Rash in Diaper Area

Updated on June 20, 2009
L.C. asks from Cleveland, OH
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I have a 4 month old son who has sensitive skin and has eczema on his ankles and behind his chubby little knees. He sometimes suffers from diaper rash too. I change him frequently and let him air dry (I know, kind of risky, but only have gotten burned a few times). I make sure he is all dry before I put diaper cream (I switch between Aquafor and Destin). This weekend I noticed he has little white dots in the crease where his leg meets his groin area. There is no way to keep the area open to the air; I can only hold the skin apart. They look like little zits. Has anyone experienced this? My question is what can I put on them to help them go away?

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answers from South Bend on

Dr. Sirlin's ointment from Merrill pharmacy is the best! By the next diaper change, the diaper rash will be gone.

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answers from Columbus on

I know that yeast has been mentioned, and it won't hurt to try lotrimin (clotrimazole 1%). But, I would suggest having the pediatrician look at the spots that look like zits if this is a new thing. If the spots get whiteheads to them, a culture may be helpful to determine the right type of treatment. There could be yeast or bacteria causing the problem. Kids with sensitive/eczema prone skin tend to be more susceptible to secondary infections because the skin barrier isn't the greatest.

I hope the rash clears soon!




answers from Columbus on

Hey Lori,

I have always used Vaseline for my son, at every diaper change, put some Vaseline all over and then put some Corn Stratch Powder, the Vaseline acts as a Water Sealent an the Corn Stratch will help keep the area dry. This has always done the trick for my son and I hope this helps you too.



answers from Fort Wayne on

This kind of sounds like a yeast infection. Perhaps you should consult your nurse or pediatrician...?



answers from Columbus on


We had a very skin sensitive kid too! Try a hair dryer. On low, dry him in all the creases before you put the cream on, and if he gets a rash, dry it out with the hair dryer well, and it will go away sooner than ever before. We did this with our rashy child, and it was the only thing that really worked!




answers from Cincinnati on

This is a simple little grandma's remedy...If you have a cast iron skillet, take regular flour and simply just brown the flour in the skillet. Just constantly stir until it completely turns brown. Do not burn. I usually brown enough to fill a small ziplock bag. Apply to area without cream, because cream keeps the skin moist and you want to dry it out. My friends baby's neck was raw and she used it and it cleared up with a week. As far as the ecaema onnthe ankles or any where, get 100% shea butter and used it daily instead of those chemical ointments and lotions.

wife and mother of 4(4,6,8,10).



answers from Toledo on

It could be a yeast infection. My son used to get those. I had some special powder for it. It is found in the foot powder/jock itch section. It starts with a D and is in a yellow powder bottle. It works almost instantly...like in a day it will clear up. It is kinda expensive for powder, but considering I only used it when he got these type of rashes and only for a day or 2, it really lasts a long time.



answers from Indianapolis on

hi Lori,

Congrats on your new baby! $ months old is such a fun age!
You are right that dry is key- but when you are using diaper ointments- maybe try neosporin by night (or the aquaphor OINTMENT- which I think you already mentioned), and baby powder by day- really pack in in there- lol... Perhaps there is some sort of baby powder that is medicated or has more talc in it to keep him as dry as possible. Don't be alarmed if during the process of healing the area, it gets dry and flakes while being somewhat redish. With continuned powder, his skin will go back to normal in a couple of weeks. Hopefully he is comfortable instead of suffering.

I have a friend whose daughter has the same thing in similar areas, and she has a perscription of cream called "Elidelle" or something that sounds like that. It clears up the skin condition VERY quickly.

Good luck and God bless!




answers from Columbus on

Use corn starchthe kind in your kitchen cabinet it will heal up almost any diaper rash or sore spots.It's all natural so no side effects.



answers from Evansville on

My son had this issue, but it was all over his back and chest as well :( We just used regular Johnson's bodywash and scrubbed. Also, when I'd change his diaper, I'd wipe down the creases with a baby wipe--we used the pampers wipes for sensitive skin. It went away. Not a whole lot you can do about it other than try and keep the areas clean. They should go away on their own, if not, ask your doctor.
As for the eczema on his legs, our dr said to mix a tube of low grade cortizone cream (like 5%) with unscented lubriderm lotion and keep that on his eczema and it's looking like it's working.



answers from Indianapolis on

More than likely it is a yeast infection. My son had quite a few of those.....we had to use prescription creme from the dr that was antifungal. however, before the prescription they had me use a 2% antifungal over the counter. the creme you can get at your drugstore. just use it once a day though on the area with bumps. do not use desitin on the bumps...it will not do anything. you can pat dry the area with a towel or use a hair dryer on the lowest or cool setting a few feet away. to be sure the area is dry before applying anything. for regular non yeast rashes...i have found Triple Paste has been the best for us. (and we've tried a lot!)



answers from Canton on

I don't really have any advice on what to put on it so it completely goes away. But maybe try putting some a&d oinment on the area so it doesn't get sore (with bumps) or whatever. Maybe that would heal it, it should at least prevent it. Have you switched to a different brand of diaper? I do both disposable and cloth and have noticed that the disposables cause more redness on my daughter. I put balmex on her just to prevent it when she wears a disposable. Maybe balmex would work? I don't know, try different things I guess. Somebody else probably has better advice than me (ha ha)!



answers from Terre Haute on

My advice is plain old vaseline and regular kitchen corn starch on top of that. The vaseline and corn starch will repel the moisture so it won't get wet that way it can heal. Get an empty salt, pepper, or cheese shaker and keep one in the bathroom with corn starch in it and one in the diaper bag or your purse. Hope this helps.

Hugs, J.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi, Lori! I'm sorry this is such a delayed response, but I haven't had my computer on in a WEEK!!! Anyway, as a nurse, I immediately thought of a yeast infection. I would use Gold Bond powder (since it's summer and warm out), to keep the area dry. It has worked wonders for my girlfriend. I also have a friend who has an almost 4 year old with a serious rash between his butt cheeks. They took him to the doctor several times, and when they tried the Gold Bond powder, it took it right away. Go figure!! Give it a shot and see how it works! I wish you the best of luck!!



answers from Dayton on

My daughter got this around 15 months and the dr had me put Lotrimin on it...its actually a foot cream for antifungal. I was a little hesitant but it worked really well. The dr. also suggested to cover the cream with some diaper cream to act as a moisture barrier so that the lotrimin wouldn't rub off on the diaper. Hope this helps!

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