Ready to Potty Train?? - Oklahoma City,OK

Updated on October 27, 2006
A.B. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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My 15 month odl daughter has started telling my husband and I when she pees, or poops in her diaper. She wants us to change her as soon as she does it. Is this a sign that she is getting ready to potty train, or is she simply telling us she doesn't like a dirty diaper??

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answers from Kansas City on

I think it is both, try to have her use a potty chair and see what happens. If she is really ready you will know.

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answers from St. Louis on

It's a good sign! It is never too early to start teaching them about the potty. Likely she'll take an interest in it for a while, then lose interest, then come back later. Every little bit helps.

If she wakes up dry in the morning or after a nap, try putting her on the potty to pee. That's about the only time my daughter (20 months) will hold still long enough. Her reward if she does it is running around nakey-butt for a little while.

If you want a potty she can sit on by herself, look for the Baby Bjorn Little Potty at Babies R Us.

Don't be discouraged if she seems to progress and then go backwards. My daughter used to do all her poops on the little potty for a while, but then she learned to walk and lost interest. Someday she'll do it again.

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answers from Kansas City on

I think she's probably ready, but I'm a proponent of early pt, anyway. I doubt there's much difference between not liking a dirty diaper and being ready to train. Might be hard though since you are 8 months pg!



answers from Topeka on

Hi A., It seems to me that your daughter is just expressing the fact that she doesn't like a dirty diaper. I would leave it at that, they are not physically able to control when they go potty or poop until they are two. I would just play with it for now but don't get serious with it until after she's two. You're going to have your hands full with a new baby and you don't need the added stress of trying to potty train a child that's not ready. Good luck with it when the time does come, I've been there several times myself and each child is completely different from another.
M. B.



answers from Oklahoma City on

she is ready! it's such a great feeling when they are ready to train. good luck



answers from Wichita on

both, i would try setting her on the potty for a few minutes before putting a new diaper on her. does she have access to a little potty chair? she needs to get familuar with it so have one in the bathroom and let her sit on it and expermint with it while you are going potty.



answers from Oklahoma City on

She may not quite be ready for potty training but I would definetly suggest that you introduce her to a potty. Maybe have her sit on it a few time a day to give HER the idea that she might like that as an alternative to using her diaper.



answers from Tulsa on

You are where I was. When my daughter was that same age she started showing interest in the potty and also didn't like being in a messy diaper. My doctor said to not even try potty training until after age two because they just can't understand the concept. Well it isn't i didn't listen to my doctor, I just decided to buy a potty seat and see what my daughter wanted to do.
Sure enough she used it! Now don't be discouraged because it won't happen all the time. She has however been poo poo trained since that point. I think a BM is easier for her to catch before she does it. She also couldn't really talk at that point so she would just run to the bathroom door and knock on it.
She has been poo poo trained since we bought the potty seat and she has days when she will go potty in it, but not all the time.
I will recommend a wonderful potty as we tried some real pieces of junk before I read in my Parent's magazine the best potty seat on earth! I first bought her the seat that goes directly on the adult potty since she was interested in it. I figure why mess with clean a potty seat if she wants to actually do it on the big potty then all i have to do is flush it. So we bought the recommended Baby Bjorn potty seat. It fits directly on your toilet and it adjusts so it does NOT slide around. It is crevis free which makes is super easy to clean! The seat is contoured for little butts! It is wonderful and yes it if for boys and girls! My sister in law had her boys over here one day and one of the boys needed to go and she took them into the bathroom and she saw the seat and said "I have to have one of those"! They are not cheap by any means. I think I paid close to $30 for it at babies r us. I know my sister in law went on ebay and bought one for $20 brand new. I have since found one at a garage sale for a wopping $1!!!! Obviously it was clean by appearance or i would not have bought it, but for safetly purposes i soaked it in bleach water in my sink and it was perfect to throw in the car for when we are at someone's house who doesn't have small children.
After my daughter used the potty seat that went on the toilet I also bought a baby bjorn standing by itself potty seat. You know the little ones that sit on the floor that they can get off and on themselves. At first she wore it as a hat because she didn't know what it was! Eventually she realized it was a potty. I keep this in the van for when we are in public. I don't want her near the public restrooms so whenever she has to go we run to the van and she does her business. Keep walmart sacks around for these times and a bottle of water!!
I love the stand alones too as they are a one piece design with no crevices too. The bowl is one simple piece that easily removes and cleans in a snap. For boys and girls. I think I spent around $30 for it on with free shipping. I of course ran across another one later at a garage sale for $3! Again, super bargain.
So if you have the time and like to garage sale you can save some big bucks, but if you were like me and want to take his hint of a diaper free world I was out in a day buying potty seats!



