Rash That Will Not Go Away!! Need to Know What to Do

Updated on January 07, 2012
S.S. asks from Indianapolis, IN
18 answers

my 2 month old son has a rash on and around his genital area that will not go away. I have used every type of cream i can think of and it still wont go away. could it be a diaper allergy?

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answers from Seattle on

It could possibly be a yeast infection if none of the normal diaper rash creams are working. Have you or him been on any medications lately? My daughter was on meds for an ear infection and she ended up with a yeast infection that looked like a really bad diaper rash. Doc diagnosed it quickly and gave us correct creams and it cleared up within a few days. Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

It could be. There are also bacterial infections that would need a antibiotic for or in the case of one of my kids, a virus. A doctor would know.

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answers from Washington DC on

1. It could be diapers. Try another brand or cloth.

2. It could be wipes. Try plain water and cloth.

3. It could be food. Does it concur with something you ate if you are nursing or a type of formula you are using?

4. It could be stubborn diaper rash. Our doctor told us to combine lotramin (or the generic, but not the fancy stuff), something like Desitin or A&D and neosporin - usually knocks out the big 3 causes.

Give him nekkid butt time, too. That often helps. Put a towel on a changing pad while you give him tummy time.

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answers from Raleigh on

Might be yeast. See your pediatrician for some meds!

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answers from Charlotte on

Time for the doc - make sure you tell the ped what meds you have tried and for how long.

So sorry!

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answers from Anchorage on

Many pastes can make diaper rash worse because the rubbing to remove it causes further irritation. My Ped always told me the best thing to use on a sore bum was plain old Vaseline, and it has always worked great for us.

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answers from Indianapolis on

It may be a yeast infection....ask your doctor...



answers from Honolulu on

Yeast infection.
Time to take him to the Doctor.



answers from Cleveland on

generally if a rash is really bad or won't go away it's yeast. CAlifornia baby (i get mine at target) makes a diaper rash cream that is also an antifungal. It's cloth diaper safe as well, which is why I started using it but I love it.


answers from Los Angeles on

It could be a yeast infection, the same thing happened to my little guy. Take him to his pediatrician and he/she will prescribe an antifungal cream for him.



answers from Columbus on

It may be a yeast infection. My son had alot of those. You need to use a yeast infection cream or athlete foots cream instead of a diaper rash cream. Diaper rash creams won't work.



answers from Columbus on

First, I agree it's probably time to see a doctor. Then, in addition to creams, etc., what I found that helped a lot was to just periodically let my little guy lay on a blanket naked!! Seriously!! I would clean his little butt, put down an old shower curtain (for accidents) then a blanket and just let his little butt be exposed in between diapers. To avoid getting squirt in the face I would just drape a hand-towel over that part. Since he's only two months old, he's not going anywhere anyways, but I would never leave him alone. Good luck!!!



answers from Louisville on

It could be yeast (in which case, you can use something like Lotrimin on it). But it may also be staph. Try the anti-fungal medication first, but if the rash doesn't respond quickly, schedule a doctor's appointment so you can get it diagnosed and treated.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Could it be a yeast infection?
Maybe have it looked at.
Good luck!


answers from Hartford on

It could be the diaper rash cream. Are you using stuff with lanolin in it? He might have a lanolin allergy. I couldn't use anything with lanolin for my middle daughter so I had to check the ingredients in everything I put on her skin.

What does the rash look like? Bumpy? Red? White flat caps? Is it oozing plasma? Is there blood? If yes then it could be a yeast infection. That would be easily treated by applying plain Phillips Milk of Magnesia (to take away the acidity) and then applying Lotriman cream and Balmex with EVERY diaper change.

Have you taken him to the doctor yet? Make sure he's seen by your pediatrician or Family Practitioner before you do anything else, though. A rash that persistent needs to be seen. The doctor can identify it and help you treat it and if not he'll refer you to a Dermatologist.



answers from Seattle on

Could be a bunch of things.

My son had chronic yeast infections because -turns out- he was allergic to wipes. Didn't matter how many times we treated the yeast infection... the allergy to the wipes would break down the skin and the yeast would go crazy. Vicious cycle. It took being broke to figure out the cause, though. And I'll never use wipes on another baby again. Not because of the allergy... but because wipes are a ripoff. About 10x as expensive as paper towels. Rip a few off, get wet (hey, hot water = warm wet wipes), use, throw in yard waste. Finis. How easy is that? And a roll of paper towels (or stack in a ziplock goes anywhere). Water is everywhere. Bottle in the car, sinks in restrooms, etc. Easy easy.

- yeast / fungal
- bacterial
- allergy to diaper or wipes
- acidic poo
- acidic urine



answers from Portland on

You could try an otc antifungal medication first before taking him to the doctor. Fungal infections are common in the diaper area.


answers from Denver on

it could be jock itch my son would get it when he was younger which is a yeast infection. My dr told me to get some of that antifungal cream it usually works for athletes feet and jock itch and just lightly apply it to the area which worked for me. Depends on what the rash looks like. It could be the diapers my kids could only use pampers, huggies would be an instant rash. if it has little white bumps or was raised i would think yeast, if its just red i would try some aquaphor to keep moisture off of it. create a barrier from his sweat, and urine.

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