Recycling Place Rejected My Car Seat?

Updated on July 21, 2011
A.J. asks from Norristown, PA
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We have a huge recycling center that will dismantle and recycle ANYTHING. Anything, I guess, except car seats? I'm shocked since they are affiliated with a thrift store/ food bank here, so I thought they'd know what to do with it if it can't be donated. I REFUSE to put this behemoth plastic nightmare in a landfill, and we have 3 more to get rid of soon. What other resources should I be looking into? Help!
Clarification: I know I cant' sell or donate it, just thought the specialty recycle place here who will take apart fax machines, printers, stoves, machinery, and recycle the pieces would take it to recycle, or know where to take it to recycle. Thanks for ideas, keep them coming.

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I wonder if they prefer things that they can first try to re-sell. Car seats are not supposed to be purchased 2nd-hand. I bet if you put it out by the curb with a "FREE" sign on it and post it as such on Craigslist, it'll be gone by the end of the day.

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Do you know any grandparents? I've given my used ones to grandparents so they can put them in their car & then not have to transfer.

Or, is there a woman's shelter in your area? They might take it.

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People are really wierd about car seats and VERY few thrift stores will accept used car seats. Bottom line is safety and there is no way to know whether or not a car seat has been in an accident or tampered with! The liability surrounding selling second-hand car seats is significant.

You could call the manufacturer and ask what they recommend. You could also try selling it on Craigs List (if it is less than 5 years old). Per most manufacturers, car seats are considered "expired" after 5 years!

You could also contact the local fire station. They install them, so they may know what to do with them when you're finished with them too!

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you can try freecycle or craigslist.

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Once or twice a year, babies r us, takes used car seats & strollers, they end up destroying them but they do give you a discount on new items.

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My neighbor placed her two car seats by the curb around 5:00 pm and by 6:00 pm they were "garbage picked." Put them out earlier the night before your garbage truck comes. If for some reason no one "garbage picks" them by the next morning, you can take them away from the curb and try again the next time.


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UGH! What a drag! I just saw this:
"Call your local fire department or community recycling center to find out if there are car seat recycling events in your area, such as the one available in Portland Oregon.
If no recycling events are available in your area, take the car seat completely apart. Cut off and remove all straps, the cover fabric, and the foam cushion. Sort each item into the appropriate recycling bin for your neighborhood. Any section that cannot be reused or recycled should be thrown into the regular garbage.
Place each piece of the car seat into separate dark colored bags or bins, so that no one can scrounge the parts together and use a dangerous car seat."
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That's the best we've got with EVERY SINGLE human born since the 80's needing to use one and parents being shamed into using a new one for each child??? OH BROTHER! This is a SERIOUS business opportunity, crying out for development!!!
And although the rumor is 5 years, I read once on the Graco website, perfectly safe for 10 years! I find the car seat biz to be quite a racket. Safety I get! $400 car seats I don't get. And then to fill the landfills with them... Disgusting!
I like the idea of putting it on the curb or offering it to a woman's shelter if it's still good.
Good luck with your endeavor!



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It may be made of a plastic that the center does not deal with. Our recycling pick up only takes 2 types of plastics along with aluminum and glass. You can always google other recycling centers in your area to see if they will take that type of plastic.

If you are at the point it needs to go and has expired, please don't put it on freecycle or craigslist or give it to goodwill-but you probably already know that if you are getting rid of it :)

And DawnB-Drop side cribs are now illegal because they are a safety hazard due to design flaws and should have been gone a *long* time ago but the wheels turn slowly when making changes.



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Im sure if you know of a homeless shelter in your area, they will be able to take it and one of their residents can use it. A used seat is better than no seat!

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