answers from Rockford on

Could be she is daughter was trained completely by 22 mos. She was off the bottle at 14 mos and I didn't give her liquids much after dinner except a sip at a time. She didn't like being wet or dirty either so I got those Curity thick training pants in pastel colors for her and kept the potty chair handy and she trained herself in no time without any pressure . I was so glad because her brother was born when she was 20 mos....I didn't have 2 in diapers for long.:) Then my son was a whole different story...he was 3 1/2 before it finally clicked and he was trained! ;)



answers from Joplin on

Physically not ready??
I would say that she physically can't hold it long enough to get to the toilet. I think there is a small chance that she could be potty trained, but the drawback is that once the potty is introduced, the newness wears off. So if she isn't ready and the intrigue of a big girl potty is gone, then it may take a while for her to cycle around to be interested again. A long while. Most pediatricians recommend not trying to potty train until 2 years. I started around 21 months with my third child because she would tell me and climb on the toilet. I still think it may have been too early because it took her six months to completely potty train. Just my experience though, she may have the patience for it. My girl is quite busy.



answers from Kansas City on


Go for it! If she is recognising that she is dirty and wants to be changed that is a classic sign of being ready for potty training. I would try it the worst that can happen is that she decides she doesn't want to sit on the potty and you have to wait a while longer. She is a little young so I would not expect her to be completely potty trained until she can stay dry during nap time and over night. Good luck!




answers from Kansas City on

My lil boy will be 2 in November (and we are also expecting another one around my sons second birthday)...he has been telling us for a while now that he went potty or poo-poo. BUT he tells us after or durring!! The first day we started the chair, I would set a timer for every 30 min...but as I did that, I felt like I was pushing it on him and that is the worst thing you can do. Also, since you have another one due here pretty soon, it is very likly that your daughter could back track and start going in her diaper again. Not saying that its like that in all cases but in most...and you never know if your daughter is going to be like the "most" cases!! After this baby is born, she wont be the baby anymore...!!! So, when ever my son tells me that he went potty or when ever he says potty chair, I will put him on it. I am not pressing the issue because of my baby that will be here in November. Yes, its gonna suck because of having 2 kids in diapers, but I think in the long run it will be worth it. I have done alot of research on line for how to do it and just every question that first time mothers have on potty training...and that is what I have gathered from them all. Also, your daughter is going to have to get used to the new baby, so give it a lil while after your baby gets here and try to press the issue a little more than normal. Thats what I plan on doing anyways! Other than that...all I can say is GOOD LUCK!!! I have also heard that starting them out by putting them on the chair first with all clothes on for a little while, then start to take off the pants and just leave on the diaper for a little bit, then start to remove the diaper over time. Another thing I have heard is to put the potty chair in the living room...that is one that I personally dont agree with...I belive potty time on the potty chair should be done in the bathroom. The hard thing that my son Cyrus and I are going through right now is the fact that he would rather play on his potty chair instead of use it!! He has gone on his potty chair one time and we were soooooooo proud of him!! By the way...if she goes and when she goes if she hasnt already...over do the happiness!!!!!!! This is the hardest thing that I have found by being a mother so far!!!! Also, video of potty training and books about potty training might help as well. I have not tried it on Cyrus yet but I am wanting to try!!! If you have any questions just email me...I could go on for ever ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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