Recurring Vaginal Yeast Infection

Updated on December 31, 2011
C.V. asks from Deer Park, NY
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Hello Mamas!

I'm at my wit's end with this, so I hope there is someone out there who went through something similar and can offer advice. I hope this isn't too long a post, but I want to give as much info as I can.

I'm 45 years old and overweight (but I'm working on it!) I NEVER had a problem with yeast infections (I've had 2, one with pregnancy #3 and one with #5) This past September I went for my annual GYN exam and was told I had a yeast infection. A mild one, apparently, since I didn't even know I had it (although, I had a feeling something "wasn't right" down there)

Looking back, I'm thinking I may have had this infection from when I was on antibiotics for strep throat...almost a year and a half ago!

From September until just this past week, I have used Monistat 3 and 7, my doctor prescribed fluconazole 3 times , (a total of 5 pills in five week period). I've tried natural remedies such as yogurt, garlic, honey, cranberry juice and Acidophilus supplements. The symptoms clear up for a day or two and then WHAM, they're back. The symptoms aren't bad, just a slight burning upon cleansing after using the bathroom and an occasional itch. There is typical yeast infection discharge (cottage cheese-like) present.

I'm not diabetic, but I've checked my sugar anyway as per my doctor's request and it's always been within "normal" range. As a whole, I don't eat a lot of sweets and bread, I've been doing Jenny Craig for a few years now. No tight close, nothing damp.

Hubby, who is diabetic, did get a yeast infection, but has been under doctor's care for it and we're very careful about not reinfecting each other (I won't tell you how, but hubby is NOT happy about it :)

I'll be going back to my doctor, but I've kinda lost hope since I've been to him 3 times for this and nothing has worked. So if anyone has any advice or suggestions, please let me know. I want my sex life back!


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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all your wonderful advice!

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answers from Boston on

go to a Gyn who can run tests - there is ALWAYS yeast present in the vagina and the presence of yeast if OFTEN misdiagnosed by regular doctors are a yeast infection. By killing off all the yeast with the many yeast treatments you had have you may now have an overgrowth of bacteria that are also always present in the vagina. It is the balance of organisms that keeps us feeling well. Althought the cottage cheese symptoms do seem to indicate yeast. I went through the same thing you did: 2x over the counter Monistat, 2x the single dose pill from my primary care, then the ObGyn diagnosed a bacterial infection rather than yeast and within 1 application of the correct cream I felt SOOOOO much better. Go see a Gyn and if you have I would request that they at least do a pH test to see what is going on.

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answers from Denver on

I had one that I could not get rid of with two rx's medicines and with monistat. It would be better for a couple days then it would come right back. So I was looking around on-line for more natural cures and came across apple-cider vinegar. I had to drink 3-4 TBS diluted with water, tasted aweful!! Then I used some vinegar and water as a douche, and I kid you not, it was gone within a couple hours and never came back. Try that maybe? Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I've been there with the re-ocurring yeast infections!

The only thing that has worked for me is Candex. It was a godsend! There are no die-off reactions and the sugar cravings (which I get from the yeast) go away. 2 capsules 2x a day.

Also, try Bragg's brand Apple Cider Vinegar as a douche. I bought a cheap vinegar douche from Walgreens and emptied out the vinegar and used the douche container. I pour a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (and it has to be Bragg's brand) into the douche bag and then I add warm distilled water. Not only does it relieve the itch but you can see the discharge rinse away. I also like how there isn't any gross cream squishing down there!

If douching isn't your thing you can make a sitz bath by pouring a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar into the bathtub filled with warm water (fill only so it covers your lady bits) and soak. It will work that way as well, but not as fast as douching.

I used to get a yeast infection once a month due to hormones. Since the Candex I haven't had one in six months.

Also, look into Kombucha tea. It's a fizzy drink with live culture inside that's great for rebalancing your flora. You can buy it at the grocery store. The taste may not appeal to you, but it's great for you!

Good luck!

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answers from Las Vegas on

you have to attack yeast at the source, in your gut..... using creams for the outside is simply a bandaid approach.. I use Capryl supplements, for which you can buy at a health food store. It's been my experience that I have needed one ... When taken ,you need to drink LOTS and LOTS of water so as to flush out the dying yeast.. Capryl is great because it goes to the source of the problem (your digestive track) and kills of the over abundance of yeast. .again, drink lots of water with it..

