Rash on Infants Stomach and Back Only

Updated on September 29, 2008
S.T. asks from Cleveland, TN
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My nine month old son has recently developed a small light rash all over his stomach, chest and back. It is not on his chin or face. It almost looks like heat rash or prickly heat --- but it is not hot! He has been drooling a lot lately -- teething. We haven't changed any of his soaps or detergents. Any ideas? He was just at the doctor for an ear infection and when I took him in for his recheck his ears were okay -- no rash at that point.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone who responded. It made me feel better just to hear that others have had this experience as well. This morning I was going to call the Pediatrician to have them take a look at the rash just in case it was something serious -- and it was gone! I guess it was just contact dermatitis or a viral rash, but either way it seems to be gone! Thanks!

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Sounds like to me its a viral rash. Everytime my son gets a virus (sometimes it's so mild we don't even notice he's sick...just a little fussy or something), he will get that rash. The most commom places for babies to get the viral rash is where you are describing...the stomach, back, and chest. Most ear infections are caused when the gunk for a cold or a respiratory infection gets trapped in the ear. And lots of times the viral rash is the last symptom to show up. If he acts fine, I'd give the rash a good 4 or 5 days to go away. If it doesn't, I'd ask the pediatrician again.

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Call your doctor and ask about scarlet fever.My son had a rash this summer that I thought was heat rash, but it turned out to be scarlet fever.The only symptom was the rash.



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I haven't been able to read all of your responses, so I don't know if you have already gotten this same answer. You said your son had just gotten over an ear infection...was he on medication? My daughter had an ear infection about that age, and was on amoxicillian and broke out in the same rash. It wasn't anything major, like some medication reactions, but just tiny little bumbs on her torso. I took her to the dr. and they said that yes, she was allergic to the medication. She had been on the medicine for quite a while before she broke out in the rash. You may want to have your doc take a look at him, because if it is a reaction to the meds, they will need to note it in his chart. I have since found out that this make them allergic to ALL meds ending in "-cillian", like penacillan. Anyways...you may want to get it checked out! Oh....and the rash went away in no time.



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My little boy got a rash on his back and chest one morning at about 10 months. No idea why, it just popped up fairly quickly. I called the doctor and they said that with a rash that just occurs they always recommend bringing the baby in, to rule out allergy issues. So you should definitely check with your doc.

Some possible causes he gave me were- new detergent or soap or lotion, not washing a shirt before putting it on him, some other kind of chemical coming into contact, or a food sensitivity.



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my 11 month old recently had roseola. He had a fever for a couple of days and then the rash appeared. It looked very much like heat rash at first. It quickly spread over his whole body and then faded. Start to finish it took about a week. It could be a reaction to the ear infection or even the anitboitics. If there's no other symptom like fever with the rash I'd just watch it for a couple of days. If it doesn't go away check with the doctor.



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Hi, S..

It could be contact dermatitis (allergy to soap or something in clothing), or it could be some type of infection like Fifth's disease. Lots of viral infections like that are not really serious and just have to run their course, but I always take my kids to the pediatrician just to be on the safe side. I'd rather be too cautious about something simple than miss something serious. Good luck!




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Hi S. T

Maybe it is the material of the cloths. Try cotton and see if that will help. Also cut back on the soap you use to wash his cloths in. Wash his cloths alone. And get a natural soap that would not hirt his body. Go to the pharmasist and see what they have. My son when he was young had a breaking out also. I was told to use a soap made of oats. It did help gradually. Check it out if you like. It just might help.
These are just Ideas
Take care
Vicki W.



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My son was sick with a very bad cold; I took him to the doctor, who thought he might have RSV. In the doctors office I noticed for the first time a faint rash of small speckles all over his torso. The doctor said that it looked like a typical viral rash. It turned out he didn't have RSV, and the rash soon went away.

Alternatively, sometimes a food allergen can cause a rash. Did he eat anything new (raspberries in yogurt for the first time or something like that)? It's really best to hold out until baby is at least 12 months before giving the foods that are common allergens, like wheat, dairy, strawberries, raspberries, peanuts, nuts, etc.



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Try changing your soap and laundry detergent. Vanderbilt Neonatal Intensive Care uses Basis soap on the preemies. I used Dreft laundry soap when my kids were little because they had sensitive skin. If it does not go away take your little one to the pediatrician.



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could be strep take him in to the doc



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It could be a viral rash since he just had an infection. If not, then it may be the start of excema. My son developed it at about 10 months. Try to stop using any chemicals on anything that touches his skin. Like, Laundry detergent, soap, hair wash, lotion, etc. If it goes away when you stop using the chemicals, then you found your problem. We are a "green" family now, and his excema is totally gone...it was gone 2 weeks after we stoped using chemicals.
Good Luck!



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My son had such a rash on the same areas, and nobody could say exactly what it was, just that it was a viral infection. They at first thought it could be rubella, but, thank God, it was not. If I were you, if the rash is not gone in a day or so, I'd have him checked out. It could just be an allergic reaction to something, but to play it safe, I'd take him to your doctor.



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It is common to get a "viral rash" after having been sick. You said he had an ear infection. If it is the viral rash then it is just the body's way of saying "I am sick."

Also, look at his tongue and make sure it doesn't look like the texture of a strawberry. Check his temperature too. A fever and the strawberry tongue accompanied with a rash on the torso is a sign of scarlet fever.

Does it itch? If so it could be an allergic reaction to a food or something in the air. Was he outside playing in the grass? Some children are allergic to grass. If it itches a nice oatmeal bath and some benedryl will feel nice.

Rashes are so mysterious because they aren't the sickness all by itself. They are just a symptom to an underlying cause. Finding the underlying cause can be quite challenging. God Bless~

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