Red Dye in Dryer

Updated on December 12, 2009
J.F. asks from Weatogue, CT
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I washed a RED area rug in cold water and then put in the dryer. The washer did not show any signs of bleeding from the red dye, but the dryer is now completely covered in red dye. I ran a test with a wet white pillow case and it is transferring onto the piloow case. Does anyone know how to clean the inside of teh dryer to remove the red dye?

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answers from Cincinnati on

yes solumel go to and there is a place to ask for info and don't worry it's free you have nothing to lose but stains!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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answers from Providence on

the same thing happened to me only with a pen and everytime the dryer would heat up it would transfer to the clothes. I used a Magic Eraser and it did the trick.

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answers from Hartford on

I would try the method below (from
Removing Ink from the Dryer ), which I used after pen ink got onto the dryer. I would test again with the wet white pillow case and repeat as necessary until the dye no longer transfers to the white pillow case. Good luck!!

1. Spray a small amount of all-purpose cleaner onto a cleaning rag. NEVER spray any cleaning solution directly into the dryer as the residue may get into the drum holes and damage the dryer or cause a serious fire hazard!
2. Rub the dampened rag on the ink stain, being sure to check the entire drum from stains (if there is one ink stain, there are probably more).
3. If the ink stain does not come off (some or more stubborn than others, depending upon the type of pen), dampen another cleaning rag with rubbing alcohol, and scrub the stain. It should come off with some effort.
4. If you’ve used alcohol, wet another rag with the soapy water, and wash the interior of the drum, paying special attention to the area that you just wiped with the alcohol.
5. Wet another rag with the clean water, and rinse the interior of the drum.
6. Dry the interior of the drum with a clean rag.

Warning: If you’ve used any type of cleaning solvent in your dryer other than plain soap and water, ALWAYS leave the door open on your dryer after cleaning, and DO NOT use for several hours to allow any fumes or residue to dissipate – otherwise you may run the risk of fire or explosion!



answers from Boston on

Sorry to say that you will probably need to buy a new dryer. It happened to us. We washed a red blanket, that we had washed and dried several times before without incident. Well, this last time when we put it in the dryer, it stained the dryer!! We also "tested" some whites, and they turned mildly pink. Plus - the red stained interior did not seem to lighten up at all. So, we caved and bought a new dryer. We cashed in on Labor Day sales. Perhaps you can benefit from Holiday sales as well. Good luck!

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