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Updated on April 02, 2010
H.W. asks from Franklin Park, NJ
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I recently discovered my 6 month old daughter has food allergies. Her allergy results are scary. She is severly allergic to diary, soy,wheat, whey, eggs and nuts. Does anyone know of an outstanding pediatric allergist in NY/NJ/PA. Has anyone had results like hers from an allergy test this young. She was exclusively breastfed for 4 months and i started to add some formula then and continued to breastfeed her. We had her tested because she suffered from severe eczema is constantly making herself bleed and pulling her hair out. A normal IGE range is 1-52 and hers was 8853. I am praying for a miracle.

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So What Happened?

I am trying to observe her reactions to everything to figure out her triggers. She just started solids and I started her on a new formula elecare. I am weaning her at this time. I am trying to control her itchy, red dry skin with the hydrocortisone the doctor prescribed and giving her atarax 3 times a day. Thanks everyone for your responses.

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Hello H. ~ My daughter was tested between 6-9 months (she's now 5) her very first test was for dairy/dairy derivatives after having an anaphylactic reaction to whey protein; then at 2 yrs old she tested positive to eggs. She is tested yearly & has yet to show any signs of "outgrowing" the allergies :0( It's very hard & it's definitely a challenge. If you click on my username you can see my other allergy related posts. I too pray for a miracle for her. It's important to educate yourself about your daughters food allergies you have to advocate for her; be her voice...there are people who just don't understand or get how severe food allergies are.



answers from Sioux Falls on

Talk to this Dr.
He is in Michigan, but has done miracles with kids.



answers from New York on

Dr. Skolnick with Princeton Allergy is woderful and specializes in kids. They have a few offices so I am sure there is one near you.



answers from Chicago on

My sympathies are with you! The good news though, is that now that you know what to avoid (for you if you're still breastfeeding and for your daughter as she is introduced to food), she should start getting better. My son was also plagued by eczema as a baby due to food allergies, and his skin has gotten progressively better. I write a blog and cookbooks that are free of the 8 top allergens. Please visit www.welcomingkitchen.blogspot.com for some free recipes, because when you're stressing out sometimes nothing is so good as a safe chocolate chip cookie.



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Unfortunately, testing is very inaccurate. I have an aniphylactic reaction to milk and it does not show up on testing. The best way to figure out which foods she is allergic to is to try them. However, you should go to an allergist and work hand-in-hand with them. At 6 nonths old my kids were only eating rice cereal. Kids will often out grow food allergies by the time they turn 2 years old. You may just need to wait longer than normal to introduce new foods. Wish you luck finding a good allergist!

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