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Updated on March 25, 2013
C.Z. asks from Manning, IA
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How much does it usually cost to take down a wall, insulate, sheet-rock, and paint?

We did buy the paint the other night for the first room being re done which honestly was more than I expected. Yes I have painted before but its been awhile. Now we just need to get the insulation and the sheet rock. Also is there an expense that we are missing?

We are taking down all of the wood (previous owner painted it and it is ugly!) and sanding it and staning/ finishing it.

It is doing good to have a project until life settles down enough to think.

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So What Happened?

Beenthere- please do explain the flooring gap?

Doing all of this without a contractor. I have done it before helping my dad (biological) who makes and remodels homes. So atleast I have one on call lol. He is in Co though so cant just ask for help.

We are only redoing the outer walls because the house has almost no insulation. We were going to do blow in but opted against it.

We are doing all of the upstairs. Starting with one room. We picked up paint because it was on sale.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Are you putting the wall back in the exact same place? If not, will you need to redo your floor (because rugs, wood and tile don't usually go under walls).

Sheet rock costs about $10 for a 4x8 sheet at 5/8" thickness. Measure your wall -- remember you'll need to do both sides, and you can calculate the cost. Insulation for a 4" thick wall is about $12 for 32 feet at 15" wide. Again, you can figure out the costs. You'll need to figure in costs for the lumber if you're rebuilding the inside of the wall too. Then costs for the mud and equipment to finish the drywall before you paint. This is the hardest step of refinishing a wall, if you ask me. Unless you're good at the mudding, you can make the wall look pretty awful. If you're doing just a small wall, you can get a 5 gallon bucket of premixed mud for $13. Plus maybe $10 for mud tools.



answers from Albuquerque on

Measure your walls (length and height), drywall comes in 8ft x 4ft sheets, so you will want to plan to use the most full sheets and plan your cuts to waste less. Once you have your measurements, you can add up the cost of drywall sheets and rolls of insulation. Plan some extra expense for 2x4 lumber (in case you open up the walls and find that there are studs that need repairs) and for the drywall screws.
If you're doing the whole house, you'll probably need a large bucket (5gal) of the drywall compound ("mud" as someone else called it). Practice in the back room or somewhere that it won't be so obvious if you mess up, because YES, this is the most time consuming and particular part of the process! Put up compound with a flat, wide trowel, press it into the seams, let it dry ALL THE WAY, then sand. Repeat!
Paint should be the very last thing you even think about! To save costs, look at the "reject" pile at your hardware store (Lowe's or Home Depot)--is there anything there that you like? You can buy a gallon for cheap ($5-$15) and buy another gallon (if needed, for a large room) to match. Mix the two together to make sure the color is consistant. Or, if you're going for an overall neutral, just buy a 5-gallon of some version of beige that you like--this will go a long way! Experts may say that you need 2 gallons for a standard size room, but I've managed to get by with 1 gallon (in a 12x14 room), being very careful of drips and really spreading it out... and not doing a second coat. Sometimes you can find coupons for certain brands of paints (Lowe's does Valspar and Home Depot does Behr, both have worked well for me).
Anyways, there's no way someone can tell you how much it will cost you without knowing your measurements and expectations (how many rooms, different colors, etc). Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Glad to see you are keeping busy! What about the flooring gap left by the wall removal?

Everley said it. If I understand your project. Are you taking down a wall between rooms?



answers from Detroit on

I have never actually worked with sheet rock but we had our basement done a few years ago and one expense was paying for the guy to do all the mudding and finishing of the seams...

i hope this helps. have fun!!! :-) S.

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