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Updated on January 01, 2011
B.D. asks from Grapevine, TX
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Hey moms- what do y'all think about having a rear facing carseat in the front seat (with airbags turned OFF of course!) if the car has NO backseat? We have a SUV where our infant will ride 99% of the time. But our second car (which is paid off by the way) is an Audi with no back seat. Audi makes a very safe vehicle, is capable of turning off the passanger side airbags, and the law says you can use a carseat in the front seat if there is no back seat. The most that she would ever ride in that car would be a 2 mile jaunt to the babysitter's on neighborhood roads only. We are just struggleing with the idea that it might be less safe, and if we should consider buying a different car.

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answers from Dallas on

B. B, the results are up tto you however a few times when my son was in a rear-facing car-seat I would have him in the front with the seat pushed all the way back and the airbad off!! We also had a car that has no backseat so we did the same thing with that one as well.. To be honest I don't believe in "less safe" if an accident happens you never know what can happen whether they are in the front or rear... as long as you follow the guidelines.. airbag off, seatbelt, and buckled tight. But depending on you guys budget, if you can afford it an you want it get another one, or just make Daddy drive the 2 seater to work and you always have the SUV...

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answers from Miami on

I would not, under any circumstances, put a child in a car seat in the front seat (rear facing or otherwise). It just isn't safe. It's definitely worth it to get a new (as in different, not brand new) car rather than take the chance on a child's safety.



answers from Dallas on

I think it's the law that any child under the age of 12 cannot sit in the front seat.



answers from New York on

Please consider buying another car. I would definately do that ASAP.

May God bless your baby always.




answers from Dallas on

If it was the ONLY car I had, then it would be what I had. But if I had the means to buy another, I would.



answers from Portland on

You should call the local police or a lawyer to find out what the real law about this is. I'm curious myself. I used to have a truck with no back seat and there was an option to turn off the airbag. I can't fathom a reason for this except for the fact that people travel with children and it's unsafe for them to have the airbag. Honestly, it seems highly unlikely that it's illegal to keep children in a truck. Some people don't have that option.

I do think you should consider getting a newer car. They are incredibly safer. But until you have that option, after verifying what the law says, you should probably just go ahead and use the Audi. But remember, most accidents occur closer to home, so thinking that you're safer because you're in the neighborhood isn't really true.



answers from Amarillo on

No way would I do that!



answers from Dallas on

Nothing functions 100% of the time. Most accidents occur within 10 miles of the home because you are more relaxed and therefore less safe. Buy another car. Your child's life is not worth the risk!!!



answers from Dallas on

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we were faced with the exact same situation. One vehicle did not have a back seat. We bought a new vehicle about a month before she was born.

Audi is a good vehicle, but do you actually trust that the airbag is off when it is turned off? Are you willing to risk your infant's life on that? Those were the questions we asked. We decided it wasn't worth the risk.



answers from Dallas on

I would not do that.



answers from Dallas on

This is one of those situations that we refer to as a "tough choice" - it is ultimately up to you to decide.

I could not, however, in good conscience put my baby rear facing in the front seat of a car, airbag or no airbag.

If ya'll have the means to get a different car, with a back seat, then I would definitely do that, you really have to take a look at the big picture, your baby is going to be in a car seat for a long time...



answers from Dallas on

If it were me....I would buy a new car one that is safe for the baby. We have an SUV and a Kia Spectra which does have a back seat but she only rides in the SUV until we buy a new car that I feel is safer.

The safest place for your child is the center back seat. Remember when your car gets hit it is usualy the passenger side that gets hit. And stats say that most car accidents occur within a few miles of home.

The question you have to ask is "How important is your child's safety?"



answers from Tyler on

I personally would not put the baby in the front. Cars are just cars, but babies are precious miracles you can't replace.

Just my opinion though.



answers from Sherman on

Although Audi's are very safe vehicles, I wouldn't recommend placing an infant in the front seat.



answers from Dallas on


If it is TRULY going to only be on small neighborhood roads at LOW speeds and only every so often, I would say that is fine. If there were a chance that it would be more often or getting on normal roads (NW Highway, Walnut Hill Ln, any of those types of roads), then I would say sell your car and get a diff vehicle. Especially if it is paid off. Again, IF circumstances change and the drive gets a little further or anything like that, I would make a change IMMEDIATELY. IF, though, you have the money, etc and it isn't a huge deal, then just go get another car. While it is not a "safe" practice, if it is one or two days a week down your tiny residential street at low speeds, you "should" be ok. But remember, the stats show most accidents happen within 2 miles of home! Just something to consider...but back when our parents had us, we used to ride around in no seat in the front,'s all relative...

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