Rash in 3 Year Old

Updated on February 05, 2015
A.L. asks from Blue Earth, MN
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So to start from the beginning. My son who is 3 had strep about 2 months ago now. He was put on an antibiotic for it and it cleared up. About two weeks after he broke out is a spotty rash on his buttocks. They prescribed him a medication for a month for yeast infection and had me apply an anti fungal cream. We finished the medicine about a week ago but the rash is not fully gone and his butt is very sore and red. He does complain of tummy aches randomly. The prescribed him a cream (nystatin) for his bottom but the sore bottom has continued to get worse and he still has a few red bumps.

Anyone been through anything like this before? Any suggestions. Getting really frustrated

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answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter who is 6 had antibiotics (clindamycin) and she got a butt rash that took 6 months to clear up! It was so annoying. I tried everything! Basically, I ended up putting aquafor on it a few times per day and eventually it cleared up. Also, she was complaining of tummy aches for a whole year after (never did she do that before the antibiotics). Basically, the antibiotics clears out a lot of the good bacteria in the gut and it can take a long time to restore the gut. When the gut is out of balance (lack of good bacteria or too much bad bacteria), it can cause skin problems, hence rash on butt. Also, the stool is probably different than it was prior to antibiotics, so that can irritate the butt if there are too much bad bacteria in stool. Of course, I am not a doctor, so this is my personal opinion of what could be going on. It can take a while for the gut to heal after antibiotics. And when the gut is out of balance, other symptoms occur since most of the immune system is in the gut. Hang in there, don't worry too much. My daughter doesn't have a but rash anymore and hardly ever complains of tummy aches anymore. The gut will restore, it just takes time and good eating. I give my daughter lots of yogurt since it helps replenish good bacteria.

I would have the doctor look at it and make sure it's not a yeast rash or a strep rash, or something else. Strep can re-occur, it is very common.

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answers from Wichita on

Did they check him for Strep again? Not the fast strep test, but the longer one where it has some time to grow?

I am definitely not a doctor, but it almost sounds like maybe the strep never went away. I have heard of many kiddos around here with persistent strep...as in treated 3 or 4 times to finally get rid of it.

I would make an appointment to get back in with the doctor asap.

P.S. As weird as this sounds, you might also consider snapping a picture of the rash at the same time every day as you are treating it. You will then be able to show the doctor, "here's what it looked like when we began nystatin, and here's what it has looked like every day since."

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answers from Oklahoma City on

If it's a yeast infection it takes time and using the ointment every single time it's supposed to be put on.

If it's a regular rash from upset tummy you can use regular antacid by dabbing it on his hiney and it kills the tummy acid in that top of rash.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Strep infections can happen on the skin, and in young children, it is not uncommon to have strep in the anal area. Aside from the spotty rash, are the anus and surrounding areas very red and raw-looking? Is he complaining of pain and discomfort? These COULD BE indications of strep. We've had that happen with our kids. Your pediatrician can take a swab of the area and tell you very quickly if it is strep.

On the other hand, kids' bottom rashes are common and could be the result of many things. Best to call your doctor and get him back in there before things get worse.

Hope he feels better soon.

J. F.

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answers from Boston on

Have they checked him for strep again? Don't mean to scare you but it could be scarlet fever (strep w/ a rash)

Hope he feels better


answers from Boston on

Hand foot and mouth? You can break out on the buttocks with this viral disease.

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