Rash or Hives

Updated on March 15, 2011
J.W. asks from Gig Harbor, WA
6 answers

My son who is 10 years old is waking up with a rash we give him Benadryl and it goes away and sometimes it comes back later in the day,It stated about a week ago.

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answers from Huntsville on

Is it itchy? Are they flat red spots, or are they swollen or raised?

If it's itchy, has swelling or raised spots, then it's probably hives. He may be having an allergic reaction to something. Could be something he is inhaling. I've had an allergy or something for the last 20 years that causes hives for several days. Still do not know what causes it!

Does it always appear in the same places? Or does it move around? Mine moves around.

Have you changed (or has the manufacturer changed...) your laundry detergent, fabric softener, etc? Body wash? Shampoo?

If you can get him to an allergist while he has the rash/hives, they may be able to help you more.

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answers from Washington DC on

This happened to my son about a month ago. Turns out I had switched to a new dryer sheet (Bounce bar actually) and he was allergic to it. As soon as I removed it and rewashed EVERYTHING the hives stopped.


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answers from Portland on

I'm with Megan – get all unneeded chemicals out of his sleeping area, and your home. Most fabric softeners are loaded with toxic chemicals, and many detergents, household cleaners, and air fresheners, too. If your son's system gets overloaded and unable to detoxify the cocktail of chemicals we all live in, he could become one of the 'lucky' ones like me, unable to go to most public settings without getting sick.

Use free and clear cleaning agents, add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse for his bedding (cleans, strips chemicals, and softens fabric). I'll bet he'll have an easier time of it.

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answers from Houston on

give more information such as what does the rash look like and etc wht areas of the body. fever? itching? give more detail for a better more direct answer instead of a bunch of guessing. my opinion is from what little you have posted is an allergy to something he is touching ex laundry soap in his clothes. or maybe the soap you are using more info like time it comes back what is he doing will get you better answers. at this point with as little info as you have given i say take him to the doc

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answers from Lexington on

The fact that it comes and goes sounds like hives. But sometimes it can be from sweating and being hot.

Hives come and go and often respond to benadryl and other antihistamines or leukotrienes (Singulair). If they are hives, you do want to try to figure out what is triggering them. They can be from foods eaten, chemical sensitivity, laundry detergent, soaps and body washes, lotions, heat, mold, hormones, medications, food additives, etc.

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answers from Eugene on

He's allergic to something in his everyday life. It could be the washpowder you clean your clothes and towels with. It could be the soap he washes with. It could be a common food in his diet.
It's a detective story and you are the detective. If you wash with a major brand of laundry soap stop and buy a brand known for it's purity like Ecover or Planet. No scents.
It can be his shampoo. And, if you have a cat he could have become sensitized to the cat.
Whatever it is find out so you can separate him from those things that cause him trouble.

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