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Updated on March 19, 2008
D.S. asks from Houston, TX
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Could anyone recommend the best and most affordable travel systems on the market? I also need a highchair any and all recommendations are welcomed.

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So What Happened?

Thank You to everyone for the great information. I have decided to register for the Graco Systems because everyone seemed to be in agreement. Thank You again!

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Hi there
Try the great book "Baby Bargains". They have all the latest info on the best buys for baby.
I used this book with my first child and will get the updated version with the birth of my new one. They update periodically so make sure you get the latest version!
GOod luck! :-)

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Well I got my high chair at Target for like $40 or so. It is called the space saver high chair. It attaches to one of your kitchen chairs and my son loves it. I was given a bigger more expensive high chair, but you know my son likes the space saver, go figure! It is also nice because it is easy to sit down at the table as a family and feed him. As far as the Travel system, I got the metro lite system but I don't really know how much that was. You know, there are sometimes great deals on really nice slightly used items at resale shops. I get my little man's clothes at resale shops sometimes and it is a great way to stock up on nice stuff. I get him a lot of Carters, Guess, Hillfiger etc. Anyway, congratulations on your new arrival!!

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When I bought my stroller and car seat 6 months ago, I went and looked at Consumer Reports. According to it, the Graco Quattro Tour was the best. I got the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Stroller in French Roast and Graco SafeSeat Infant Car Seat in French Roast. Both are sold separately. FYI: The car seat fits in the stroller. I love both. We walk everyday in the stroller. I guess more importantly I feel she is safe in the car seat while I am driving. It seems very secure and comfortable.

Also, I referred to Consumer Reports for my highchair. I cannot remember what the best was but I liked the Chicco Polly Highchair - Discovery. I do remember it was one of the top ones on Consumer Reports.

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I personally like the convertible high chairs (booster chairs) that go connected to your regular dinning or breakfast chairs. I don't remember the exact name but is like a booster chair, only is good for when they are a baby up until they are like 4 years old. It doesn't take up more space and it is smaller than your regular free standing high chair. There are strollers that have the infant car seats that you can connect to them and then when your baby is bigger than you just use the stroller. I don't know the name, but most brands have them. I would recommend that you get a used one, from a gagare sale or a second hand store, where you won't spend lot of money for it. Since, the infant seat is going to be used for a short period of time, why pay all that money. Good luck to you, hope I was able to help and not confused you anymore. Chao!!! S. V.

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I have the Graco SafeSeat and Metrolite stroller travel system. I love both! If I remember correctly, it was one or the more affordable systems. The infant seat snaps into the stroller, which was oh-so-convenient. The munchkin outgrew the infant seat by about 8 months and I was so disappointed. As for highchairs...I have the FisherPrice Space Saver and cannot praise it enough! It retails around $50, but you might be able to snag it cheaper in a resale shop or on Craigslist. It buckles into a dining chair which is nice so your little one can be a part of the meal. It is also extremely portable. It is great for heading over to a friend's house for dinner or to the gameroom for snacks with Sesame Street. Plus, it reclines so you can start using it at a very young age (I started at 2 mo). I LOVE it!

Best of luck with your little one!

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