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Updated on August 05, 2008
J.P. asks from Glendale Heights, IL
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My 6 month old has broken out with a skin rash both times I fed her Gerber Organic green beans. Each time the rash was different, and went away quickly. The first time her back turned all red and blotchy, and I thought maybe it was from being hot and sweaty in her car seat. But the next time she ate them, she got little red dots on her face and neck. Then it dawned on me that beans are in the same family as nuts, and I'm worried that she'll have a nut allergy. She has not reacted to any other baby food (I'm only buying organic). Has anyone experienced this? I still need to call the doc, but I was just wondering if any of you have dealt with this. My older daughter has no food allergies, and my husband is highly allergic to crab.

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answers from Chicago on

I am sorry I am not familiar with food allergies but I will say my children had rashes/excema and someone recommended the ABC (Arbonne Baby Care) line from Arbonne International. I used these products and they cleared the rashes/excema. I then decided to do the business. If you would like a complimentary sample, let me know. Also, if you want to learn about this home-based business opportunity feel free to browse my website. I am really enjoying it (and love the repeat business because they are consumable products).

Cheers, N.



answers from Chicago on

Everyone is different in relation to allergies. I would completely cut out the beans. If it is a food allergy, you will make it worse the more you feed her the food. Are you sure there was nothing else you gave her along with the beans that could be the culprit? This doesn't mean she will be allergic to nuts, could just be a reaction to beans.

C. T.



answers from Chicago on

My son got eczema from sweet potatoes. We just stopped feeding him them and it was better. Watched the mixed Veggies too--some may have grren bean mixed in. As he gets older watch for eczema as a sign of other allergies. As he got closer to 2 years old my son developed allergies to peanuts, milk, eggs and oranges. It is probably too early and unneccessary to do any allergy testing at his age. They told me even at 2 it will change.

Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

Hi J. - My daughter had similar reactions to her first foods too.. I think she was probably 8 months before she had a solid food without a reaction. That was squash. So, she ate only squash for solids for several weeks before we tried rice cereal again. You might just pull back from solids for a while longer.

She is likely more prone to allergies than not. Most allergist will not test a 6 month old though because they are more likely to have false positives.

My daughter went into anaphylaxis at 4 months to a tiny sip of dairy-based formula so, we did have her tested and she was allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. I don't think there were any false positives for her.. In the past two years her list has expanded.. she is currently allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, peas, cats, dogs, soy, wheat, corn, tomato, sugar, some food additives and preservatives and mold.. The first time she only tested positive to dairy, eggs and peanuts.

If you are nursing still.. try to continue to nurse as long as possible. It does help. Sorry - I am rambling. At any rate maybe call a pediatric allergist and ask what they would recommend and for now stay away from the green beans. Dr. Allen Resnick with Associated Allergist is great. I think he has an office in Arlington Heights and Highland Park.



answers from Peoria on

Be careful is all I have to say. My cousin and his wife have no alergies and their son is epipen allergic to brocoli. Get it checked out



answers from Chicago on

This could definately be an allergy. Do not feed her anymore before a doctor can check her. I personally would take her to an allergist and ask for RAST testing. Allergies run in families and with your husband allergic to shellfish your daughter is at a higher risk. Whatever you do, don't feed her anything with nut products until you can get her tested for them I learned this the hard way.

I know this because I've been through it all. My son was allergic to wheat/gluten, egg, dairy and peanuts. He outgrew everything but peanuts.

But yes, absolutely get her checked out.



answers from Chicago on

Have you tried making your own from scratch? There may be an additive to which she's sensitive.



answers from Chicago on

We are getting our son tested right now - he is 2 1/2 years old. He was labeled as asthmatic with allergies. However, what we did not know is that the allergist we previously went to did not get the full gamut of what was going on. We took our son recently to a Doctor that does the NAET (allergy elimination)technique. He found our son to be allergic to (so far) 11 different foods(the previous allergist specialist only found environmental things). We were unknowingly giving him these foods everyday which sent his immune system crashing causing asthmatic reponses.

WE go back tommorow to get tested on 80 more things. Young kids/infants are tested through the parents. The testing is very simple and very thorough. (no blood samples or multiple scratch tests that can be hard on the kids). Then they do very simple but effective treatments following the testing to actually ELIMINATES the allergy (after a 25 - 48 hour avoidance period following the treatment). Go to NAET website - to find someone. WE are going to Dr. Tam in Lombard. He is fabulous. AFter being around the block several times with this allergy stuff, we STRONGLY recommend this methodology.

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