Rash near C Section Incision

Updated on June 09, 2011
E.T. asks from Torrance, CA
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I had a c section 5 weeks ago. About a week ago, I started to develop a rash near my incision. It's not on the incision, just around it. The rash is extremely itchy and uncomfortable. It's red, rough and looks disgusting. I think it might be some kind of reaction from the tape that covered my incision. I went to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed cortisone cream, but it's not really helping! Has anyone else had this? It seems to be getting worse, not better. Thanks.

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answers from Los Angeles on

The best anti-itch and relieving product I have found comes from Walmart...GOLD BOND BODY LOTION (extra strength). It has a cooling, soothing sensation and is the only thing I found that works for any itchy skin. I also used it on my C-Section scar too! They also make an awesome powder (Gold Bond Ultimate comfort) that has a slight "cooling" and soothing feeeling. I am so glad I found these products, they are the best!

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Bandages are awful! The glues....aaargh! Yes I had an irritation there as well. HIGH grade tea tree oil will heal it. I use a grade that is classified as T36-C5. It is also non caustic. (Some people will tell you all melaleuca alternafolia oil is caustic but that's not correct). It is antifungal, antibacterial, antseptic and absorbant so it will heal deep into the tissue as well.

God bless....Congratulations on your bundle of joy!


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answers from San Francisco on

Have you tried to let it kind of air out? Do you have skin covering over it like a pouch so it doesn't breath as much? If so, pull the skin up when you are laying down and let it air out---also, keep trying the cream. It should help.



answers from Dallas on

I had a reaction to the adhesive as well. Put the cream on at night as you are drying from the shower and let it soak in over a few minutes (the lotion is absorbed deeper with the water on your skin) Be sure the area is really, really dry all the time (I mean, you can put lotion like aveeno hypoallergenic or something, but don't let the area sweat. The hem of pants like to drift there a lot and can rub) and let it breathe as much as possible. Warm, dark and wet breed rashes. Good luck, remember if it gets oozy or smelly, go back to the doc asap!



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I'm betting it's a yeast rash. Keep it as dry as you can and use Lotrimin or Monistat to treat it.



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I forgot to tell the nurses/doctors before my c-section that I had an adhesive allergy, so they put the usual steri-strips across the incision. After just a few days, when the doctor examined my incision while I was still in the hospital, he saw a very angry allergic reaction all around the incision -- the area was entirely red, blistered and (since this was my second exposure) I ended up having an allergic response (with itching, redness, blistering) all over my body, legs, neck. It was so horrible. My ob/gyn had to remove all the steri-strips and spread dermabond (also known as superglue) over the incision. That said, if you just started to develop a reaction after 4 weeks (the tape should have been removed after the first week), it seems unlikely that this would be an allergic reaction -- however, you should confirm with an allergy specialist for future exposure.

In any case, the only thing that helped me was cetaphil cleanser and a weird salt-based home remedy provided by my mother. Since I can't really recommend the salt solution (since I don't know what it was), I would suggest sticking to the cetaphil cleanser, then only very lightly using the hydrocortisone (to alleviate the itching). The moisturizers mentioned below might be fine, but definitely need to keep the area clean and dry. Best wishes.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have that too.. you may not believe it. I use theAveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream. Then it is gone.


answers from St. Louis on

I got my C-section incision infected with my first baby, it started like a rash that would not heal with anything. Just in case, call again to your OB/GYN, she should know what to do..please go.


answers from San Antonio on

Ugh, I had the same thing happen to me. I had a huge pregnancy belly and after delivery was so surprised to still have a flap of fat hanging over the incision area. The flap of belly fat caused the incision area to stay moist and I ended up w/ a gross rash also. I don't know if you're lucky enough be back to a flatter stomach, but if you're not then try this:

My OB/GYN told me after a shower to dry the area off, put an anti-fungal yeast infection cream (miconazole - i just bought a generic cream) on the incision area and put a panty liner (absorbent side down on the incision) in-between the flab area to wick away any moisture.

I felt silly with a pad in-between my belly fold - but it totally worked!! It didn't heal immediately, it took some time, but it stopped hurting and itching.

I swear I wore granny panties for at least 2 years. I couldn't stand to have the regular style panty elastic touch my incisions because it was still so sensitive.

A word of advice. DO NOT: go up & down the stairs a lot, pick up heavy things, strain to get something from a shelf, etc. Ask for help or ask someone to do it/get it for you. I am pretty independent and didn't ask for any help. Silly me: took me longer to heal, and I ended up w/ an ugly, ugly scar because I thought I was super mom and could do it on my own the first few months.

Good luck & take care of yourself!!



answers from Las Vegas on

I had major surgery and was cut from hip to hip down there. Most women will sweat in any area that is not open to air. I was told to keep it clean with Hydrogen Peroxide, get it damp with a cotton ball, let it dry then use good old fashion corn starch or non scented baby powder. Unless you run a temputure, this is just part of the healing process. Itiching is part of the healing process, that is your antibodies attacking what it thinks is a threat. It may be uncomfortable, but it is healing. Hope you feel better, it's a pain, but know that this is part of healing. Remember if you run a temp, then go back to the doctor, that means your body can not fight it off anymore and needs a little help. Most people can get through it. Good Luck..



answers from Chicago on

Ahhh huh...Very common.....Heat...dead skin....getting trapped around there......make sure you use a gentle cleaner and rinse around the incision very good. Pat dry. Then use a hair dryer to finish drying skin....Then use some hydrocortisone cream on the rash and some talcum (sp) powder to soak up additional moisture...I had the same thing and this did the trick. :)


answers from Lincoln on

I reacted as well not only to the adhesive but some of the stitches- before I even left the hospital there were spots that were oozing! I did the pad thing (pads not liners for the cushion too - which helped to keep clothes from rubbing on it too because my incision is vertical and there aren't pants anymore cut to cover!). I used neosporin on mine. The first time I was stapled and I didn't have the infection with that. My scar ended up pretty ugly too - it keloid the first time (maybe too much activity - lived in an apartment with stairs and baby in NICU) so about as wide as my middle finger and this time with the extra scars dotting their way down! One things for sure If my belly is ever flat again I won't be wearing a bikini! LOL

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