Recommendatiom for Backpack for Boy Scout Camp Out

Updated on April 20, 2010
K.S. asks from Chicago, IL
5 answers

My son is going on his first campout with Boy Scouts. He is 11. He needs a pack he can carry his things while hiking to the camp site. Any recommendations?

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answers from Dallas on

Ask the troop what type they recomend. Our son only needs a small pack, can be a duffle bag since he will not be doing any large amounts of hiking to camp. Every troop is different in what their needs are.



answers from San Francisco on

Does you troop have any old ones that have been passed down? Have you asked your troop for any recommendations?

We bought a frame pack that fits my 11 year old son and should last a few years. Your son will needs room for clothes, food, rain gear, tent & poles etc. The sleeping back should attach on the outside, depending on your climate there may be special requirements for the sleeping bag. In CA, it is recommended to have a mummy bag with stuff sack. I hope this helps. Scouting is lots of fun for the boys and parents too!



answers from Los Angeles on

Congratulations on sending your son into the scouting program. It is a fantastic program that will teach your son hundreds of things that will be useful in adult life.

Look at the catalog the BSA puts out. You will see the ideal back packs at fairly expensive prices. If money is no object, then buy from them.

If you are watching your pennies, talk to your scoutmaster. Ask him if any of his older scouts have achieved their eagle scout rank or did he have any scouts that have had a growth spurt and may want to sell their old back pack. You should be able to get a great deal that way. Some scout offices have a bulletin board where scouts may list things for sale. Back packs are almost always there at good prices.

Good luck to you and your son.



answers from Dallas on

The A frame backpacks are slim and lightweight. Very nice for young hikers and campers and a backpack they'll keep as young adults.
REI stores carry a large selection of backpacks, so do not limit yourself to what you see in the smaller boy scout shops.
Have a blessed day.



answers from Chicago on

We bought a great pack at Cabela's. It's important to go somewhere where they can show you how to choose the proper size and how to wear it correctly so it is comfortable and doesn't hurt your son's back. They may look a little big, but trust me if he goes to summer camp (which is a week long) he'll need the space.
Scouting is a great your best to encourage him. I have a son who just turned 15 and he's almost an Eagle! Shopping at places like Cabela's, Gander Mtn. or Bass Pro may cost you a little more, but having the right equipment makes a big difference....especially hiking shoes, rain gear, etc. Hope this helps!

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