Raw Red Under Toddler Constantly Stuffy Nose

Updated on January 27, 2011
J.R. asks from Washington, DC
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Hi All, My 2 yr old has suffered from terrible congestion all winter. (He apparently has sleep apnea as well...). In any event, despite my placing aquaphor as much as possible, he has developed some rednessness and pimply stuff below his nose.

Besides keeping it moist...any insight ideas?
Thanks as usual for your advice.

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answers from Portland on

Lansinoh, the super-refined lanolin used for nipple soreness, is a great protective cream for this problem. Safe, no irritation for most people, and it tends to stay on a long time.

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answers from Portland on

HI! He might have sensitive skin, in which case maybe check with a doc about what might be gentle?
I put carmex on my daughter's nose when she is sick and it's getting chapped (mine too!). If it's raw it might sting a little at first but sure helps and the minty smell helps her breathe better. Possibly not the best solution, but works in our house.
Have you tried lotion tissues? Also help him to just dab the nose when he's blowing, much less abrasive than wiping. Try not to get too much water on his nose too, that can actually dry it out. If you are helping him clean his face regularly use cool water, not cold and definately not super warm (obviously you wouldn't use hot and burn him, but you know what I mean) these both will dry it out too.

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answers from Raleigh on

If the pimply stuff is white or looks sort of like cotton, it could be a form of thrush, better known as yeast so be sure to make your child's pediatrician aware of it in case treatment is necessary.

Also, I recently learned there is a gel to help with dryness by the company that makes Ayr products. There is an Ayr Gel that can be applied under the nose, around the mouth, and even inside the nose using a q-tip. I have severely dry mucous membranes that may possibly be the reason why I am experiencing severe "gushing blood" nosebleeds. Anyhow, I was using the saline spray for years but it wasn't working even with 2 humidifiers going in the same room 24/7/365.

The Ayr Gel has helped tremendously. I apply the gel to the inside of both nostrils using a clean sterile Q-Tip several times a day. It is softening the sores inside my nose to the point where they are healing more now than ever before and it is providing at least more moisture in my nose than I have had using the humidifiers although I still keep them going.

The gushing nosebleeds are still a problem but I have an ENT who will be consulting on that issue in the near future.

If your child is using a Bipap machine w/mask, always be extra certain you are cleaning the mask as thoroughly as possible and using plenty of soap and water on his face and mouth to ensure cleanliness and sterility between body and mask to reduce any infections that could present themselves.

You may want to speak with your child's doctor about any specific ointment or gel to help prevent dryness or other problems.

My late 60s-some aunt was worse than a toddler when it came to her Cpap machine to control her sleep apnea. she hated it. We went major rounds over her using it at night and during the day when she was so tired from the autoimmune diseases that she needed rest. I'm just thankful that this former Marine who would have ordinarily wiped the floor with my backside was confined to a wheelchair and her bed. LOL!

A few months before the autoimmune diseases finally caused her heart to stop during the wee hours of the morning almost 7 years ago, she went into a type of coma. The doctors had no idea why it happened or how to bring her out of it. I always believed she could hear me and knew I was there. The ICU nurses kept telling me to continue talking to her because they also believed that comatose patients could hear those around them. She was intubated mind you because she couldn't breath on her own but one day I was telling one of the nurses a story about how when we were children, every time my aunt came home for a visit, which we all loved, especially me because she was my surrogate mom in every way that counts... I told the nurse that she was somewhat of a gruff woman but you learned to love her anyhow despite the Marine in her but when we would all gather around her when she drove up, we were never sure whether to hug her or salute her! Just as when we got in trouble with her, we were never certain if we'd get a spanking or told to drop and give her 100 push-ups. ROFLMAO!

When I told this story to the nurse, she was laughing as was I. The entire time I was telling this story, I had my hand in her hand and suddenly, she squeezed my hand and then tried fighting the tube. Normally, doctors would have had me leave the room but since she was responding to me and not them, they were telling me what to tell her even though she was still in that comatose state. I explained to her what was happening and about the tube as well as how she had to stop fighting it or the doctors would have to put her in wrist restraints. She began to turn her head side to side as if saying no after the mention of the restraints. It was almost as if she were caught somewhere in the between. I sat at her side night and day holding her hand, talking to her, bringing my guide dog with me (he adored her and she him) - the doctors noticed her brain activity increased when I brought my guide dog and her blood pressure and heart rate slowed to normal... so Lion was allowed to stay with us. I slept in the chair next to her bed and stayed by her side for the better part of a month until she came out of the coma. She had some memories of the time but she said it was like they were extremely vague, almost like a dream. The funny thing is she did have memory of my telling someone about how as children we weren't sure if we should hug her or salute her & when we got into trouble we weren't sure if we were in for a spanking or to drop and give her 100 push ups. LOL! It is amazing that she remembered that of all things the most clear out of everything that happened over a period of a little over a month.

