Rash.........same As Before

Updated on September 29, 2011
L.D. asks from Marshfield, MO
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ok, going on day 14...he still has this same rash, no other symptoms and has never had any other symptoms....just this rash you can see on my profile picture....it covers him from head to toe and has a mild irritation/itch. It gets worse when he touches water. Have to wait a month to get into see a specialist. Been to the Doctor yes, and the ER....they don't know what she has, they just know its not anything they have seen.

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answers from Houston on

I am so sorry! I am wondering if this rash is perhaps caused by a food sensitivity, such as to gluten. I found this very interesting chart that mentions this, down on box 17:


All I can say, is chart his whole diet, any detergent type changes, exposure to sun, any bug bites (ticks)...

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answers from Redding on

Wow. That looks awful and to be on day 14 and no one knows what it is has got to be VERY frustrating.
I think in the interim I would work on diet. I'd narrow down what he's eating to something easy for you to keep track of, and start removing one item at a time to see if it helps. It's gotta be an allergy of some sort. Maybe it's something in the air now that leaves are falling? I feel bad for you. I wish I could help. Please keep us posted.
Have you done anything different like a new mattress or shampoo'd the carpet? I have friend who has a latex allergy and she rashes like that but it's only around the area that the latex touched. She has to make sure there's no latex materials in clothing or bedding, including mattress.
Here is a link that shows a bunch of different rashes, maybe you can pinpoint it here: http://www.google.com/search?q=pictures+of+body+rashes&am...

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answers from Kansas City on

This may not be even close but it reminds me of tinea versicolor some. Look it up and see if you think this is something to check out or not.
I know I've seen this rash before. I would think a doctor could diagnose it so if the one you saw didn't then find another one, dermatologist or allergist or someone who knows. I know from the allergy rashes I've had that they are very irritating and make you very unable to be comfortable so for your sons sake I hope you can get it taken care of soon.


answers from Norfolk on

Aveeno has an oatmeal bath that is quite soothing to the skin.
Maybe it'll give some temporary relief.



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answers from Kansas City on

Good answers so far, but I was going to suggest possibly finding a new specialist in the meantime! Waiting a month is ridiculous. It's bad enough to have an adult wait that long, but a kid, no way. I would find a good dermatologist, even if it's not a pediatric derm and make an appointment. You can still keep your other appointment just to check this doctor out, but I'd give yourself some options! Good luck, looks rough!!



answers from Seattle on

That looks a lot like something my husband gets regularly. It seems to be related to heat and lying in bed. If he's been lounging reading a book for hours, he'll sometimes have it down one side. If he's been sick in bed for days, it will cover his torso and upper arms. Mild itch. Current theory is clogged sweat pores, but we really have no idea. Since he's had them come and go for more than a decade without problems, we're not really chasing down answers.

Good luck!

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