Recommend Favorite Jogging Stroller, Please!

Updated on April 14, 2009
C.G. asks from Norwood, MA
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There are too many choices out there. Here's what I think I'm looking for but I'd love your suggestions for what you discovered you just couldn't live without!

A light weight jogging stroller, that collapses, a swivel wheel in front, has a good sun cover, lays back (trying to get the toddler to nap in it), a smooth ride (I've only pushed 3 strollers in my life: an umbrella stroller [hated it], a very inexpensive one that carried the infant seat [very hard to push, what a chore] and a great jogging stroller [a dream to push, like it wasn't even there; didn't catch the name of it]).
Do you need a 5 pt harness? Is a three pt still okay?

Maybe for around $100? I'm assuming I'll need to find it used, that's okay, as long as I know what I might be looking for...

Now, what features did you discover you loved, that I might consider when searching for a jogging stroller?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your suggestions. I researched like crazy, watched eBay and Craigslist (slim pickin's right now) and maybe am too impulsive but wanted one sooner than later. I want to think of myself as simple, non-materialistic, wanting my kid to learn to play with 'things that don't require batteries', etc. but the reality is, I was hooked with the iBaby/iPod adapter on the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller. I had no idea something like that existed! And when I put the peanut in it and strolled around the store, well, it was smooth and lovely. Swivel wheel that also locks was a good selling point too. Lots of storage (although I guess that means more junk to push around, right!).

My dh, the awesome man that he is, said, "Get it!" and I know that he wants me to be happy but I also know he wants to stroll with the kid while listening to his iPod! So we paid a bit more than originally budgeted but I think we'll be very happy! Guess I'll just teach a few extra CPR classes! Anyone need one? ;)

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answers from Boston on

Last summer i went to braintree to the sports authority and baught a nice jogging stoller there/with a great harness intact... It was on sale! This time of year i am sure you could get a great deal there, everything u descibed is what i was looking for in a jogging stroller a safari tt w/ turning technology.. It has everything your looking for. The price was reasonable... I like to rollerblade, so i needed a light weight portable jogging stoller and i have been very happy with the choice i made... I wish you luck and happy hunting

take care S....


answers from Providence on

I highly recommend that you don't buy a Baby Trend Jogging Stroller. It seems like such a great deal because it has all the great features at a low price, but it is not worth it. I got one as a shower gift and it started falling apart after only a month of using it for only walking. The customer service was horrible and did nothing about it. I now have a BOB revolution and it is great for both walking and jogging.



answers from Boston on

Hi - I have a Zooper too, not exactly consider a jogging stoller but a dream to push. You can jog with it, there is a level to lock the wheel but I have only used it for walks. The Zooper comes with all the things you need - boot, rain shield, etc. I can't say enough great things about it and it is easy to fold up.

I just recently had to get a double stroller and thinking of getting rid of my Zooper, if you are interested contact me at [email protected]



answers from Providence on

We have the generation before this one:
and love it. Colapsable, light weight, sturdy. I don't jog with it, but walk quickly and have had no problems with it. I have heard some people complain that it isn't sturdy enough for a real run. Great hopping over curbs and good turning radius. You could probably pick up a used one for $100.
Have fun!



answers from Boston on

I really highly recommend the Mountain Buggy. Nothing but amazing reviews all over the place, never heard a bad thing about it. I usually hate folding and unfolding strollers but this on is really easy, and also very lightweight for a heavy duty stroller. Goes great it dirt, sand, on trails, over snowy patches in the sidewalk, etc. Mine doesn't have a swivel wheel but there is a model that does. They are pricey but I got mine on Craiglist in good used condition with a carseat adapter for $110 (they retail between $500-$600).



answers from Boston on

I have a Zooper Boogie and love it. I don't think it's particularly light weight, and it costs more like $359, but maybe you can find it used. Anyway, this was the one thing I splurged on with my first son, and I like it so much that I've done everything possible to avoid buying a double stroller now that I have two. I'm actually expecting my third and am still planning to make the Zooper Boogie work.

What I love about it is the ease of maneuvering (the front wheel swivels 360 degrees) and the size of the wheels. This stroller can go through ANYTHING. I can even take it through piles of snow if the sidewalks aren't completely cleared in the winter. We can go through huge puddles, a little sand or dirt, over the grass, you name it. I actually only took it jogging a couple of times before deciding that I don't really like jogging while pushing a stroller, but that didn't have anything to do with the stroller, which performed great. The seat also turns around so that you can use it for a reclining infant or a sitting toddler (I'm not sure whether that's relevant to you).

It also has a nice amount of storage under the seat and in a zipper pouch on the hood. There is a sturdy break so you can stop to tie your shoe on a hill or whatever.

Here's a link:



answers from Portland on

I highly recommend the BOB jogging stroller (even though it lacks what you suggest you want). I use it with my almost 3 month old (with infant insert car seat). I think it is very light, easy to use (maneuver, turn corners, take bumps) and fold up, and very easy to push. I am in love with it. While they are expensive, my step-mom found one on craigslist for a very good price! Good luck.



answers from Boston on

I recieved the Jeep Overland Jogging stroller as a shower gift and LOVE IT! It does not have a swivel front wheel, but I don't mind at all because the other features as worth it....2 cup holders for adult, one for child, a HUGE storage bin under the seat, seat adjustes to a few different recline positions & lays flat, mp3 port inside a 'glove compartment' and speakers (my daughter loves me to play music, puts her right to sleep), big knobby tires to withstand city curbs or mountain trails and a air pump for the tires that straps inside the lower bin. I think my sister picked this stroller up at Babies R Us for around $160 brand new.



answers from Boston on

Looks like you got many replies. I love my B.O.B it is the best! Best wishes.



answers from Buffalo on

We loved our BOB single so much that we just made the investment to buy a double now that we have baby #2- they are a little pricey, but definitely worth the investment! Ours is the sports utility, so it does not have the swivel front wheel (that one is a bit more pricey), but I think its pretty easy to maneuver. I LOVE the BOBs!

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