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Updated on September 14, 2009
A.T. asks from Grove City, OH
11 answers

I'm due with number two next month and just started looking at regular double and jogging strollers. I will probably get one of each as I run alot. My daughter will be 3 in the spring and I'm assuming she will still need a stroller as well for the zoo, mall, etc. I'm also not sure whether I need to get the same one as our car seat (Chicco) or how that works so it snaps in? Anyway, let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

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answers from Toledo on

Hello! We have a Baby Trend Sit n Stand, and I love it. I have a 3 1/2 year old and now a baby girl who is 3 months. I debated getting a double stroller at all, because of the weight limit- which I don't remember but it may be 40 or 50 lbs.?? But I am so glad that we did, it has been awesome for the zoo, walks, shopping,... The box said that it fit most carseats, ours is a Graco. It has a click snap attachment that goes in the front just like the carseat base has to hold in the carseat. Then when baby is older you can just take it off. Maybe you could take yours into a BabiesRUs and see if one is on display to try? Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

My boys are 19 months apart and we went for the Evenflo Tandem because that's what our car seat/travel system was. We did take the boys to the store and test drove many models with them in the seats. This one was the best by far. Very tight turn radius it easy to navigate in stores. It's a front/back double with cup holder and tray for both seats. Each seat as it's own canopy and it has the smallest fold with no parts to remove of most of the doubles out there. The backseat has a 3 position recline. You can put either child in either seat, wherever it works out best for you. Both seats accept any carrier. The evenflo seat will lock into position on the tray but other seats can be "buckled" on like a seat belt with special straps on the stroller for that purpose. My boys are 3 and almost 5 and we still use this for amusement parks and the zoo. The back seat also has side access so the child there can get in and out by themselves (the Graco models are blocked by a bar going across between seats). It also has parent tray with two cup holders, a huge basket underneath this is easily accessible unless the back seat is fully reclined than you can still get in but if the item in the basket is large it can be hard to remove without lifting the seat up a little. If the little one in there is sleeping usually no big deal moving a little doesn't phase them. It also has two side pockets. We love love love this stroller. It was average in it's price for the field. Same as the Graco doubles. good Luck in your decision and with baby #2.



answers from Dayton on

I too have the Sit 'n Stand Elite from One Step Ahead as mentioned in another post. I LOVE this stroller! This stroller was easier to push than our single stroller and has the benefit of a convertible rear seat. We recently converted the rear seat to the standing option and our eldest loves it. She can either stand or sit on the seat, forward or backward. I've never used the stroller to jog so I'm not sure how well it would work for that. Here's a link if you want to see a description and video of the product: They also have a jogging stroller:



answers from Columbus on

I really like my Graco double quattro tour. It pushes very easy. The front seat is for the older child and you can have it with no bar across the front with a snack cup and cup holder on either side. The child can get on and off really easy by themselves. You can also strap them in if you don't want them to be able to do that! I tried an older Baby Trend double stroller/sit-n-stand and hated it. We used it once and I went shopping for a new stroller - ended up with the quattro tour. I would suggest trying out whatever ones you are considering, with the kids or atleast one of them. The strollers push and manuever totally different with weight in them. There is also a good size storage area that is accessible (you can not get to the Baby Trend basket).
As for the car seat, I also have the chico infant carrier with the single stroller. I love the system but the infant carrier does not fit into most other strollers. It does not fit into the Graco quattro tour or even the Graco duo glider. I was able to strap it on to the baby trend (but again, hated it). My youngest was born in November and I use the double stroller more in the summer. This summer she was 7-9 months so I just took her out of the carrier and put her in the quattro tour. The back seat goes completely flat and has a few other positions.
Good luck, if you decide to get the Quattro Tour, I tested it out at Babies R Us but bought it online at Albee Baby for almost $100 less than the store.



answers from Cleveland on

Love my graco quattro tour



answers from Columbus on

As far as a jogging stroller, my only recommendation is get one that has moveable front wheels. I have a 22 mo and I babysit a 16 mo. I jog with them 3-4 times per week. The stroller I use has a stationary wheel in the front and it is so uncomfortable! It also pulls to the left all the time which I would imagine is more common in a stationary front wheel. I have to hop and pop the stroller on the back wheels to turn it. My arms are getting quite a workout but it may end up being too much strain on my shoulders and wrist.

Good luck and yahoo for running!



answers from Indianapolis on

I LOVE the Double Elite Sit 'n Stand stroller from One Step Ahead. My kids are 3 years apart and 2 years apart. It's been used extensively in every configuration. Almost every infant 'bucket' seat fits in securely. The backseat converts from normal stroller seat (reclines, 5 pt harness, sun shade, etc) to sit 'n stand style (bench seat, platform to stand on) in under a minute. Here's the link to a review I wrote (got tired of re-typing everytime I recommend it). :-)



answers from Cleveland on

Hi A.!

I had a double stroller - the sit and stand type and we didn't really like it. My oldest daughter didn't really like riding backwards, if she was sitting and if she was standing, she wanted to be walking.

Prior to a trip to Disney World, we bought a double jogging stroller - A BOB Revolution - It is a side by side stroller, the front tire can be made stationary. It breaks down pretty well - unless you have a small vehicle. It was on the expensive side - however, this is why we chose it. We love to walk around our neighborhood and the park system. The wheels are rugged enough to do that. The side by side feature allows the 2 passengers to be facing the same direction. The canopy for each side is separate - allowing for independence. The seats also recline independently too. There is a storage basket underneath. You can purchase a cup holder accessory as well as a bar that fits on it to accommodate a car seat (like other travel system strollers). The biggest reason why we bought this one was the weight limit - it will hold 100#. We have tested it - definitely since we now have 3 kids and all together they way about 100# and they some times get lazy on our walks and we have to cart all 3 of them in it. It is a tight fit, but they manage. It is ADA compliant, so as long as Mall doors, etc. are compliant, you will be able to get around the mall, etc. Also, even with a fair amount of weight in the stroller, it is REALLY easy to push, etc. with one hand. The manueverability of the stroller is AMAZING. I cannot say enough great things about BOB.

I am in the Cleveland area and there are a few places that now carry them - however, I purchased mine from They were awesome. You can even go to their warehouse and try whatever is on their website (if you are local to them).

If you need any additional info, please let me know.

Good Luck!!!



answers from Columbus on

I have the Baby Trend Sit and Stand. It works great for us and was very reasonably priced



answers from Mansfield on

We bought a graco double stroller when our son was born becuase we had a graco car seat( yes, it snaps in). The only disadvantage is they are bulky. Since we got rid of our van we can use it because it won't fit in the trunk of our car.

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