Rash on Son's Chin Won't Go Away

Updated on December 23, 2010
J.M. asks from Elgin, IL
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My almost 5-year-old son has had a localized rash on his chin for about 6 weeks. We have been to the doctor twice. First they told us to use hydrocortisone (we used it 3x/day for 10 days) which didn't make it worse or better but the rash has changed a bit and has spread slightly toward the corner of his mouth on one side. Then they told us to try just vaseline - there has been no change. It does not usually itch only occasionally. He does not drool that I have noticed and usually sleeps on the opposite side. Anyone with any experience or sound advice? Probably just going to see a dermatologist, but I was hoping to avoid all that around the holidays. Thanks

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answers from Chicago on

Myself and other reps have had great success with the baby line at Arbonne for things such as adult exzema and rosacea. They will usually start with the diaper rash cream and then once that rash is under control, utilize the wash and lotion.
I have a sale right now at 20% off thru the end of the month.
J. M

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answers from Phoenix on

My son gets (what sounds like) the same thing. I usually do the hydrocortisone cream in the am and before bed. During the day I alternate between Neosporin and tea tree oil a few times-which really helps because the mouth and nose area is such a 'germy' area. It's usually gone in about 3 or four days. Hope this helps!



answers from Chicago on

I swear by Clinique Dramatically Different lotion. I know it sounds crazy for kids, but it has worked on the most stubborn of rashes, even diaper rashes. I don't use it on a regular basis for our kids, but when something just will.not.go.away I bring it out. Our 10yo has always had some strange dry/rashy red spots on her face in the winter, this clears it up in a weekend. See if you can get a sample from a department store before investing the $20 first.



answers from Chicago on

what does it look like?



answers from Boise on

impetago causes a rash from bacteria entering a scrape and can spread. Usually it would be getting better by now if you kept it real clean, instead of spreading.

What other symptoms does he have? is he sucking on anything? drooling?
If it is yeast you can try either tea tree oil or lamisil. Tea tree oil will help in bacterial cases also.



answers from Chicago on

just plain ol coconut oil. if its chapped from the cold it will create a barrier and if its something fungal coconut oil is antifungal. its usually solid at room temp and can find along the other cooking oils at whole foods or id assume any grocery store?



answers from Miami on

Dear J. M,
We went through something similar last May. my son has very sensitive skin. This is what helped:
1. citrus fruits we found irritated his skin. So... we immediately wash off around the mouth with cetaphil soap. Maybe something he is eating or juice he is drinking is irritating the area?

2. we use aquaphor etc. around this area.

3. sunblock on the area as well if sunny day.

HTH. Jilly


answers from Pocatello on

K it might be what both my daughter had last year. Yeah we tried everything out there and nothing worked. I even took them to about 4 different dermatologist before one finally figured out what it was and gave us the right cream. So let me ask you a little more about it to see if it's the same as my daughters. Theirs was red, around the mouth and under the nose. Never seemed to itch but it had white small bumps on the red areas. Not really looking pus filled or anything but just small bumps. And sometimes it even looked kinda dry and flaky. So is that like your son? If so I can't remember what it's called...sorry. But I still have the old meds. up in my bathroom and if you send me a message I'll tell you what it was. (i just don't feel like running up there right now to get it) haha



answers from Toledo on

It could be severely dry skin, which is common this time of year from dry house heat and playing outside with dry skin, or it could be something he's causing. My son was still sucking his thumb at that age, and his chin got rashy in the winter, like a drooler's rash that teethers get. If either is the cause, continued use of hydrocortisone cream (in very tiny amounts) and a thin layer of vaseline should get it cleared up. Try it twice a day for at least a week. Nothing is probably going to work in just a day or two. Good luck.

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