Recycle Roofing??

Updated on November 14, 2008
K.B. asks from Oregon City, OR
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hey Mamas!!
I have a question. We just replaced our roof over the weekend. We had 2 layers that we took off (on our own...I'm so sore!) I was wondering if any of you out there know of any places that take the old shingles and recycle them. We would like to think green on this, as I read how much material is put into land fills (the dump)...I read you can make asphault and new shingles. But I am unable to locate anything online in the Portland-Oregon area. I can not feel ok w/ bringing 8 tons of material to the dump. Please let me know if you have any info you could share....I really appreciate it! :)

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Hi, K.--

So wonderful of you to think green! You might try calling around to places like the ReBuilding Center or even Ecohouse or the Sustainability Office in Portland's Ecotrust Building. I bet one of them will have a good answer for you. The woman who did the Rex house and has been blogging about it in the Oregonian would also be a great resource. Sorry I don't recall her name off the top of my head but she writes for the Oregonian in the Thursday Home and Garden section. She re-did a house over in Sellwood and recycled all the materials. Please let us know what you find out. Best of luck to you!

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My parents used a company to work on their driveway about 5yrs ago and they had their gravel driveway covered in shaved asphalt shingles. They were quite happy with the results it compacted great and didn't wash away as easily as gravel did.


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You can get your answer with one call by calling Metro's Recycling Hotline at ###-###-####. They are open business hours 6 days a week (although maybe not today since it's a federal holiday).

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if you want to look online, is your best bet. OSD has lots of info (office of sustainable development)

They have a # you can call for construction waste on this web page.

Trust that if it CAN be recycled, Portland will recycle it.

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So here are just a few ideas that you could try: Craigslist under the Free catagory. (Incase you are not familiar; Ads with photos move the fastest. And things that do not say Must take all, go fast also.) Another great place to try calling is called The rebuilding center, here's the link They reccommend that you come down and see what kinds of things they carry before you offer to donate. They are so nice though, so you could also call and ask first, and if they do not, maybe they will know who does recycle them. Good luck!



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I saw something on a news show a while back. It seems if you do an online search you can find a few options. One I quickly found was

Good luck!


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