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D.H. asks from Portland, OR
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About a week ago my 14 mo started getting a dry, bumpy rash around one wrist, as if the cuff of her clothing was irritating her. It started when we had that really cold, dry weather so I didn't think much about it but i've been treating it with Aquafor, which seemed to help until the last day or so. Now it is redder and seems to be spreading down her hand. She had not had anything like this before and has not shown signs of allergies so I'm assuming maybe it's eczema. Any thoughts/advice?

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answers from Seattle on

Rashes can be so pesky! I get a little bit of eczema in the winter and I've found a soap called Bella Bar that has helped me. If you would like more information visit:

Good luck!


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answers from Portland on

My daughter & I have eczema. I have had it since I was little. I was always prescribed cortisone cream which wasn't very effective & has really aged & thinned my skin in the areas it was frequently applied. I finally have my eczema pretty well controlled. There are a few things that have really helped manage my eczema: staying away from products with man-made chemicals, parabens, artifical coloring - no more Bath & Body Works or Victoria Secret products for
me:( , upping my vitamin B intake through nuts & brewer's yeast, managing my contact with my allergy triggers, taking shorter showers (would rather take a shorter hot shower than a longer luke warm shower & water dries skin out), making sure I get enough omega oils, & taking Chickweed - oh & sprinkling ground flax seed on food. Many people with eczema are low in the various vitamin Bs. I found for myself that man-made vitamin Bs didn't work well for me, but brewer's yeast has worked awesome. I put it in a shake in the morning. Also, chickweed helped to initially get it under control. I used to take 4 capsules of chickweed a day & 2 1/2 tblsps of brewer's yeast. Now I only have to take 1 chickweed a few times a week & 2 tblsps of brewer's yeast. I don't like the taste of brewer's yeast & neither does my daughter, but if you sprinkle it on popcorn (preferably air popped organic popcorn - found some in the bulk section at New Life Nutrition on 2nd St in Albany - other than that I've found it's kind of hard to find bulk organic popcorn) it tastes a lot like parmesan cheese. My eczema is worsened by allergens. I'm allergic to dust mites & cow's milk. I bought a HEPA vaccuum & avoid cow's milk as much as possible & this has really helped myself & also my daughter. She itches much less when she's not eating cheese, etc. The chickweed has to be snuck into my daughter's food. I'll sometimes mix in about 1/3 of a capsule into what she's eating.
The problem with Aquafor is that it is made of petroleum which really isn't good for our body. Aquafor only worked temporarily for me too. I sometimes rub organic coconut oil or olive oil into eczema patches & that works well. Stay away from mineral oil. It makes eczema worse because it doesn't let the skin eliminate toxins which skin with eczema already has trouble doing.
Hope this helps!!!
- H.

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answers from Seattle on

Eczema is an allergic response that comes from the inside. It doesn't not indicate "irritation" at the side it appears. Wrist, inside elbows and behind knees are typical spot for it to show up. Winter is worse because of the dry inside air. We use a cream after baths recommended by the allergist like Eucerin and spread it all over. It helps keep the moisture in from the bath. Also we needed a prescription cream for the "hot spots" It didn't take much and the worst of it cleared up overnight. We had allergy testing done but nothing too significant showed up. No food allergies thank GOD!. Just cat, dog and grasses.
Good luck.



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Hello... My 10 year old has had eczema since birth.. It's never been bumpy, more like scaly and VERY dry and patchy. I use Elidel to treat it which is a non steroid unlike most of the treatment creams. It was much worse when she was younger, mostly in the cracks of her elbows and behind her knees. We found out that it was worsened by certain detergents (tide and downy). Also limiting the heat of baths/showers seemed to help. Good Luck.



answers from Richland on

My Mom sells a product from Omnitrition called Omni 4 (nutritional liquid supplements). My Dad has severe Psoriosis which is in the Eczema family. They heard that Omni 4 clears both of these up so he tried it. (Keep in mind that Omni 4 is just a liquid multi vitamin. But when your body is getting the right nutrition it works better). His skin has cleared up after 43 years of dealing with it. Also,I use Aveeno lotion for Eczema daily on my kids to control outbreaks. If you want her contact info you can go to my website to contact me www.scentsy.com/angelf.



answers from Eugene on

It's a good idea to check with a dermatologist, or pediatrician to make sure it is eczema. My daughter is 2 1/2 now and had her first breakout at 5 months old. It was the same as your case - during the dry, cold winter. It spread everywhere - except her diaper area. The dermatologist recommended using a brand called Mustela Stelatopia. It is a little bit hard to find and a bit expensive but it really worked for us. We used the cream and the bath oil. In less than 2 weeks she was all cleared up and hasn't had another bad outbreak - although at this time of year, especially, we keep her skin really hydrated with the same cream. Also we don't use any creams or soaps with fragrance, perfume, or colors added. I hope this helps.



answers from Medford on

i just experienced a similar problem with my 5 month old daughter. i took her to her pediatrician today and her original eczema/rash became infected but i found it had started spreading to her legs and on her back. it was originally on her arm. she was given an antibiotic for the infection and a cream called triamcinolone for her eczema spots. i was also told to use only dreft or all free detergent, as well as all natural bath and body products such as aveeno or arbonne baby. aveeno makes an oatmeal bath that i started using tonight, it helps give extra moisture. i would recomend seeing your pediatrician or trying the aveeno products for a while. i would watch the rash and make sure it doesnt get a "honey like crust on it" that is a sign of infection. i hope this helped....



answers from Portland on

typically eczema starts in the folds of the skin, at wrists, elbows, behind knees, etc. my daughters started at her thigh and spread from there. hers turned out to be from allergies and once we cut out the food she was allergic to, it went away quickly. we avoided those foods until she was 2 and she is no longer allergic to them, which is great because she was allergic to eggs and dairy.

i would suggest you take her to an allergist and have a test done, at least to rule out allergies. you still have a chance of getting rid of them at this point, if she does have them.



answers from Spokane on

Hi D.! Well...it IS winter, and we all are getting dry
skin, etc., but there IS something I have used on all kinds of
skin irritations, bug bites, dry skin, etc...it's called Melagel
and it really works. It numbs the pain so the kids don't itch
the spot, and it's natural, so it's safe around kids, too.
You can ask about it at [email protected]____.com
I hope this works for you.
:>) J.



answers from Seattle on

You could try Original Desitin. That's what i've always used for my son for rashes. if it doesn't get better then I would take her to the doctor.



answers from Portland on

Both my kids had raging eczema, especially with cold weather here. My baby never had 'baby skin' but like rough leather. We tried all the shelf products, all the steriod creams with out success.
We found this company based out of Salem, that has a line called touch of mink. It is a little pricey, but it has completely cleared both of their skins.
you can find them on www.touchofmink.com
They have a section on products for eczema, we use the soap, and the lotion, and use the sandstone, with a little of the oil on really rough spots.
I have turned all my Texas friends who's kids have eczema and they love it!

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