Recurrent Yeast Infections??

Updated on January 27, 2011
A.B. asks from Simpsonville, SC
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This question may be TMI for some but I don't know who else to ask at this point. I have never had a problem with yeast infections and didn't get my first one until I was 1st trimester with baby #2 (who is now 10months old.) After she was born I have had recurrent yeast infections. I have had at least 8 yeast infections in 6 months. I am at my wits end with this and need some help. I have had 3 pelvic exams since birth of baby (1 6 week check up, 1 for possible yeast infection, 1 yearly pap smear). At my exam for possible yeast infection I was told I had "a few yeast and a few clue cells both of which are normal in small amounts so you may just be overly sensitive to the yeast and we'll treat you for that." Every time I take the meds the itching gets better. Symptoms include incredible burning, slight increase in discharge. No odor or odd color discharge. My questions are, could this be something else that hasn't been diagnosed yet? If so, why does it get better with yeast infection medication? What am I doing that is causing repeat yeast infections? What can I do differently? I also thought maybe I was allergic to the condoms we use or having a reaction to soap or detergent? I am going to change all of these things to see if it helps so any advice on soap or detergent that is hypoallergenic would be great too (Something I can buy from a store please.) Thanks for your advice, support, and recommendations:)

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answers from Los Angeles on

condoms cause yeast infections for me too. But using lube (like astroglide) seems to help. Eat yogurt, lots... put vinegar in your bath water. You can put plain yogurt in your vagina to help/ cure yeast, also you can buy the "helpful bacteria" in the drug/ grocery store, ask for it, or hopefully another mom knows the name, get it & take it everyday. Sugar feeds yeast, so be aware of your intake.

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answers from Augusta on

There are a lot of potential causes of frequent yeast if that is what is causing your problem. It could also be bacteria (the clue cells they were talking about). It could be an allergy or sensitivity to something as well.

First off things to avoid: douching, scented soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, sitting around in wet swimsuit or sweaty gym clothes. Be sure you are wiping from front to back, especially after bowel movements as bacteria can be pushed towards the vaginal area.

If you can, go without undies (like while sleeping) to get more air to the area that should be helpful. Probiotics are helpful for the long term but usually do not have a big short term effect. Yogurt is the same- part of a healthy lifestyle but will not fix a problem.

There is an over the counter product sold at CVS and similar items at stores like Whole Foods that are "natural" treatments for yeast and bacteria. I have had much more success with those than with the traditional treatments (flagyl for BV or the creams or Diflucan for yeast). Many kinds of bacteria and yeast are actually resistant to the most common treatments and so you get a little relief, then a recurrence.

The condoms could certainly be the source of your irritation. Especially the ones with spermicide. Try condoms without spermicide and a "natural" lubricant that is free of scents and dyes.

Your health care provider has already done a "wet mount" test which is how they identified the amounts of yeast and clue cells. They can also do a culture that is sent off to the lab to identify exactly what it is they are seeing-- which would be more helpful in determining the treatment.

I am a nurse midwife and see this frequently so don't think you are alone. There is help for it though and sometimes you have to be very persistant to get what you need.

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answers from Boca Raton on

What I find most helpful is to make the host (my body) less hospitable to yeast (who love warm moist environments out of balance with good/bad bacteria).

I do that by avoiding antibiotics (which throws the bacteria out of balance). I also take a PH supplement, and I've recently been doing probiotics (which seem to help). It also helps to avoid chemical or allergen exposures (latex or spermicide in the condoms perhaps?).

Good luck - hope you can resolve this annoyance.

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answers from San Antonio on

I take a supplement called Fem-Dophilus. It's a probiotic that's made specifically for women. I SWEAR by it!! I don't get yeast infections, however I noticed I was a little "spunky" down there. Worried about the smell. (sorry about being gross/graphic). So I tried this and it is amazing. The smell is gone and I just feel better. I purchased it on Amazon, but you can purchase it at better healthfood stores. A lot of the reviewers on Amazon used it for yeast infections w/ great results. Read for yourself, maybe this can help you. Here's a link:

Good luck! :)

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answers from Atlanta on

Hello, I feel your pain! I use to have these all the time. First, always see a dr to see why they're recurring. Second, evaluate everything you eat and use, i.e. soaps, detergents, etc.... It's best to find something and stick to it. You need to drink water and add yogurt to your daily eating. Water is good for you any any sickness and yogurt fights the bad bacteria without taking out all the good. Use a mild not scented soap such and Dove and/or Summer's Eve for sensative skin. After intercourse always use the restroom and shower sometimes twice daily to keep yourself clean.
Good luck!!!


Hello, I answered this one, but forgot one important thing. You could also
be passing the infection back and forth with your husband. Ask him
how he's feeling and you both may want to get checked. You'll never get rid of it. Google it and read about it. Again, good luck.



answers from Chicago on

I know exactly what you are going through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your hormones are probably causing this. To help are you taking a probiotic? Take one in the morning and at night...It helps the Flora in the intestines/immune system but also helps stablize the flora in the female parts as like you even a few yeast buds can cause WWIII down there. Do not douche, do not use scented soaps there. Eat yogurt daily!!!! Limit your carbs which convert into sugar...breeding that darned yeast!!! Also processed foods that are sugary...Avoid sugar and avoid more sugar!! Also has the doc offered the Diflucan? It is the oral treatment for yeast. Sometimes I have two be prescribed 2 pills to be taken two days apart for it to work. The medicated cream they give you can cause other problems....

Try the All detergent which is dye and scent free or the baby soap Dreft. Woolite is also gentle



answers from Washington DC on

That sounds terrible! Maybe you need to see another Dr., they should be concerned about the frequency at which the infection is occurring. Perhaps the infection is never really getting cleared up in the first place. Are you just using creams or have you tried Diflucan (sp)? Are you diabetic? Diabetics tend to have trouble clearing yeast.



answers from Provo on

I used to get a lot of recurrent vaginal infections but I take a probiotic tablet every morning. It helps to balance out the PH. I also go to the health food store and get apple cider vinegar pills and take two of them each morning. Bacterial vaginosis is cured with these. I would just add that my daughter gets vaginal infections when it is time for finals because of the stress. I just got her started on probiotics to see if that helps. I use Ivory bathsoap because it is pure and there are a few detergents that do not have allergens such as Tide free.

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