I had a little over a year with her before her heart gave out after the autoimmune diseases caused her heart to stop. I feel blessed to have that time but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her terribly. She was Mom whereas my birth mother is "Mother."

So don't be too hard on the little guy. Mom hated those machines too and she was a grown woman and then some. Please forgive me for getting off topic. I have so many memories of that last year or so when Mom was on the Cpap. I did everything I could think of to make her keep thing thing on including threatening to glue it to her face with the adhesive glue used to hold wafers to stoma bags on the body and even resorting to Snoopy and that bird Band-Aids. It didn't matter though, she hated it with every fiber in her being even though she knew she was on it for a reason.

I hope if the time comes when I have to use a machine of that nature that I will have more patience. I'm not counting on it b/c out of all the kids, I'm natured most like her and my youngest is natured most like me. There's always been one female child born within each generation who carried that B-trait, for lack of an explicative... :) Of course, it would be my youngest to be the one with it after me. But then again, she is the "mother's curse child..." the one where your parent tells you that they hope one day you have a child who is just like you. That's my baby girl, well 14 years old technically but still my baby girl as our oldest is 10yrs older, soon to graduate college, and recently married this past year.

Best of luck and warmest regards and blessings,


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answers from Miami on

my son had horrible diaper rash right after he was born and we tried everything, including aquaphor and several prescriptions. We ended up with an ointment called Resinol. You get it at the pharmacy, but it's not a prescription; they just have to order it for the next day. It is combination of zinc, calamine, resourcinol (topical analgesic), cornstarch, lanolin and petrolatum (not in order). It has the color of calamine, but I think if you used just a tiny bit and rubbed it on, it would probably blend with his skin. It started to heal my son's raw bottom (seriously, open skin, etc) within a few hours. So...maybe once you get his skin healed up, you might be able to keep it at bay easier with other products. I used it on some moisture related bumps in my 2 yr old daughter's diaper area the other day and they were gone within 24 hours. Based on the ingredients, I think it would be fine under his nose. The smell is pretty mild.

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answers from Boca Raton on

I hope you find the answer to your son's red and pimply skin. I see you've had several suggestions.

Why do you think he's been congested all winter? Maybe that's the real issue. If you can stop the congestion, the redness and irritation will heal.

Have you seen the Toxic Brew video? It was a report done by the Canadian Broadcast Company. The chemicals in your home can make you sick. Here's the video: http://www.healthtalktoday.net/toxic-brew-video


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answers from Chicago on

Neosporin. Will help it immensely.

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answers from Tampa on

It is nutrition- see Nourshing Traditions from Weston Price- this cookbook is amazing, easy and cheap food, and it should handle what he is allergic to- sounds like he has a terrible allergy to something he is eating. Formula? Cow's milk? Those are the most common.
best, k

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answers from Erie on

I second the lansinoh, as it doesn't rub off like vaseline does. Also, ask your doctor or pharmacist for a child-safe decongestant, which will both help him sleep better and relieve that stuffy nose. Obviously, you want to use medication as a last resort, but your son's chronic congestion would warrent it's use, in my opinion. One of my sons takes an antihistimine for all of the Fall and part of the winter due to allergies that caused ear infections (fluid build up in his middle ear) and the same runny nose your son has. If you have forced air heat, make sure you are using a humidifier at night and keep your thermostat turned way down while you guys sleep.

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answers from Seattle on

we use vaseline on chapped skin

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answers from Dallas on

aaaaaaah. I'd call the pediatricians office and just ask the nurse to make a recommendation for nose cream appropriate for the nose.

In the meantime I'd be sure you get the little guy/gal on a good children's vitamin to help beef up immunity. If your child likes yogurt, try to get a little in him daily too for the probiotic, which also is an immunity booster. I'm happy to make a recommendation if you like on a vitamin. Do be aware that if your child has allergies building the immunity will help. Alfalfa root also works as a natural and safe decongestant.

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answers from Lakeland on

Buy him his own chapstick naturals or burts bees. It will come in handy with the chilly weather and chapped lips too. Just put under his nose just like you would his lips. Good Luck

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