as well (maybe from excessive scratching?). Anyway, I'd go to your OB to have him check you out.



answers from Spokane on

I agree with Barefoot Mama. I thought I had hives with this pregnancy,but I got some advice to look up PUPPS, and it seems that this is what I have. I have taken an antihistamine called atarax, and it works well. I know this is not considered a safe medication for pregnancy, but it's the only thing that works for me. The itching made me go NUTS! I couldn't even take care of my kids, because I was so miserable! I only have to take the medicine once per day, and I take it at night, because it makes me so sleepy. I know this is frustrating to be so itchy. I would get in to see your Doc ASAP and let her know what's going on. She will be able to give the right medication for your stage of pregnancy. Good luck. Also, try a little bit of benadryl cream on the rash, until you can get better relief.


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