Rear Facing Car Seat for 1 Year Old.

Updated on January 21, 2017
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
6 answers

He is too tall for the graco click connect 40 we bought as he is at the 80th percentile. I need something that is easy to install, buckle and has a small footprint because we are putting it in our jeep.

Open to all suggestions.

F. B.

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answers from Fort Myers on

When our son was 1, we had him facing forward. Height wise he has always been in the 97 - 98th percentile. We tried a few different car seats, rear facing but his knees were in his face. I wasn't comfortable with him facing forward at first but he was getting too tall for the infant seat at 6 months.

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answers from San Diego on

More and more states are moving to requiring kids to be rear facing until 2. It is safer that way. We never used one of those removable infant bucket seats for any of our three. We got convertibles that could be rear facing and then turned when they were older. I love the seats made by Diono (used to be Sunshine Kids). They are more expensive but absolutely worth it. They have a slim base so we could fit three across in the middle row of the mini-van when we needed it. We only have one left in a high back booster who's almost outgrown the need for a seat at all. She's only got about an inch to go.
You can often try a seat in your car at places like Babies R Us to see what fits in your car. I would get a convertible instead of wasting money on another infant seat that will be outgrown.

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answers from Portland on

I agree with IamA.Kat

All mine were in the 90th percentiles so we ran into the problem you are describing.

With our last they had come out with the convertible seats and they went from infant to child booster. We still had a click and go infant bucket seat for convenience to use with strollers but by this point, she could sit in the stroller without needing to be in a car seat.

It was great. You just keep adjusting as they go. I didn't it too big either. Easy to get in and out of cars without too much fuss.

This is an example of one (ours was similar)

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answers from Portland on

I second the mama that said the Diono brand. Both our children, 2 and 3, are off the charts in height (hubby and I are 6'2) and we have them both rear facing one in a Diono and the other a Graco65. The Diono is well worth the investment. They are constructed with a steel frame, last 10 to 12 years, and allow a child to ride rear facing for longer. I will have to buy a booster seat for one, but will not have to for the other.

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answers from Abilene on

We used Britax brand convertible car seats. They are pricey, but had great safety ratings. It was also the only seat for my son (90th percentile) that he looked comfy. We spend hours traveling so it was important to me that it was safe, quality and comfy. It had a 5 point harness which was also a top priority. I worked in the traffic division of a large police department so I was pretty picky.

When he outgrew it the seat was in great condition and I gave it to a friend to use as a back up seat in her husband's car.

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answers from Norfolk on

My son is 18 so I have no latest info right now about car seats.
But I wonder if self driving cars will have everyone facing backwards for safety?
The whole car seating configuration could be different!

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