Recognizing the 1St Day of Kindergarten

Updated on August 23, 2011
B.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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My niece is starting kindergarten in a few weeks and I live on the other side of the country. I am trying to come up with something fun I can do to honor/recognize this big day for her! Any suggestions for something fun for a 5 yr old and reasonably priced would be appreciated. How did/do you all honor this big milestone?

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answers from Dallas on

Do you Skype? Maybe you both can have "Breakfast" with each other the morning of the big day over a fun Skyping session. Maybe you could send her a cute outfit for her to wear on her 1st day and she could even maybe do a little fashion show for you.

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answers from New York on

- Balloons
- LOVE the idea of McD's gift card to get a treat after school
- Buy her a lunch box and send it ahead of time. Put a note inside wishing her a wonderful first day! My parents did this for my son and he loved it!
- Picture frame with "First Day of School" on it so that she can put a picture of herself in it
- If they do naps, you may want to send her a blanket for naptime. We did this for our nieces and they tell everyone that they are "special from Uncle Ric"- he gets all the credit of course!

Make sure to give her a call and see how it went.

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answers from Phoenix on

how about some school supplies. Have her open one gift for 5 days prior to her starting. pens, coloring book, folder, crayons, and a little stuff animal

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answers from Pittsburgh on

How about sending her a big bunch of balloons so they are there when she gets home from school?

Or send a fun card with a McD's gift card so she can "treat" her mom & dad to dinner after the first day?

How sweet!

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answers from Austin on

Find out what the school mascot and colors are.. She will be wearing these colors for the years she is at that school.. This way you can find hair accessories, socks, Maybe a picture frame for her class photo when it comes in..
Maybe a bath towel with her initials or name embroidered on it.
Our daughters elem school mascot was the Scotties so we were always on the looked out for tops, hats, gloves.. things with Scotties on them..

I do agree children love the US mail.. anytime you can address and mail a letter to them.. that is very exciting.

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answers from Dallas on

I send my nephew some fun school supplies every year before he starts school. I get them in the dollar section at Target - they always have random things. Last year his favorite thing was a set of stamps that he could ink onto paper. This year it was a dry erase calendar. I mail them to him and he always feels special getting mail at his house. I also really like Laurie A's idea about the hairbows - I am going to have to remember that for my future niece.

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answers from Dallas on

A simple card honoring the day. My mother did this for my son. He loved having special mail to open at breakfast this morning as we got ready for his big day. Or maybe a "Class of 2024" t shirt. The sentiment would have to be explained to her, but it's a fun momento of the occasion.

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answers from San Francisco on

We took pictures and I have a milestones album for each year set up so that i can remember all of the wonderful memories. GL


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