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Updated on November 11, 2009
S.G. asks from Reading, MA
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Hi Moms:
At the request of my daughter's (5 yrs old in preschool)teachers, I am taking her to meet with a occupational therapist for some delays in her fine motor skills ie: how she holds writing stuff (pencil and crayons) and some delay with writing. I am wondering what to expect from OT and what your experiences have been; also if any of you have any recommendations for anything that can help her. You all have been so helpful and your advice invaluable.


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my DD is only 2 1/2 so we get her services under early intervention. once a child is 3 they fall under the care of their town. you could always contact your town and arrange for an evaluation. you can also contact your health plan as some cases are covered but you need to go to a network provider.



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Hi S. - my daughter (who is now 7) has been getting OT since she was 4 and I really thinks it helps not only with motor skills but with processing and organizing your work. If your schools offer OT for your daughter, I would certainly accept the services. My daughter is doing great in school and I think supplementary services like OT can only help. One other thing - they gave her one of those rubbber things you put on a pencil to help hold it correctly - you might want to try that for starters. Good luck - O.



answers from Barnstable on

I am an OT and what the other mothers have said is correct. The OT will engage your child in fine motor strengthening activities in a fun, playful manner. There are many things you can do at home and the OT you meet with should give you some ideas. Encourage the correct pencil, scissor grasp at home as well. Have your preschool teacher write a letter with your concerns to give to the public schools and the OT in the schools can evaluate and treat even if she doesn't go to school there yet. That will save you on co-pays. Although outpatient pediatric OT will be more 1:1 and intense than what you can probably get in the school. Good luck.



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The OT will play games with her and ask her to do some things with her hands and observe how she does. She may have some exercises for her to do which are just mainly games or strengthening exercises like squeezing putty. Just remember she'll make it fun and engaging for your daughter. Like the other woman said, you can get services through the public schools after she is evaluated by them.



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I am an OT. It is great that your daughter has the opportunity to have the attention to these areas at a young age. The treatment will focus on understanding why does she have these delays and what areas can the therapy focus on to either rehabilitate these areas or teach compensation.
Good luck!

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