Really Bad Tummy Pain 9 Weeks Post C Section

Updated on May 24, 2010
B.B. asks from Saint Charles, MO
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I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I had a c section 9 weeks ago and every thing healed and felt good. Well My daughter had a nice long nap and I thought I might get some chores done. I think I over did it, I move the bed and dresser alone, . My pain is in the lower rt side next to my scar, and I constantly feel like someone punched me in the stomach, like I have a stomach flu. I do not have health insurance so the clinic I called said if it gets worse to go to er. I guess they are full. so I am at a loss of what to do

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answers from Davenport on

I sneezed right after I got home after I had my c-sec, I told my husband that I thought I felt something pop on my left side. My incision looked fine, but I was in a lot of pain. When I ran out of oxycontin and called the office and told them I needed more...they asked me to come in because she said that I should not be in any more pain. They thought that I tore some of inside stitches and I had an infection. The area also started to feel warm, which I should have guessed it was infected.

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answers from Washington DC on

Abdominal pain is not to be fooled with. There are too many organs and things in that area that it is hard to really know what's going on in there. If it doesn't go away, I would go to the ER or an urgent care center. Please take care, take this event seriously and try not to overdo things. Having a C-section is a major operation, you need time to recover. Scars also heal differently and some people have a lot of scar tissues that form and cause pain. You can't tell what's going on underneath. Take care.

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answers from Milwaukee on

So it hurts by your incision and up in your stomach? Does it hurt right under your rib cage on the right side as well? Does advil help it?

If it is a strain, advil should help. If it hurts under your rib cage, when you breathe, or between your shoulder blades, it could be your gallbladder.

Worst thing could be that you herniated something. When did this happen? If it wakes you up at night or hurts the same or worse, you would definitely want to get in to see a doctor.

Take care of you!



answers from St. Louis on

I suggest you take it EASY like you are supposed to be doing. I have had 4 c-sections and abdominal surgery and I can tell you it takes almost 12 weeks for your body to fully recover. You should not be moving furniture!

Not to make you nervouse, but after my last csection I over did it and during a ct scan for something unrelated, they found that I had a very large abdominal hernia. It took a 6in x 6in piece of mesh to fix me up! Lessoned learned - a very expensive lesson and very painful lesson.

Rest. If you come down with a fever, go to the clinc or ER. If the severe pain doesnt go away within a week or gets worse, go to the clinic or ER. Remember that with a csection you will have some discomfort for a little while. Take motrin/tylenol and rest!

And although, yes, health insurance is necessary, I would NOT have said it quite as harsh as Karen J said it. If you do not have health insurance, hospitals and doctors will set you up on a payment plan that fits into your budget, so don't be afraid to get care. Just call them as soon as you get the bill and they will work with you.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.



answers from Glens Falls on

Well i had the same exact thing with me after my c section and my doc told me that there are a few people who just have pain alittle worse than others. mine had healed fine and was doing fine too. i just had a lot of really bad pain. it hurt me to even walk. it sucks but it went a way and sit down girl. dont over do yourself if you are still in pain. with my first c section almost 4 years ago i was in pain forever it seemed. good luck. it wont be forever.



answers from Portland on

I've had several abdominal surgeries and had some pain once I became more active. I had pain off and on for years afterwards caused by stress on the scar tissue. I don't remember how long the doctor advised me to not use my abdominal muscles.

Your pain could just be muscle soreness. If it's muscle soreness the pain should be less within 2-3 days. Did you lift the dresser and/or bed? If so you could have caused some damage to the internal repair. If you just pushed them did you feel stress across your abdomen such as you'd feel when using your abdominal muscles? Again that could have ruptured stitches. But if you didn't feel any muscular tension while doing the moving I'd wait a few days and see if it doesn't go away.

I'm not sure that rupturing stitches would be a problem or that they could be repaired. I'd call the surgeon or ob who did the surgery. Follow up care is a part of the job. They know what the inside looks like and what they did. The surgeon or ob could answer some questions over the phone and be better able to know if you should be seen than a new doctor.



answers from Kansas City on

You might have stretched yourself too much. C-sections takes time to heal not 9 weeks. I suggest you go to the hospital if the pain is too much because maybe a lot of things might be wrong. I had c-section 2yrs ago, upto today i still watch how i exercise.
Good luck



answers from Kansas City on

Do not go to the clinic. They have already told you that they really can't help you and you need to be at the hospital. Besdies, they'll probably send you to the ER from there and then you'll have to pay both bills. I do think it's okay to call your doctor's office though and ask them what to do and maybe make an appointment with them. Your doc will probably know if it's more serious and you should go into the hospital, but you also run the risk of paying two bills, although the doctor's office probalby won't be too much and they will probably be willing to work with you on a payment plan.



answers from Kansas City on

An urgent care clinic will be cheaper than an emergency room. Since you have internet access, you can also look up what free and sliding-scale payment clinics are in your area.

And you NEED to get health insurance. For yourself and your family. It is not okay not to have it. You will bankrupt yourself if you have a major medical emergency and your fellow Missourians DO NOT want to have to pay for you because you won't buy it. It is irresponsible not to have coverage. If you can truly not afford it, look into what state and federal programs are available to give you free or low cost options. You have a responsibility to your family to make sure you and they have appropriate health coverage.


answers from Topeka on

Take some pain meds and lay down for the day, other than caring for your child. If this doesn't help then you are going to have to be seen. You may have torn your incision on the inside. It is very possible. 9 weeks is not late enough to start picking up heavy items, but then again I think you knew that. Don't worry too much about it. Just try to rest as much as possible to see if the pain goes away.

And don't sweat not having insurance. Just try to work out a plan with the doctors office to pay a little now and a little later. Some places do have a heart and will work with you... but then others won't. I say go to the doctor who delivered your baby, that way you know who he/she is and hopefully feel comfortable with them. No urgent care doctor is going to know what to do for you.