Rash Under Breasts and Stomach

Updated on September 21, 2010
B.W. asks from Bethel Park, PA
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I just noticed a red rash under my breasts and on the top of my stomach. It is not itchy, not raised. They are different sizes, no pattern. I do not think it is a heat rash. Any ideas of what it could be? I heard it might be a yeast infection. Has anybody had that there? Is there anything OTC I can put on it? I am breastfeeding. I was thinking maybe some monistat cream. can you put that on your skin? I do have an appointment previously scheduled with a dermatologist on wednesday so I will bring it up then, but in the meantime what can i do?

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So What Happened?

I showed the dermatologist. (Well the nurse practicioner) She didn't seem to say what it was but prescribed me some cream that was a cortisone and some anti fungal. AFter 2 applications it was gone.

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answers from Dallas on

I get that on occasion, ever since I had my daughter a year ago. I guess our body chemistry changes so much after birth! I just use the medicated baby powder and it goes away within a day. Also make sure you was your bras as often as you can.

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answers from Allentown on

Hi, B.:
Possibly use Pro-biotic capsules.
Friendly Bacteria capsules.
Open one or two up and put the contents
on the rash until you can get to the Doc.
Good luck. D.



answers from Denver on

I had this with my daughter and I did use Monistat. Just put it on after your baby nurses and then wash it off before nursing again. For the record, Monistat was not strong enough, I actually had to get a prescription for me that was topical and oral for me and the baby. She ended up getting what is called Thrush which is basically a yeast infection in the mouth.

I also saw my OB and the Pediatrician, not a dermatologist, not sure if it makes a difference.

Good luck!



answers from Columbus on

Ever since my c-section, I have the tendancy to get yeast infections around my scar on my abdomen. I found that Gold Bond powder or the generic equivalent makes it go away very quickly (within a day or two). Now, after showering, it is part of my routine. Dollar tree has some as well. I would suggest that you not let your baby ingest it though. It is medicated. Good luck and hope this helps.



answers from Kansas City on

hi a question for you are you large breasted women, because if you are, i have the solution try putting deodorant where the rash is i have this problem mostly in the summer but although i have had it in the winter too i hope this helps. i use Secret Gel.



answers from Oklahoma City on

It sounds like a rash that I had recently. It has a funky name that I can't pronounce or spell =) but my dermatologist told me it's basically a yeast infection that can be brought on by heat. She gave me a prescription lotion for it and it cleared it up in about a week or 2. And I'm pregnant, so I'm sure the same thing would be ok for you to use while breastfeeding. I would just talk to the dermatologist about it. I tried different OTC stuff on it but nothing ever helped. I never tried monistat though. If it was me, I'd just wait since you have the appointment on wednesday.


answers from Detroit on

you can put monistat on your skin. i have worked in a nursing home for years and have had to put some under some of my patients breast because they had a yeast infection there. i would have to see it to tell you if that is what you have but since icant.... have your doc take a look to get an acuurate diganosis. good luck

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