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Updated on February 24, 2009
J.H. asks from Alpharetta, GA
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I'm looking for recommendations for a convertible car seat booster that will harness our 2.5 year old and convert to a highback booster and than booster when he's old enough and weighs enough. Guess I should have said this to begin with. We're going to be moving our daughter to the Britax Roundabout and are looking for some recommendations on a booster for our son. Thanks.

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answers from Columbia on

Check out the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1... here's the link to it at Babies R Us

It converts from a 5-pt harness to a high-back booster for children 30-100 lbs then to a backless booster for children 40-100 lbs.

We just purchased one for our daughter after it being highly recommended by several of our friends who love theirs!

Happy car seat hunting,



answers from Savannah on

I have the Marathon for our son and I've been looking into the same thing myself for him. He still fits into it, but it sits so tall in my car that we have to be careful not to bash his head into the door frame! I've been looking at the Britax Frontier and the Graco Natalius. I really don't want to spend the $200+ on another Britax, but that one really looks like it will last us the rest of his car seat needs. The Natulis is way cheaper and has a lot more 'fancy' functions with the head support and all, but it looks like it would be a tighter fit for my son and he is already at the second slot for the harness when I put him in the floor model.

I think in the long run, I might end up buying the Nautlis and try it in car, if I don't like it in a week I can always take it back and get the Britax one.

Just do you research on car seats for weight limits and all too. I also like reading consumer reviews on websites that sell the products like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Also look at Epinions and Viewpoints too.

Good luck!



answers from Charleston on

What kind of car do your drive? what is the weight of your son? what is his torso height? (butt to shoulder measurment)Also, keep your 9mo old Rear facing to the limit of the seat, unless she out grows it by height then forward face. I suggest the Graco Nautilus $160. You will harness your son until he out grows the harness, then use as high back booster, if he out grows the high back booster by height then you may use as a belt positing boster by taking the back of it off. The Harness is good for 6years, and then belt positioning belt is good for 9years. Unless in any kind of accident, you will need to buy a new seat. my 2.5yr old 31in 27lb daughter is rearfacing. It is okay for your daughters legs to touch the back of the seat. childrens spine do not fues togther until the ages 3-6years. If in an accident while your daughter is forward facing at to young of an age, her head may become internal decapited, or she could become paralize. I would rather deal with a broken leg then a paralized child or a dead one. I dont mean to be harsh, but this is a childs life we are talking about. I suggest they can help you deciede what carseat would fit your car and budget. IF you need help installing it, then can help to. This website is full of Certified Car seat Techs along with non techs.



answers from Charleston on

Hi J.,
I agree 1000% with Marisa on this one. It is SO important to keep your child rear facing until the maximum weight/height limit! This is critical for spine/life safety. A 30lb 2yr. old is safer rear facing than a 40lb. 4yr. old is forward. Once the child is forward, keep them harnessed as long as possible. This will help to decrease spinal and organ injury in an accident. I beleve the Graco one that Marisa mentioned harness to 65lbs. I have a Britax Boulavard that does too. I love this seat but it is pricey. The Graco is less expensive while keeping safety in mind. If you ever do get a booster w/o a harness, get a high back one. The ones with just the bottom seat offer no protection at all, hence why you can get one for 20 bucks! You really do get what you pay for when it comes to carseats. I just cant justify not giving my daughter all the protection I can in the car. She too was rear facing until 3yrs, 2 months and 33lbs and she was VERY comfy this way! I wish you the very best for you and your family;)



answers from Atlanta on

You can go to It gives you tips about how to pick out the best car seat for you and you family. It also has at the bottom of the page a link that will show you which booster seat is easiest to use. Try it and tell me what you think.