Red Colored Urine with No Infection

Updated on September 28, 2009
B.S. asks from Reno, NV
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Hi all. Almost a week ago I noticed my 3 month old had red in his urine only diaper. I took him to ER, and they determined he did not have an infection so they sent me on my way. Today he had another red colored urine diaper. He is breastfeed only. I am not taking any new medicine or eating anything different. Any ideas? I'm not positive if it is blood, but it is red like blood...only sort of chalky. The doc originally said urate crystals, butnow he's had another one. I'm concerned....but confused.

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So What Happened?

If you see a pink spot in the front of your newborn's diaper, don't become alarmed thinking it's blood in the urine. Uric acid crystals in the urine dry on the diaper to form a salmon pink powder. If you scrape it with your finger nail you can see that it is powdery. It is absolutely harmless and nothing to worry about; however, if you see it in every diaper it could mean that your newborn's urine is very concentrated which could happen if he isn't getting enough fluids.

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Have they ruled out kidney stones?



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That happened to my son when he was a few weeks old, It was that he was dehydrated. he was such a good sleeper he was not feeding enough. I had to wake him up to eat every three hours.



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Hi There,

Have you eaten any beets? Beets always make your urine red.
I know that you had mentioned that you are breastfeeing, and have not changed anything in your diet. I just thought that it is worth mentioning.



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Have you taken him to the Ped for testing? Something doesn't sound right. If he is BF, that is all he should need, as he should get plenty of water from the breast milk. Did you check any sites like WebMD or google and see what comes up?



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Oh, wow. I would get a 2nd opinion ASAP. Did they culture it or just do the dipstick? If they cultured it, it would have taken 2-3 days to get results. I would take him in right away to a regular pediatrician and have them culture the urine.

Does it have any sort of odor to it? That can indicate a UTI, too. Fever, increased irritability?

Best of luck and let me know how it turns out. We've had repeat UTIs with our daughter as well, and it's hard for them.

WTG on breastfeeding by the way! Keep it up! If he is having UTIs, breastfeeding can be one of the best things for him to help bolster his immune system!



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I wasn't sure if you thought it was blood in the urine; we found blood in my infant daughter's diaper and they believed it was an allergic reaction so I cut out some things for a while.




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I would take him to the pediatrician and do a urine sample and a little xray or a renal ultrasound to rule out anything with the Kidneys. Also keep a track of how many times it's happening and if the baby he is running a fever or chills. If there is fever and chills go back to the er and make sure they do these tests.

You can also make an appointment for a pediatric urologist if you feel it's not any better those are the right dr.s for that but it would be best if you have these tests before going there.

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