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Updated on February 16, 2009
M. asks from Woodstock, GA
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I have just started researching Pre-K locations for my 4 year old, who will be starting in the fall. I call him my timid kid and it makes me a little nervous since he has never been to daycare. I really want to find a place that will be a good environment for him. I've procrastinated because I don't really want him to start school yet but I think it will help him come out of his shell. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations on a nurturing environment for pre-k? I live in the Woodstock/Roswell area but will travel to the 'perfect place' if necessary. Thank you!

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I recommend the Goddard School on Towne Lake Parkway in Woodstock. The class size and student/teacher ratio is far better than state standard. Call Farah to schedule a tour or more info! P.

Farah Khani

Phone: ###-###-####

e-mail: [email protected]


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(That's the school song, and yes I am their biggest fan.) Seriously, I could go on and on about the things we love about that school. The biggest problem may be that you'll never want your kid to go anywhere else and suddenly you're considering moving into a refigerator box so you can afford to send your kid there all the way up to 8th grade. And your kid, like mine, might not realize and aprreciate how good he's got it. ("But EVERY school has ponies, mom! That's not a big deal!" Grrrrr...)

Crabapple Montessori is also wonderful. (I have my younger son there, and he ADORES it.) There are a ton of Montessori schools around here, and some of them are a lot more... "faithful" to the original ideas of Maria Montessori. The Cross of Life one someone mentioned, also seems really nice, but as I recall, their hours are more limited, and it may be too far from Woodstock. The Crabapple Montessori, RIGHT behind the well-known Silos of Crabapple, is closer. (There's another Montessori just down the stret, on Elkins Rd - not nearly as nice, in my opinion.)

It sounds like the Village Montessori (I think it's on Roswell Rd. in Woodstock) might be the most convenient. That one looked good, too, but it was a little too far out of the way. It seems nice, but I don't know first hand. Any of those 3 would be a much better option than a Goddard or Creme de la Creme, mostly because the teachers have a teaching degree, and an accredited Montessori schools require special training beyond that. So you don't get the issues with constant teacher rollover that you do in Creme and Goddard. (It's the difference between daycare workers doing a job (some of whom may be excellent) and degreed teachers who view the job as thier career.



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Hi M.,

I wasn't sure if you are looking for the GA Funded Pre-K or another, I wanted to tell you about what I think is "the best kept secret" with pre-K in the Roswell area. My daughter attends Cross of Life Montessori school in Roswell (off of Hembree Road - very close to Hembree Springs Elementary). She has attended for 2 years and is thriving. It is such a nurturing and loving environment. It's a very small school - only about 12 per class. There are 2 classes of primary students and 1 toddler class. I LOVE the smaller environment as my daughter still gets the socialization but also gets excellent attention. My daughter is only 4 - but she is already reading, doing addition and subtraction. They make learning such fun!! It is an AMI certified Montessori school. I didn't know much about the Montessori method prior to my daughter starting school there - but it has been great and they encourage the students to learn at their own pace. Also, it is through Cross of Life Lutheran church - but there are children of all different faiths that attend. This school has been such a blessing in our lives. Please feel free to email me ([email protected] if you would like any more information.

Good luck on your search!



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M.- Your child will THRIVE by being in an environment with his peers- my kids went to preschool from age 2 on- they loved it!!! Are you looking for a private preschool or are you planning on sending him to the GA state funded? I personally did private- it's not as long of a day- and they had to eat the school lunch (yuck- plus we had food allergies)I know of an excellent one in Roswell- and I have friends that live in Woodstock so I can help you out if you are looking for the private (church preschool's) route- I need a better of idea of your location- are you more in Woostock or Roswell area? most private are only 9-12 or 9-1 so you don't want to travel too far....Woodstock Baptist Preschool is excellent!! But there are a few other smaller ones that I love love love depending on yoru location- let me know and I'd love to help you out.
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Roswell United Methodist Church (RUMCK) we will be going again next year for the 3rd year. (My daughter is 3) They are WONDERFUL. Your child will enjoy school wherever you choose and learn and grow by leaps and bounds.

I know the Presbyterian and Baptist churches also have programs that other kids I know like. Find something close to home and you will know within a week or two if your child is happy and enjoying it or not.



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If you are looking for a great preschool, I think where I teach is GREAT! I teach at North Atlanta Church of Christ in the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody area (right of exit 6 on 400). We have two 4 year old classes (and depending on when his b'day is, we have a 5 yr. old class too. The teachers in those classes are great. I sent my children there before I started teaching there and I think it is a wonderful place.



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Try the Goddard School of Woodstock. Its in Towne Lake. They offer a really great Private Pre-K program. You will love the extras they offer as well. Yoga, spanish, art, and plenty of outside exploration :)



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I have a girlfriend who faced the same situation when it came time to deciding on a preschool. After much research, she went with High Meadows. Loved it so much they're continuing on with Kindergarten. It's a private school, though, so it's pricey. But they do offer financial aid, from what I understand.

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