Also, bear in mind.. yeast LOVES sugar.... and it's not uncommon for those with Diabetes to have frequent yeast infections (another reason to keep the sugar level under control) yeast also loves, white flour, fermented foods, sugar, alcohol, cured foods... so your diet may need some working on until you get the yeast under control...

lastly, you are 45.. hormones DO play a role in this.. which I didn't know until recently I read about this in a book called, screaming to be heard... but apparently, when your estradiol levels drop and at times you have more progesterone, then that can add to the yeast problem.. for example, do you find you have more yeast flare ups right before your period? I know I did.. and well, now I know why..... the hormone fluctuations...

mainstream doctors NEVER discuss this with women and it's maddening..
if you go online, you can read an excerpt of that book... anyway, bottomline, it's by researching my own problems with yeast and in my case, sinusitis, that I discovered that not only does good nutrition play a role but hormones..

my best to you and yours..

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answers from Dallas on

Do you take probiotics? I've not read the other answers so I apologize if I am duplicating.

We drink DanActive. Ever since we started it, we've had no issues. There is also an OTC pill that works like DanActive but is pricier.

I get 2 cases of DanActive at Costco at a time, it's a 1 month supply for daughter and myself. Each case is about $12.
The OTC is only $15 but for 1 month/1 person

What does your Dr. have to say?

Good luck

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answers from Louisville on

I get this awful when my blood sugars are out of whack. When are you testing them and what do you consider normal? I found out that mine were normal before meals, but after would bounce way up. Doctor changed my insulin regime so I am now taking short acting with lunch... that has made it go away. I also have been told that the longer term Monistat, - seven day treatment - sometimes works better. My doctor has suggested that too and used the pills to get rid of it in addition. I would also want to make sure that it was still a yeast problem and not something else. Can even now buy an OTC kit to test that. Wash all towels and underwear in hot water and add a splash of white vinegar to the rinse. Good luck! I know it is miserable.

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answers from Omaha on

Are they sure it is a yeast infection? I had something similar to this only I had bacterial infections. They pretty much have the same symptoms as the other, but when your ph levels are off it either swings one way (too much yeast) or the other (too much bacteria) to put it into simple terms. Monistat never helped me. I always had to have flagyl for 7 days and then when diflucan came out, I took that instead. You must finish all of the medicine or it will most definitely return. Other things I swear by is eating yogurt on a very regular basis and drinking lots of water. Even though I haven't had a problem in this area in a very long time, I still eat yogurt and drink lots of water as a preventive measure. Also bathing in a baking soda bath can help too. Hope this helps!

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answers from Dallas on

I know this sounds strange, but maybe its food/diet related. My aunt can't eat hot dogs because they cause her a yeast infection. It could also be a hormonal imbalance causing a pH imbalance. Some people have to continuously take the yeast supplements and eat a cup of yogurt every day. Their bodies just have difficulty maintaining a healthy pH balance. There are just so many variables (like douching or using tampons) I would discuss all the possible causes of yeast infections with your doctor, and maybe you'll find what's triggering yours. Good luck, hope it gets better.

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answers from Minneapolis on

This could be triggered by hormonal changes because of your age. I also had a series of yeast infections from age 46 - 48. They almost always happened the week before my period. I am now 50 and haven't had a yeast infection during this last year. I also quit trying new shower soap and have stuck with using only Ivory liguid, but don't know if that had anything to do with it. I didn't change my diet. I can't use OTC remedies but did use fluconazole many times and that worked each time, but a month or two later and the yeast would be back.

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answers from Chicago on

I had a recurring issue that was solved with a combination of no white food so sugar, potatoes, flours,rice,breads and added a live flora capsule that contained accidphyllis plus 3 others, ate yogurt on top of that(no sugar version), clydimiacin(prescribed) fluconazole x 7days, doxycycline, bactroban for the inside of my nares and any areas outside of the genitals that may have anything on them. Mine recurring yeast infection turned out to be hampered my a resistent bacteria infection. Took about 5 days to feel better and a few more for skin to heal.

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answers from Austin on

Try to sleep bare bottomed at night.. , so air can get in there.. Knock on wood, I have never had a yeast infection.. back in the 70's my moms female doctor told us women should sleep with no underpants so our parts can air out.

Make sure you wash well and dry yourself well.. May even want to use a hair dryer.. We stay so covered up, our bodies need to breath..



answers from New York on

I had a similar issue. I tried switching tp and that helped a little. I finally discovered I was having a reaction to astroglide.



answers from New York on

My college roommate had recurring and unending yeast infections. Turns out she was allergic to glutens and this was the main way the allergy manifested itself. By eliminating most, but not all, sources of gluten in her dirt, she was able to get things under control again. Might bs worth looking into. Good luck.



answers from Bellingham on

I had awful ongoing candida and tried everything. I kept going back to the doctor, and finally he mentioned that the birth control pill might be causing it. I went off it, and it cleared up. Hallelujah!

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