Red Cheeks All of a Sudden...

Updated on November 05, 2009
H.L. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hi moms...
SO my little one, (7.5 months)... last night she woke up from her nap and her cheeks were pink.. i mean, pinker then normal... at first i thought she's been sleeping on it (one was redder then the other), but then it never really went away... I put some aquaphore on it, thinking may be its dry, or from the air, or from the wind (which is not really even that windy)... anyway, this morning it seemed to get better.. I took her to my doctor (she's had a really bad diaper rash for about a week), he checked her out, i told him about her cheek, he said its nothing.. well, right now, she just woke up from her nap, and its pink again... she hasnt been eating anything new, so i doubdt its food related.... What else can it be... TEETHING??? i feel like anytime something's wrong, i blame the teeth.. which by the way, she has NONE!!! ANY IDEAS???

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answers from Honolulu on

Well it could be a slight allergy to either the bed itself or the detergent in the bedding. My kids are allergic to dreft detergent and you can only use ivory snow or homemade. Beds do have latex in them so you might try touching her with a latex glove (like a cleaning glove) and seeing if it happens where you touch her. If it does... well she is allergic , and it is time to invest in cover for her mattress (a zip on type is best) to make it so she can sleep on it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sounds like teething. The diaper rash is often included with the cheek rash.


answers from Los Angeles on

Hi my daughter is five months but she has been having the same problem. It's mainly at night or after naps her cheeks turn real pink or red. It's prob. just dry. I put lotion on her but it comes back. So I would most likely think that's what it is. She drools alot right now because I think she is getting ready to teeth so if she is drooling alot that might also cause it to be dry to. Hope that helps.



answers from Los Angeles on

No need to worry. That happens to my daughter too. It usually happens when its cold. Like if she slept on her left cheek, that cheek is red.
I think its just normal.


answers from St. Louis on

It could be from the drool if she's teething....

It could be a reaction of some kind (which I've been told happens to kids a lot but there is no cure/explanation).

Have you changed soaps/washing detergent/lotion, etc?

She could just have chapped skin occasionally

Maybe something is on her blanket/sheet that is bothering her face?



answers from San Diego on

Your baby is teething. The red cheeks, the diaper rash and diarrhea are all normal signs of teething. Even if you don't see any teeth yet, it is a process that takes some time. Both of my boys went through that and suffered the same symptoms, along with some irritability and low-grade fevers. I know, it's hard to see them like that, but maybe you can help ease the pain by putting ambesol on her gums and infant Tylenol if she gets a fever or is very painful for her. Good luck!



answers from San Diego on

I was dressing my son too warmly for sleep when he was little, and his cheeks would pink up before he really started sweating. His cheeks still pink up when he's hot. Could it be that simple?


answers from San Diego on

It may be from the pillow, or heat rash. If the pillow is clean, then it might be your frabric softner. My son had that cause he was so hot all the time and when he woke up from naps, he has heat rash. I changed his pillow for a cooler one and then it ended up being worse cause of my fabric softner. I think I was using too much of the liquid. I bought a cooler pillow and the sheet fabric softner and he has never had that pro lem again.



answers from Las Vegas on

There's a virus called slap cheek or pink cheek. It has a medical name that I cannot remember. Anyway, it is nothing to worry about but it is simply a virus. My daughter had it as a toddler. Wait and see if she has other viral symptoms in the next few days. I noticed with my daughter who has extrememly sensative skin that many of her viral illnesses were preceded by a rash, but one in particular on her cheeks. Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

I know you said she hasn't been eating anything new, but sometimes sensitivities can develop even with familiar foods. My daughter had this too and I figured out it was a phenol/salicylate issue. Eliminating offending foods did the trick. Here is a link showing the salicylate content of common foods:

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