Reasonably Priced Small Dog Grooming in Plano/Carrollton Area?

Updated on August 31, 2009
C.L. asks from Katy, TX
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Do any "pet moms" out there have a good, gentle and reasonably priced groomer? I have two small dogs that need to be trimmed every couple of months. Right now I'm paying almost $100 each time they go, which is adding up. I appreciate any advice for the next time. Thanks!

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We have 3 dogs. 2 of them are Cockers and we personally groom them and it is not too bad because they are used to us.

However, our toy poodle (almost 3 yrs old) is a different story. We have always taken him to our vet office....High Point Animal Clinic....located on the SW corner of Alma/Spring Creek in Plano. ###-###-####

I HATE HATE the cages and waiting all day but the groomer does a good job with him. I am the worst because I thought I could groom him just like I do the Cockers...NO NO I have learned.

Anyway, being that the groomer is at the vet office...all shots are kept up to date. We went in last week and it was $230 ONLY because they added the yearly checkup, shots, etc. The grooming fee itself was $32.

Good luck.

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hi, I know it has been half a year since you asked - but I recently discovered a groomer in Plano (Legacy/Independence). It is called ClassK9Cuts. They have a web page and are AWESOME. I have a little cotton de tulear, and I have never seen my dog that beautiful coming out of a groomer's palce before (and we went through a few places in Plano). They are VERY reasonable 20-30$ for a small dog, depending if it is just a bath, or with small trim, or full groom. We love them, my dog likes them and she has been white and fluffy ever since. Hope it helps, even though late. They respect referrals - 5$ off, if you pick them - let me know and we both will get 5$ off on our next visit. L. C.



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Have you tried Dogs Rule Resort in far north Carrollton? They are located near Marsh Ridge and Hebron Parkway behind Carrollton Christian Academy. I have a long haired 10 lb. Shih Tzu who loves going there for his grooming needs. They have a special, I think on fridays, on doggie groomings.

I pay around $42 bucks or so, give or take, for a groomer's bath. I know this isn't much of a difference knowing you have two babies to groom, making it close to what you pay now, but, the service is worth it. I have lived in Carrollton for 15 years and I haven't found a vet clinic or grooming facility that charges less than they do for the full service they offer in their 'groomer's package'.

I usually get suckered at other places into getting him groomed and then have to pay for extras like nails and teddy bear shaping of his face, teeth, ect...

Well, he usually comes back from the so-called cheaper places looking ridiculous and I feel bad for sending him, and I paid the same, if not more in most cases!

If you haven't already tried this place, go online and peruse their website....They have online registration forms and appointment forms too, for your convenience. Natalie, the groomer is nice, patient, and knowledgeable. I haven't had any issues since she was hired. She will give you a firm price once she visits with you and the babies and you both decide what services you would like the babies to have.

dogs rule

Good luck to you and the babies....


A. and Chewy



answers from Dallas on

Call around. You may also be going to long in between groomings. I used to groom, and having to brush out coats cost clients more. A good rule of thumb is six weeks. You may find your rates lowered if you make sure your pets are brushed daily.
And of course the tempermant and breed of dog.

$50 each seems kind of high for small dogs, I would ask them why, there maybe things you can be doing. Ask them if more frequent grooming would be cheaper.

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