Rash on Buttocks of Four Year Old

Updated on June 18, 2010
A.E. asks from Vernon, VT
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My four year old son has red bumps all over his bottom that I don't know the cause of or how to make them go away. He is potty trained during the day but wears pull ups at night. His pull ups are soaked every moring. Could this be like a diaper rash? I have tried powder, A&D and Boudreau's butt paste but nothing has helped. The spots have been there for a few months and look like they are multiplying. He does complain of some itching. Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

I did take my son to the doctor and she ended up giving him a steroid cream which cleared up the rash in 24 hours! Thank you for all the advice!

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answers from Orlando on

Please take him to the Dr. I have a friend with a 4 year old little girl with the same type of rash on her bottom. It is a weird virus that can last up to 18 months & is contagious. At least a Dr. can tell you what you are dealing with... and rule out what it isn't.



answers from Boston on

sounds like yeast, try letting him soak in the tub a few times a day with white vinegar added, just a few tablespoons, if that doesn't help try pedi, they might give an RX of nystatin cream to help it clear up.

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answers from Albany on

Has he had trouble with dry skin or eczema in the past? My middle son had it quite bad when he was little and even though he hasn't had full blown eczema since, when he does get anywhere near a flare up it almost always starts on his butt. Now that I think about it, my oldest is the same way and he hasn't had issues with his eczema either since he was about 3.

I swear by Arbonne's Baby Care line. It has helped them tremendously and whenever they begin to have a flare up, I just use their lotion or the Rejuvenating Cream and it goes away within less than a week.

Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

Its possible that its 'pull-up' rash if he's soaked every morning. Is it possible to get up in the middle of the night and check him so that he doesn't go a long time in a soaked pullup?

The creams that worked best for me were Aquaphor and Aveeno. If he's had the rash for a while, I would have him checked by the dr. to see if you needed a prescription cream.




answers from New London on

it could be a bacterial infection. Did you try using a triple antibiotic cream? It could also be a yeast infection.... you would need to use an antifungal cream. I would just make an appointment with your pediatrician or a dermatologist. If the red bumps are around his anal area it could be an allergic reaction to food. Desitin the regular white kind works well for protecting the skin. Do not use pull-ups at night. They do not hold enough for nightime wetting. They are not meant for nightime bedwetting. Use something for overnight like huggies or size 7 pampers. Do not use pull-ups.



answers from Boston on

Change your washing detergent to a chemical free detergent. Eliminate processed foods. Try to reduce giving him anything that has a barcode. Reduce sugar adn starch as much as possible nad go with organic foods. More fruit and vegetables also.

Use soap for sensitive skin that has no chemicals added also.

He should be out of pullups by this age. I was in normal underwear before the age of 3. My son is virtually potty trained at 3.5 years of age.


answers from Hartford on

I agree with the lady about chemicals- it can effect the skin. I switched all my products and it help a lot! Alos , talk with Dr.
Good Luck

Request info below on products!




answers from Boston on

my daughter had something similar. sounds like bacteria. your doctor can prescribe a stronger cream than diaper rash cream.



answers from Honolulu on

Take him to the Doctor.



answers from Boston on

It could be a staph-type infection. I would bring him to the doc and make sure it's not. If it was an infection he'd take some antibiotics for 10 days and be fine!!



answers from Boston on

Take him to the Dr. A nurse can probably diagnose this pretty easily as well, either bacteria or yeast but it sounds like one of the two. My son had a yeast rash as well at one and with the prescription it went away within 3 days.



answers from Boston on

My son used to have the same problem. It's definitely from the pee...There were 2 things that helped.. One was giving him a rinse in the tub every morning. His skin is very sensitive and wipes weren't an option. The other was rubbing some evening primrose oil on the area every day. (you buy them in capsules, break one or two open right on him) Good luck!



answers from Boise on

get some culturelle, to use internally while you try to fight it externally with the recommended lotions.

Cuturelle can help fight yeast and bacterial intestinal overgrowth, which will manefest on the skin as a rash.
Also reduce milk as much as possible, since it feeds yeast. Give him magnesium citrate, which can fight yeast as well.



answers from Los Angeles on

He may have developed an allergy to the stretchy stuff in the diaper. Try a different brand of pull-on.



answers from Providence on

Try pure corn starch, it is used in hospitals all the time for rashes,also believe it or nt Malox thats right malox. Both dry up irratated areas. give it a try cant hurt....



answers from Boston on

Hi A.
My son has the same issue. His problem is a reaction to the perfume or whatever they use in the diapers or pull-ups. I buy dipers from the family dollar (thier brand). It is the only kind that dosent cause the rash.The little bumps would go all over his bum and in between his legs. I would try a differant brand without fragrance. If that dosent work ( and it should start pretty quickly) go to his pedi.
Hope this helps . Good Luck!



answers from Boston on

After this long I would try going to the doctor. My daughters always had this strange thing that kept reoccuring, sometimes getting more and more - seemed like pimples - but they never complained. Finally I thought to ask when we were at the doctors for something else. Turned out to be a bacteria that actually is harbored in your nose - he gave us medicine that they had to put in their nostrils as well as on their bottoms. It cleared up, but it does come back on them for some reason - so we keep a tube of the medicine on hand and put a little dab on when a spot appears. Yours may be something completely different - so I'd go find out. I felt guilty that I had not.



answers from Boston on

If they've been there a few months and are getting worse I'd take him to the pediatrician. It may be diaper rash. Does he drink a lot before bed? Maybe cut down on fluids in the evening? And possibly try a different brand of pull up?


answers from Austin on

Sounds like a yeast infection from the moisture in the pull-up. My daughter is now potty trained at night, but last summer or the summer before, she developed a series of yeast infections without being on antibiotics. I figured it was due to her full nighttime diapers, low circulation of air getting inside the diaper/pullup and the increased temperatures from warm summer nights.

My advice is to apply some 7-day yeast infection cream to his bottom morning and night for the next 5 days and see if that clears it up... And if it does, keep sone handy in case it pops up again--summer has only just started!



answers from Providence on

Could be a yeast rash that would need a RX from your DR.



answers from Seattle on

This is most likely caused by food like eggs... see if it will go away if he doesn't eat eggs for a week or it might be some other food he's reacting too.

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