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Updated on October 20, 2013
M.N. asks from Tempe, AZ
7 answers

My girls love disney.I let them watch G and PG movies.So today (or right now)on disney is Halloween Town 2.It is rated Y7.There girls turn 5 on Halloween.Would you allow you children to watch these kind of disney movies under the age of 7?

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answers from Kansas City on

If I haven't seen something, I'll go to commonsensemedia.org and check out what they think before I let dd watch it. They're generally more conservative than I am, but they're very helpful.

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answers from Chattanooga on

Well, my 3yo loves it. :)

I think it depends on the personality of the child. My DD is one of those who can watch anything, and it doesn't phase her. Meanwhile, you have kids like my younger brother (7yo) who couldn't even watch Finding Nemo or Kung Fu Panda until he was 6, because they were too "scary."

So, go for it if you think your daughter can handle it. :)

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answers from Detroit on

My 9, 6, and three year old kids are watching them right now!

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answers from Grand Forks on

My eight year old loves The Walking Dead and Paranormal Witness, so I am pretty sure I would have allowed this.

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answers from Washington DC on

I love that movie. My cousins were 4 & 6 when it first came out and they loved it then and still watch it every year, and I also still watch it with my daughter who is 4 and she loves it also. Good movie, but if you do let them watch it they may not understand it if they haven't seen the first one.



answers from Miami on

I really think its up to the kids themselves. Each child matures differently. Growing up there was many a show we watched as PG that probably should have been rated pg13 or even R. Watch it with them and gauge there reactions.



answers from New York on

The ratings are just guidelines. Also, children are very different. Some love scary movies with ghosts and goblins at age 5, others get scared and have nightmares. I highly recommend Commonsense Media, they tell you what to watch for in a movie that may not be appropriate and also offer reviews from both kids and parents. When my daughter was 13, I let her watch R rated movies, but there were PG13 movies I didn't let her watch.

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