Rash on My Little Girls Privates

Updated on February 12, 2011
J.M. asks from Longwood, FL
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My 4 year old is having a problem with a rash on her privates but on the lip part, like it is chapped. I have started having her wipe with moist wipes yesterday because I don't know if she is wiping right at school or not. I have also been using a dipper rash cream at night. But now my 7year old has almost the same thing. I have already stopped all bathes ...any suggestions I feel horrible for them.

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answers from Tampa on

Have they been on antibiotics? Sounds as if them might have, and you'd need to get probiotics and wipe w/ those.
Or eating food w/ lots of antibiotics-
Or allegic to that which you are using to wipe.
See if one of these fits.
Best, k

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answers from Kansas City on

It could be the type of toilet paper you use my daughter and I both are sensitive to charmin brand.

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answers from Miami on

Could be pinworm. Could be a reaction to a dye in juice or food. COuld be an irritant on clothing.

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answers from Honolulu on

take them to the Doctor.

Just don't put anything in the bath water. No bubbles etc. No fragrance etc.
Only water.

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answers from Kokomo on

I like all the previous suggestions, because an irritant is likely suspect. If that doesn't work, though, you may want to make sure it's not something like MRSA. My daughter has had it on and off again since she was little (she's almost 6 now). It's treated with an antibiotic and bactroban cream. As for diaper rash creams, I'm a fan of A&D and Burt's Bees. Triple Paste is good, but it's moderatly expensive.
Also, it could be some form of eczema? Just thoughts I'm throwing out as I'm sure you've tried the easy or obvious things first! Good luck to you and your munchkins!

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answers from Tampa on

Could be a yeast infection. Try having them soak in a warm bath with white distilled vinegar for a couple of nights.

Something else to consider; have you changed laundry soap or fabric softener? This could cause irritation, too.

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answers from Spokane on

Having them do a vinegar soak certainly wouldn't hurt, it's actually quite soothing. But unlike MarahBelle's suggestion, it shouldn't be white distilled. It needs to be apple cider vinegar, preferably with the mother if at all possible (It's unfiltered and will say mother somewhere on the label; it's most easily found at health food stores but I'm seeing it increasingly in the grocery stores.). Fill the tub with warm water to the top of their hips or to their belly button, add 1 cup vinegar and let them soak as long as they like. It's perfectly natural & safe and don't worry, they won't smell like vinegar when they get out. Even if it's not a yeast infection, it should still help sooth. I also would stop using the wet wipes. There may be something in it that could irritate them further. And it's doubtful that that it's a wiping issue anyway if your other daughter has begun to form it as well. You may also want to try using a different diaper cream. That may be irritating it as well. And check your laundry detergent. My mom always knew when my sis was allergic to a particular brand because she'd break out in a rash in her private area as well. Good luck figuring it out!

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answers from Erie on

did you change laundry detergent?

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answers from Portland on

If they've been taking bubble baths or if they use a whole lot of soap this could be the cause of the irritation. Soap scum build up in the tub could also be a cause.

I would not use the wet wipes. They're loaded with chemicals. In the evening, I would wipe the area with a warm moist cloth and allow the area to dry before putting on diaper cream and panties. Continue using a diaper cream. They may be allergic to the one you're using now, tho. Use one without a fragrance. Be sure that they have clean, dry panties every day.

They could be sensitive to your laundry detergent too. Are you sure that it gets completely rinsed out? My dad was an appliance repairman and he found that many women used way too much detergent and ended up with gray somewhat stiff clothes. Most machines now have the ability to select an extra rinse. I"d try using less detergent if you're using the amount recommended on the package and choose the extra rinse.

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answers from Bismarck on

Hello! I've encountered this problem too, being the mother of five girls! First, gently clean the area yourself with a baby wipe and let it dry for a bit before applying some triple antibiotic ointment. Make sure the ointment is applied to skin, not any mucous membranes! Very important. The triple antibiotic ointment not only fights infection, but it seals out moisture. The rash is gone in a day! (Also, make sure you're enforcing them wiping themselves from front to back.) Hope this little bit of advice works!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

This may sound odd, but what about a little vaseline on just the part that is irritated?
Perhaps the diaper rash cream is adding to the problem more than it is helping.
Do you use laundry detergent that doesn't have fragrances or dyes? That may help too if you aren't already using it.

Good luck :)

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